October 30, 2007

RACE WAR & The Battle of the Bulge

The not so slow decay around the Southern California area, not to mention the rest of the US, is maddening if you’re someone who’s awakened from the trance that’s got a tight hold on most White Americans. It’s so irritating because you know, you can feel, that something is going to happen, has to happen, to wake up enough Whites to change the situation from a few lone Whites shoveling shit against the tide into a core group of revolutionary Whites dropping the last shovel of dirt onto the remains of the sick system that’s in place. It’s irritating because aware people have to constantly be wondering when it’s going to happen. I know things have to get worse for it to happen, have to get worse around the country. They will have to continue to get worse beyond the point where there’s nowhere left to run. The way things seem to be accelerating I don’t think that time is too far off.

These wonderfully morbid thoughts were running through my brain because of the recent disasters here in LA. I’m talking about the continued construction of new schools and expanded social programs for the ever-growing mestizo cancer in this town. Ok, the fires also contributed to my thoughts being pushed down this dark trail. To be more precise, it was the media coverage that got me thinking about how much Whites are totally manipulated by the media. The news coverage, with its quick change in focus and alternating coverage of certain events showed where the priorities lie. Whites aren’t high on the priority list. But most of you already know that.

While most news coverage was devoted to the fires, it appeared the media couldn’t totally let up on keeping us informed about who the real “victims” are in our society. While we were and are buried under fire coverage out here, the local media (and some national media) were still banging the multicult drum, to make sure we didn’t completely forget who the “real people” are. The media made sure that stories were in the pipeline to keep our attention focused on those people who are truly important, latrinos and africans. So for those paying attention, not only is CA, especially Southern California, battling fires, we’re also apparently beset by a genocidal Race War and a wave of hunger, a near famine right here in La-La Land. What am I wailing about? More things that prove that L.A. sucks, and that the rest of the country isn’t far behind.

It was really driven home, again, on Monday. I had to go to downtown LA to take care of some business, an adventure in itself, and on the way back to work I decided to drive through the neighborhood I had lived in for several years while growing up. The trip turned out to be a nightmare, even for someone like myself who’s aware of what’s going on all around us.

I thought it might be interesting to have a look at the elementary school I attended. It had been in the news on and off over the years, with teachers being interviewed about the “challenges” of dealing with “immigrant” and “minority” students. In other words, the teachers were having massive problems because 99% of the third world savages don’t have two brain cells to rub together. Remember, the brown and black folk never invented the wheel in their long storied histories. That says a lot. Anyway, back when I went to this school, Whites were the vast majority of the student body when I started kindergarten but had dropped to a little less than half of the student body by the time I graduated 6th grade. There was still a semblance of order when I graduated because of the presence of White youths and some old fashioned teachers. By “old fashioned teachers” I’m referring to people who were interested in actually teaching. Teaching now forgotten subjects like reading, writing and arithmetic. They were interested in teaching rather than being cheerleaders for Marxist thought who are all too happy to run down Western Culture every chance they get while licking the boots of their alien masters and kissing third world tail. The old fashioned teachers would do their best to discipline the rowdy dark savages, to not let them always have their own Hell-raising way although these teachers were often fighting administrators as much as the students and a parent or two when things along these lines occurred. Today’s robotic, kiss-ass automaton teachers fawn over the most vile brown or black cubs while happily spouting leftist platitudes and pushing curriculums that are anti-white to the core. I’m sure all of you have seen these “teachers”. They’re everywhere. They’re usually the ones chronicled on the news as the type of person we should all strive to be; self-hating, self deceptive, self delusional dimwits brainwashed beyond hope and completely inculcated with self hate.

There have been a lot of cosmetic changes at the school; none of them signify anything good. The school is so over-crowded with the filthy spawn of the beandogs that the city used “eminent domain” to steal some land down the street to expand the facilities. A famous business that had existed on the site for decades was torn down just to build new cages for the animals. The original school still stands, with half the playground filled with bungalows to house the overflow of “students”, and a shiny new building has been erected on the stolen land down the street, jammed chock full of squat little brown demons who care not one bit about school. Neither do their parents. Just like most of the “black community”, to the “latino community” schools are nothing more than daycare. A way to get rid of the little keys to larger welfare checks for a few hours so the women can rut with whatever new illegal hombre shows up and then nine months down the line they can squat and crap out another future gang banger and then get a larger welfare check. All the time complaining that Whitey does nothing for them.

I pulled to a stop to have a better look at the school. The traffic on Santa Monica Blvd. was horrendous. The influx of taco-benders has resulted in an incredible increase in traffic here in LA. It seems the beandogs get in their cars and drive just to drive, slack jawed, staring, making sure to drive as slowly as possible to show their manliness, their toughness. They’re showing how tough they are by holding up traffic, and what are you gonna do about it, ay? They drive fast only on certain occasions; a) When fleeing a crime scene b) When being chased by the police (a and b are regularly combined) or c) When engaging in “street races” in their tiny, over-powered cars they can’t fully control. In fact, a rash of deaths due to street races were dominating the news on the local airwaves before the fires hit (with the media ignoring the fact that 99% of the drivers were beaners). There had been a rash of beaner-involved crashes that ended in the death and mayhem so beloved by the local evening news. Once the fires hit, all mention stopped.

It was lunchtime at the school. The yard was filled with nothing but savage brown midgets who looked like they’d be more home in a grass hut village. What everyone should do if they have a chance is watch how black or brown kids act in schoolyards at recess. There are innate differences between the races that are clear early on. One of them is the behavior of the kids. I had first hand experience going to school with the savages, but standing on the “outside” can give a you a better view than when you’re in the middle of it. Especially when you were a kid in the middle of it. Anyway, all of the kids on the playground were latrino. All of them of the very dark, brain-dead indian variety. All very primitive looking. The primitive kind of burrito-rollers we see all over the net who have fled to mexico after murdering some old White lady for her purse or for raping a neighbor’s 3 year old daughter or their own daughter. The 3-foot tall cannibals were running and yelling and I couldn’t help but notice how many different confrontations went on in the five minutes I watched the little animals cavort. If you put a few hundred White kids out on a playground you might end up with some shoving here and there, eventually there might be a fight here or there over the course of a few weeks. It’s way beyond that with these sub-human monsters. The teachers or aides or whoever the people were watching the miniature fiends had their hands full breaking up shoving matches and near fights all over the place. I’d never seen anything like it and I went to school with the parents and grandparents of these monsters. With their increase in numbers, the adult mestizos have been reverting more and more to their natural behaviors, unworried about society at large. Their offspring are just following suit.

After a few minutes it was time to get out of there, the last thing I needed was some teacher calling the LAPD and reporting a large, suspicious looking White male with murder in his eyes staring into the school’s playground. The hunt for the Great White Defendant is never ending in our Big Cities, and if they’re going to be looking for me some day it had better be for something valid, like stringing up some politicians, ACLU spokesholes or Immigration Lawyers. For a start.

I get in my car and drive away. I think about some things I’ve mentioned here before, and the current stories being shoved in our faces by the local media. One of the topics they’re really starting to play up is “hunger”. Yes, hunger in LA. Over the last couple of weeks, even with the winds and fires raging, the local papers have all of a sudden started coming up with stories about hungry people in LA, especially “hungry kids”. So has the local TV media. The most irritating work in this area has been by a local radio station, KFWB, which is currently running a “Special Report” on Hunger in LA. Hunger in LA? You didn’t know that hunger was a grave problem here? Well then you’d better listen to the exclusive, in depth feature done by KFWB’s Penny Griego. Of course it’s nothing but propaganda. The media manipulators are constantly working hard to get us to feel pity for the invaders and the free-range africans. Go on Whitey, ignore the red diaper grandkid behind the curtain, pay attention to the message.

KFWB has stacked the segments of their “Special Report” in such a way that they think they can cut off any counter argument some semi-aware White Guy might bring up. For instance, If latinos are going without food, why is over half of their population grossly overweight, with the rest doing their best to catch up? The media has the answer and it’s simple you big White dummy, White people don’t realize that most of the sacred burrito rollers are overweight because they shop in the center of the supermarket. That’s right, they shop in the middle of the market. Huh? Yeah, they’re spending time in the middle aisles instead of the outside aisles where all the healthy stuff is. They concentrate on calorie dense snack foods so their children don’t go to sleep hungry. Could’ve fooled me. All the time I see them, the beaners, with their shopping carts loaded with meat, chicken, veggies, tortillas, beer AND tons of junk that make it look like they’ve got three days of non-stop partying mayhem lined up. Which they probably do. They reach the cashier and out come the stacks of food stamps and WIC tickets and vouchers. Government freebie tickets you and I pay for, dear reader. I have seen this happen right in front of me with the squaw and/or brave in question with a big roll of cash in their hand while they peel off food stamps and WIC vouchers. (I’ve also seen well to do Armenians doing this in Burbank and Glendale, but that’s a topic for another post) Anyway, Paco’s got a big wad of cash because he works for cash under the table while working the system with several names. He isn’t married to Rosa, so she’s a “single mother” and that qualification ensures they get all sorts of extra goodies from Uncle Sam, with more and more coming in each month for each new paint-sniffer in training that Rosa can fart out. And these squaws are busy dropping cubs left and right, literally tripping over the criminals in embryo on the bedroom floor. A huge percentage of the ‘spanic women are like Queen Termites. Constantly eating, morbidly obese, and squeezing cub after cub onto the carpet. And they start popping the pups out early. In latino culture, the females have been busted in like a speed bag at the Kronk Gym by the time they’re 12 years old. In not a small percentage of families, dad has had first crack at his daughters, getting them ready for business. Hispanic Family Values.

The news media presents their reports in a fashion that makes it clear we’re supposed to feel sorry for the colonists from third world dirt holes and understand that their bloated frames are the result of malnutrition because of poor eating choices. Poor choices I can agree with. It’s another way of saying their fat asses are the result of eating too much. A result of their innate greed and tendency toward gluttony. Hey, most of it’s free! Eat up! The pinche’ gringos are paying for it! It’s true that White Americans are also experiencing an increase in the ranks of the overweight, but among the blacks and browns the increase in fatsos has become incredible, especially among the browns. There are so many 300 + lb male and female mestizos and indios bouncing around LA it’s amazing. The short stature of many of the recent arrivals combined with the taxpayer bounty of food they enjoy year round at YOUR expense has given us armies of men, women and children who are as wide as they are tall.

As recently as 20 years ago grossly overweight people were the target of jokes and taunts. We won’t argue about it being undeserved because I’m well aware that there are many people who do have physical or genetic problems that can contribute to being obese. But these people were the brunt of jokes partly because they were outside the norm. Now they ARE the norm in the darker regions of the former US. The fact that the highest percentages of beached whales exist in the darker complected portions of this rapidly sinking society is going to end up making them sacrosanct at some point. That is, the darker ones will be above criticism for being bloated slobs as they are generally above criticism in all areas anyway. If you’re a White Male and you’re either overweight from a medical condition or resemble a zeppelin from downing too many pizzas, too much beer, breakfast rolls - and no exercise because you spend all your time watching groid ball - you’ll be the butt of jokes from all sides, no pun intended. If you’re the average overweight brown or black, meaning smelly, dependent on social services, the masters of society will drill it into you and more importantly into Whitey that you’re that way because you’re not getting enough! Because of Whitey’s racism. That’s the subtext of this and the other special reports. We’re not doing enough for them, and these starving fatsos are the victims of racism. White racism. Your White racism.

I’ve mentioned before that junior taco-benders and afreakans in the LA City School System enjoy free breakfast and free lunch at White taxpayer expense. That thought was spinning through my head as I watched the animals run around the schoolyard on their lunch break. The City of LA admits that literally 100% of black and latino “students” receive free breakfast and lunch! The city doesn’t check on who really qualifies for this, so we have beaners and groids from families with money getting a couple of free meals every day courtesy of those hated White people, never mind the fact that almost everyone of the spicaroos is an illegal. It isn’t just the illegals or the “working poor” either. I know because I work with ‘spanics who think it’s a big laugh that they have their kids eating for free, eating on Whitey’s dime. These are the so-called “Americanized” latrinos. The “natural Republicans”. The burrito swallowers with “family values”. The ones “earning” a great living. You people out there with kids think about how much money you would save if your children were getting a couple of free meals at school, twice a day, for at least 9 months of the year. Never mind all the other programs the govt has in place to make sure the browns and blacks are well fed and continue breeding in the hopes of replacing Whitey and establishing a huge, too stupid to effectively rebel, slave population for the “elites”.

Let me see, we’re not doing enough for them. We’re subsidizing the rent of most of the latrino and black populations in the former US. But that’s not enough. We’re feeding their kids at school, for “free”. That’s not enough. We are the ones who foot the bill for welfare, WIC, food stamps, and every other shitball program designed to keep these people fat, happy and most importantly, breeding. But we’re not doing enough.

They’re right. We’re not doing enough. We’re not doing anything. Which brings me to the other pet story the media has been massaging into proper form and shoving in Whitey’s nose. The “Race War” in LA. The “war” between blacks and latinos in Los Angeles. It’s starting to hit the national level, with Newsweek now running an article on one of the local gangs that has been taking potshots at blacks (Florencia 13). By the press accounts, you’d think that mexican gangs are patrolling the streets, opening fire on any and all blacks they see walking along minding their own business. Naturally the gang members represent only a small fraction of the overall hard working latrino population and there’s no mention of illegal aliens in the “hard hitting” stories and “special features”. For all the reams of copy about a race war, there aren’t many casualties. Someone’s not trying hard enough.

You can’t help but notice the media is unable to break old habits, and usually has to portray blacks as the victims. After all, they’re still useful to hold up as weapons against Whites, as reminders of slavery and Jim Crow and whatever else the people in charge feel they need to say make each succeeding generation of Whites feel more guilt or fear than the last. They’ll figure out some way to better fit ‘spanics into the equation. You can bet they’re working on new, “alternate” histories of latrinos in America. These new versions of America’s shameful history will show brown pioneers working side by side with blacks as both groups struggled to build a new land for their unspeakably evil, hideously cruel White masters who sat on the porch or up high on covered wagons, cracking the whip and cracking jokes while sipping Mint Juleps and making racist remarks. Whitey will owe all of America’s glorious past to the hard work, the industriousness of slaves, former slaves, and brilliant, disadvantaged mestizos who showed clueless Whitey the way, only to be thanked with prejudice and hatred.

There is a race war going on in Los Angeles. But it’s not really between blacks and browns. Sure, the mezzos are doing to blacks what blacks did them for years. Neither group is very brave in the face of a sure fight until they have numerical superiority. When either group has got the numbers, all of a sudden their level of machismo increases a hundred fold. The swagger in their step, the fearlessness they show in groups of three or more when it comes to attacking a single victim is the stuff of legend. None of this is news to any aware, realistic White person in L.A. or anywhere else in the former US of A. The fact that these two groups are fighting with each other in areas of the city where they live in the same space is no surprise; it’s to be expected. With the government hauling the beaners in by the truckload, their numbers have increased to the point that they have some confidence in attacking the mayates (blacks). It’s no different from the blacks attacking the beandogs when they had them outnumbered, just like they attack Whites. But blacks and browns fighting each other, engaging in tribal warfare at this level is not the story, shouldn’t even be a story

The real story is that Whites aren’t fighting the groids and taco benders - anymore - when these filthy, smelly, self-centered cognitively challenged interlopers from African, Central and South American jungles enter White living spaces. The real story is the race war being conducted against Whites here in CA, and in fact all over the US and most of Europe, along with Australia and New Zealand. Most Whites aren’t fighting back. That’s THE story. What’s happened? Why haven’t we seen this on CNN or FOX News? Where’s the NY Times? The LA Times? Why isn’t Newsweek covering this? We have a worldwide attack against Whites going on. Can anyone tell me they honestly think the immigration disaster going on in the US, most of Europe, Australia and New Zealand is natural? That it’s an accident? That’s it’s just something that’s happened on its own? Non-whites are being used all over the world to attack Whites, to destroy their living spaces, their societies, and their cultures. It’s a frightening, horrible story. A story all the more horrible to contemplate because so many Whites are asleep at the switch, brainwashed by the media, academia and the government working in concert to make Whites feel that making any critical remarks about non-Whites or certain protected groups is wrong, hateful, racist, something against the shalom spirit, something that should be punished. Other Whites who are aware at some level are too intimidated to fight back. I’ve mentioned it before and so have hundreds of others on the web; Whites who fight back are automatically the bad guys. Whites have everything to lose by being branded the bad guy. The groids and ‘spanics KNOW on a base, primitive level the press will be behind them, they KNOW the laws are twisted to take their side in most confrontations with Whites.

A trip to jail is not the same thing to these creatures as it is to a White man. For them, it’s like Homecoming and Summer Camp rolled into one. A reunion with all their buddies from the streets. A chance to hang out, to indulge in more crime inside the prison walls, to roll with a group of their homeys and commit a good ol’ fashioned gang rape on some whiskerless kid locked up for carrying too much weed. Hey, it’s all good!

For Whites, jail is far from Summer Camp. It’s a living nightmare. Not only in the physical sense, with harsh treatment and threats of attacks, gang rapes, murders, horrible living conditions (I know, it sounds almost like I’m describing most of Los Angeles County). The blacks and browns are so low on the brainpower scale that their horizons are limited in many areas. Their worldviews are very small. This is why they all think they can be celebrities, this is why they think they are celebrities if they write their name on enough walls all over town or earn a rep for being quick with the trigger. They have little conception of the world outside what they see at the moment, nor do they care. That’s why I cringe when I see some White person trying to reason with them to get out of a fight. If you can, belt them in the mouth when they’re talking and get out of there while the third world dirt man tries to clear its pebble head. Reasoning with one of these manimals is the same fruitless pursuit that LA City schoolteachers indulge in when telling the brown and black cubs to “think ahead” or pick a career, to imagine the future. They don’t realize that the ability to think ahead isn’t built into their smooth, primitive, less convoluted brains. Everything to them is now. That’s why they are the way they are. Africa is a mess because it’s filled with groids. Mexico, Central and South America are messes because they’re filled with mestizos, indios and groids.

It is correct to say a Race War is going on. And I’ll say it again; The real Race War is against Whites. I see it going on in front of me every day. Every burrito-roller I see dragging his knuckles down the sidewalk means another White has been displaced. That White is a casualty. Huge areas of SoCal have been ethnically cleansed courtesy of Govt policy that favors mudmen over White people. Think of the mindset behind such an evil act. Think of how evil the people must be who made sure our immigration laws were changed in order to make sure immigration to the US became 90% non-white, BY LAW. Think about how evil these same people must be, comprising and supporting the majority of the lawyers who fight to keep the borders wide open for non-white illegal aliens. They say one thing, use the media to present themselves in a certain way, but their actions are completely different. Watch what they do. Go to the link I have listed at the side of the page listed as “The Creators of Our Immigration Nightmare”. It gives you the raw, academic truth about America’s Immigration laws. Read the material. NOT ONE PERSON has been able to honestly refute any of it. The work is the result of exhaustive research. Do some homework and start asking questions.

Sure, CA has fires, floods, and earthquakes. We also have browns and blacks. Illegal aliens kill 12 Americans per day. How many blacks have they killed in the last 2 years as part of their race war? Less than the amount of Whites they kill each DAY. There is a war going on and it’s against US. They’re using the africans and mezzos as WMD’s and these weapons are doing a fine job for their secretive benefactors. I think you should all get ready to pay them back for their treason and hate.

Thanks for reading. I know I was rambling all over the place tonight. I’ll be more directed next time out. This time around I guess it built up after not being able to write for over a week (helping some people out because of one of the fires - I commented on it in the previous entry “Pleajhai-Wrist”). As always, I banged this out straight through, so I apologize for any typos and promise to fix them later.

Big Effer


Anonymous said...

"Busted like a punch-bag at the Kronk Gym" (Or words to that effect).

Hehehe.....In England the vernacular phrase is "She's had more pricks than a second-hand dart's board".

Anyway keep up the good work, love the blog, love the the phrasing and use of the English language.

brian boru said...

What the kikes are doing to white Americans through mud invasion should not surprise anyone. In Russia, eastern Europe and Germany they did it by starvation, torture and bullets in the back of the neck. They will add those methods too in North America if they can disarm you.
White people just can't imagine that anyone to whom they have done nothing could hate them so much, especially when those people seem white like themselves. Of course jews are not white. Behind the seemingly white appearance they have minds and souls that are as different from white peoples' as ours are different from those of ticks and tapeworms.
The jews are responsible for more human suffering and and death and cultural and environmental destruction than all other peoples combined. They are monsters in the true sense of the word. If ever a race deserved a holocaust then this race is the one; a real holocaust, and not the vile hoax that they have been ramming down our throats for the last sixty years while making trillions from it. Look around you and imagine what our race could have achieved over the last two thousand years if it wasn't for the presence of this disgusting parasite . Think of the vast potential that has been wasted. If you have children remember that it is the jew who has made their future so grim.
The hell that is LA today and the whole white world tomorrow was created by the jew with malice aforethought. They planned it and carried it through. They will continue to carry out their plans unless white men everywhere develop a hatred in their souls for these monsters that flares to a white heat and then act appropriately. The jew has never shown mercy and deserves none.

Anonymous said...

Big E, growing up and living in the south, I am very aware of the race war against whites, which has been escalating for 30 years in this part of the country.

What I don't understand, though, is why it is our "own" race that has and is selling us down the river. White elitists, mainly Jewish, I might add, are the ones responsible for this living nightmare. Is it really all just about votes? Is it about using up "their" resources? Probably not, since those on welfare and other government compensation programs consume far more on average than any decent, self-respecting, employed white person.

So why is this happening to us?

I more than agree the society, including whites, are already dumbed down and flouridated to the point of apathy. And I've also noticed how overweight most of the population is (quite disgusting, actually). So, haven't the elites already accomplished their intended aims - for one, to make sure we would never again lift a finger of protest or revolt against their invisible tyranny? Why then, do they need to completely eradicate white European America? What threat could we possibly be to them at this point, except maybe, they know against all their attempts to destroy us morally and spiritually, that we will eventually wake up to the truth.

I am just one of those white Americans. 9/11 woke me up with a jolt to my entire existence. But I have no means to retaliate against these vile criminals. The only thing I have is knowledge, which I rarely express to anyone else because of the resistance I meet. Do they intend on jailing people like me that only know the truth, but effectively can do no harm to them? Honestly, I don't know. More than ever, I fear for my race and my family, but I know that is what they also want; to keep us paralysed in fear that we might voice a truthful opinion.

Iranian For Aryans said...

Marvelous, you write like Luke O'Farrell and the late Dr. Pierce.

BTW, please expound on Armenian treachery, duplicity, and mendacity through their abuse of the American welfare system.



Rasputin said...

Notice: Jews aren't White. White is a simplistic reference to the Aryan peoples collectively.
Problem: No White (Aryan) organizations. Do some research, the Net will cough up hundreds if not thousands of Jew organizations.All White organizations have been dismantled with COINTELPRO tactics or have been neutered. Look at the typical White Xian church - none of them promote any racial solidarity for Whites and generally Kowtow to nonWhties and even work affirmatively to inflict the worst of them on the Whites - the Lutherans being a good example.Then look at the Negro churches - aside from being centers for expression of their Voodoo emotional outburst, they monitor and assist the interest of their own.
Whites need leadership and organization - where is it in shitholeUSA ?
Whites are like the Wilde beast of Africa, being picked off by predators and not having the brains or backbone to fight back- just feeling fortunate that, at least this time, it wasn't them.

Griff said...

Another great post! Don't worry about rambling; there are a lot of good phrases in there that I plan to add to my repertoire.

By the way, I have also been struck by the similarity of brown breeders to termite queens. The difference is that the termite mates only once in her lifetime, before she becomes a hideous egg laying machine. Someone has to screw those squat monsters at least once for every anchor baby it shits out. Could you just imagine pumping away on one of those fat hairy creatures with mariachi "music" blasting in your ear?

Big Effer said...

Thanks for the positive remarks. Good posts from everyone.

Brian Boru, you are correct. America was their biggest challenge and so a different route was taken. They knew if they came on like they did in the "Russian Revolution" (Russian, hah!) that they'd have had their heads blown clean off. So a long term psychological attack was the way to go, coupled with capturing our government through bribing traitorous politicians or threatening them with "bad press".

Thanks IFA, but I don't consider myself on the same level as those guys. You're handy with words yourself over on your sites.

Rasputin, you have hit the proverbial nail on the head, good points all the way through.

Good points from the anonymous poster from the South also. It's a very complex situation that manifests itself in so many areas of our daily lives that something has to give.

I like the English expression from the other anonymous poster. I made up the Kronk gym thing on my own, it just popped into my head. I thought it was kind of funny but accurate.

Griff, I have to admit your post made me laugh and want to throw up at the same time! ; ]

Anonymous said...

Blogs are free because:

It allows the frustrated White Person to vent (while they are sitting in the proverbial pot getting boiled out of existance).

The powers to be own all the media (internet included) so, what an easy way to identify the enemy, offering something for nothing.

If you are successful with your postings, your blog (and maybe you) can be terminated.

Your only a threat if you can't be found.

Have a nice day!

White Partisan said...

Once again, Big E, you've hit a bullseye with your trenchent ground-level observations of the mores and "culture" of the beaners and groids. I look forward to your posts more than anything else on the Internet. Reading the other comments, though, it saddens me to see the obssesive focus on Jews as the cause of all our problems. While, no doubt the self-serving leftism/liberalism of the Jews is no help, my observation is that it is the cowering and cowardice of most whites that have led us to our present situation. We need leaders such as yourself to arise at the right moment to galvanize whites into taking their country back. As we all know, however, things will need to get a lot worse (worse than we can imagine), before the conditions are right for this kind of response.

Anonymous said...

Big Effer is a fat slob from eating roadkill and drinking beer all day in his trailer. You're all idiots.

Big Effer said...

Wieber Mann, they're killing us off anyway, so it's better to do something than nothing at all. It's also good to use proxies when posting or blogging. I think we need to not be so worried about being zeroed because the entire White race has been targeted. If the blog gets bumped I'll start another one. I'm not worried about someone coming to "take me out" over this blog. Yet.

Big Effer said...

By the way, White Partisan, you're correct.

The tribe is a massive problem and behind much of the mess we're in but we also have our own "leaders" to blame in the first place for selling us out. Our duty is to wake up as many people as possible before the fuse burns down to the keg. The cowering is from the brainwashing over the decades, Whites don't react as a conscious racial group. Look up the Detroit riots of '48. The boolies went out and rioted and Whites picked up bats, chains and knives and sent them running for the trees. With all that's happened the last 60 years, it's hard to picture Whites banding like that and marching through the streets to face down a huge mob of crazed africans. But they did and quite frankly they kicked the shit out of the bluegums.

Things are going to get worse and conditions will be very bad in order to spark the survival mechanism in Whites. But it will happen.

jay said...

That kike IFA owns a really big Thesaurus.

Anonymous said...

They will find all of you racist idiots and put you away. Big Fucker should be in a cell already. He probably writes his piece of shit blog from a padded room in a mental hospital. You are all a bunch of backward scared people. Scared of the new world, scared of other people who are better than any of you. Stop kissing Big Faggit's ass. He doesn't write for shit and you all know it. You encourage racism and hate because you're all jealous pieces of shit and pussys.

Anonymous said...

Big E:

Just arrived courtesy of AmRen--you have a number of fans over there.

Your posts are dead-on--I'm not sure whether to laugh or cry.

I too remember the old LA--when Tampa Blvd. was lined with orange trees instead of violent, filthy Section 8 housing.

When Rendondo Beach was filled with beautiful blonds and surfers instead of third-worlders peeing in the sand, blasting 'noise' and leaving trash everywhere. And the entire coast didn't have an F rating due to run-off from cess pool communities.

I remember a time when Disneyland didn't make announcements in Spanish.

And you are right about whoever did this to LA should be hunted down with dogs and hanged from the nearest lamp post.

You are especially correct with your link to Professor McDonald's well-researched articles.

Keep up the good work! Your use of language is fantastic and your observations keen.

brian boru said...

The kike has managed to disarm white people in most countries, or at least made it very difficult to obtain guns for self-defence. As Americans are still the best armed whites left they are relentless in their efforts to overturn the Second Amendment. This is something that you are going to have to fight tooth and nail to prevent. They are approaching this from several directions. Initially by outlawing 'assault' rifles and machine guns and silencers, then semi-auto weapons, then by forbidding anyone with even a misdemeanor record from owning a gun. Soon, it will be primers and powder to prevent loading of your own ammo, then hand guns, until the day comes when it will be de facto illegal to own any gun. The only ones with firearms then will be the government agents and mercenaries and the criminals. One of the first laws passed by the Bolshevik kikes was the outlawing of private ownership of guns. Once the Russians were helpless the kikes were free to murder them enmasse. Your kikes in Washington are every bit as vicious as Trotsky, Derzhinsky, Stalin and Beria ever were.
It is almost amusing that there is a group who call themselves 'jews for guns' in case joe sixpack ever notices that virtually everyone at the forefront of the effort to disarm white Americans is a kike. All jews are your enemies no matter what stance they may take in public.
You have only yourselves to blame if you have no guns when the knock comes to your door in the early hours of the morning and you are 'disappeared' into the emerging American Gulag.
Another few school and restaurant massacres and they will generate a 'popular' demand for total gun control.
Good luck!

Rasputin said...

It's amusing how the dull normal PC critics rage at this Blog - shows how the power of simple propaganda turns these piss ants into raging zealots once their images derived from TV Sitcoms and jHollywood crapola productions is contradicted. The same little creatures would have been aggressive defenders of White Supremacy in the 40's, they just have to be told what to believe, they'll be our best followers !

Anonymous said...

Whine, whine, whine! That's all you white power assholes do is whine! Maybe that's what WN stands for - WHINERS!

Anonymous said...

Why don't you apply your sophomoric skills to something positive you jealous asshole.

The blog is racist and so are the stupid shits who post here saying how good it is. It's terrible and everyone knows it. You are pissed because you were probably out worked by people of color and lost your shitty job.

Big Effer said...

Sophomoric describes the abilities of just about anyone in the mainstream when it comes to commentary.

I'd sure like to know where "White Power" has been brought up in any of my posts.

If you can find any people who whine more than blacks, jews, latinos, brainwashed PC whites and homosexuals please let us know. We won't wait to see if it can be done because it won't happen. It's an impossible task.

Anonymous said...

"If you can find any people who whine more than blacks, jews, latinos, brainwashed PC whites and homosexuals please let us know."

The "anonymous commentors" who keep crying about your blog but take the time to read your postings. Ironic isn't it.

Anonymous said...

For starters, there's YOU, you Big Effin' Whiner - and the skinheads, neonazis, arm-chair nazis, Stormfronters, Nordic "supremacists," confederate flag-waving rednecks, white nationalists, self-loathing Iranian "aryans," repressed homosexual Hitler-lovers, and assorted extreme, right-wing, white racist losers - whiners all!

Big Effer said...

"For starters, there's YOU, you Big Effin' Whiner - and the skinheads, neonazis, arm-chair nazis, Stormfronters..."

Like I said, an impossible task. The sword swallower wades in and immediately begins whining. I notice that the biggest complainers tend to be from California, North first and then the South, and the next biggest bunch are from the Northeast. I must be striking a chord somewhere, because they keep complaining, they keep whining, and they keep coming back, as Weiber Mann also noticed. I suppose they're more worried than they let on.

Personally, I like the complaints. It brings up the number of page views immensely.

As usual, I've been busy with work, but I should have time to sit down and put up a new post tomorrow that all the saddle sore complainers will be sure to whine about. The topic is right up their alley, and I have pictures I took on a recent excursion to help make my point. Thanks for stopping in, especially all you brainwashed self-haters who are incapable of original thought. You provide amusement for all clear thinking White people.

brian boru said...

I find it amazing that there are still white people who follow the liberal/multicult line despite the obvious decline in our civilization and the ever-increasing agressiveness of the jews and muds against us and all we value. How can whites continue to hold such a crazy outlook about race, especially if they live in the hell-holes that most urban areas of formerly white countries have become?
If Anon @ 10:32 is white and sees the world that way hopefully his car will break down at midnight in Watts or some other 'enriched' 'hood where he can revel in some first hand multicult experience. If he is a kike I hope it even more. It's always a pleasure to hear when a yid has been snuffed by a mud. Unfortunately, it doesn't happen half enough. They're too cunning.

Rasputin said...

I wonder if the Anon poster who keeps screaming "Whiner" is a Kike writer on Strike out in jHollywood . His limited ability to express himself is consistent with a Sitcom/Move writer in latter day AmeriMexAfrocana - simple, bitchy, gay.

Big Effer said...

I don't know if making sure you avoid them at all costs when not using them for some type of propaganda is cunning so much as it is common sense combined with the usual hypocrisy (covered by self deception). Who knows what the latest hater is? Could be someone who actually agrees with us trying to stir things up or it could actually be someone who's so intimidated and brainwashed that they feel they have to do their part to fight against clear headed White people.

Pissed off said...

I'll put my money on the anonopussy poster being a KIKE!

Notice the language the satanic spawn employs in its hysterical whine.

"skinheads, neonazis, arm-chair nazis, Stormfronters, Nordic "supremacists," confederate flag-waving rednecks, white nationalists, self-loathing Iranian "aryans," repressed homosexual Hitler-lovers, and assorted extreme, right-wing, white racist losers - whiners all!"

Note the usual hypocracy, kikes are the biggest haters, afterall, they hate all the goyem. Especially Whites, and I think it's actually genetic, being literally satan's spawn.

"Racist" by the way is a made up word by and for the kikes to bludgeon Whites. Only Whites can be "racist" according to joos.

Anonymous said...

Brian, Rasputin and Big Effer - the Three Delusional Stooges.

Anonymous said...

America is dying. Be as PC as you want, I dont care anymore.

Wealthy, No kids, SWM

Big Effer said...

Thanks for all the comments, especially the complaints. Like I said, they up the page views. I know I said I'd post Thursday, but work and home obligations took up too much time. I have several posts in mind and I'll sit down and hammer the first out Saturday.

The old America is already dead. All the better reason NOT to be PC like like all the whiny, brainwashed PC sissy White sheeple who toe the line as directed by their masters in the hope of getting a pat on the head, in the hope of being called tolerant.

Anti-Jew said...

All races are equal, but the Jews are the chosen people, Blacks are most desirable and gentiles should mix with them, and the White race is the source of all evil and must be destroyed.

brian boru said...

Re anon 943:
Why don't you be specific kike and state exactly how we are delusional stooges. You kikes have become so inward looking and so sure of your own superiority that you cannot even conceive of a non-kosher viewpoint. It might look like you have the whole cake now but things can change for the worse very quickly and unexpectedly. The problem is that you have turned the white world into a shit hole because you kikes like living in shit. However, whites don't, and even the most brainwashed of them are getting restless. Millions of whites all over the world are now becoming more aware of the true nature of the kike. Your greatest strength used to be your ability to keep your true nature hidden and to portray yourselves as inoffensive victims. Because of your hubris and apparent success you have become openly arrogant and careless. Soon, the increasingly aware whites will begin to organise and your day of reckoning will come. Not all your skill at lying will save you then. Since you are a parasitic life-form you can't exist without the white host. Israel would collapse tomorrow without the constant infusions of American and German wealth and the stolen loot transferred from everywhere the kike feeds. What will you do when that host throws you off kike? Who is really delusional?

Big Effer said...

I can't believe that my humble little blog experienced a supernatural event; Susan Sontag visited us under the guise of "Anti-Jew". Astounding. Too bad the media won't cover it.

Brian - don't get too worked up over people looking to goad with their posts.

I side with you in that the cyclical downfall of the tribe, rise and fall, rise and fall, is due to their apparently innate inability to see when they've gone too far, their inability to believe or see that they can be out-thought and out-maneuvered until it's too late.

Their strength is in their group cohesiveness. Their supposed higher intelligence is more a myth than fact, with Richard Lynn proving their average IQ is about the same as that of Germans, Poles and so on. They DO maximize what they have through a combination of culture and extreme ethnic nepotism. Most Whites are atomized and do not push their children to the limit academically from the get go. Most Whites do not sit at the dinner table and make sure to constantly work their children's minds, shape them toward not only a constant feeling of superiority, but to always be on the make, to look at roundabout ways to take advantage and shut out the other. The "other" meaning Whites and any other non-jew.

Joe Six-Pack is blabbing about baseball over hamburgers with his kids. Abe Fishman is constantly working his kids, training them to THINK. Training them to look at all the angles. This won't only help the kid turn into a high functioning deceptive member of the tribe, it also helps him in academic work. Now that I think about it, I guess this subject is worth its own blog entry.

The IQ info on jews is interesting because they base their average of "117" on one study done on a small group of "gifted students". The same info and study is then repeated over and over, in "The Bell Curve" and even in Dr. MacDonald's research. Dr. Lynn, one of the foremost researchers on the planet when it comes to IQ, showed that the tribe's average IQ (ashkenazi that is) was just a tick under 108. Their culture and cohesiveness, their deception and gypsy-like behavior coupled with concentration on academics and ethnic cronyism has more to do with their "success" than just brainpower. What do you think would happen if large percentages of Whites started pushing their children to think, to hit the books, to look at themselves at the outsiders and not trust the "others" - the non-whites? That's what the tribe is trying to cut off at the pass.

Rasputin said...

The raving Jew Bitch, Susan Sontag, checked into Hell on 12/28/04. Leukemia. There is an official website for her: w.susansontag.com. Must have been someone from her site checking you out. You'll be listed on the SPLC and ADL sites next as a dangerous anti Semitic movement in possible violation of the PATRIOT laws and innumerable new Federal Hate Crimes - Commisar Chertoff will be called upon to take action ! Can you trace everyone logging in ? Neat.

Anonymous said...

Just curious of what you think of Appalachians?

Anonymous said...

Fuck the aryan race. Theyre a bunch of self centered idiots who need to take there asses back to europe or where ever the fuck they came from. This is a brown mans land nd yes there is a war against u cracker sons of bitches. Main brown man objective is to eliminate all white skinned human looking animals to the east.

Big Effer said...


Oh, you mean the poor Whites in "the hills". Poor people. Poor Whites don't have crime levels anywhere near those of blacks and hispanics.

So I see them, those Whites, as poor folks. And a number of them are likely not too bright if they choose to remain living in those conditions with no consideration of trying to get out or do better. But no, they are definitely not on the same level of blacks and browns. I HAVE seen some of the rising White underclass in LA and other big cities that is getting to be as bad as blacks and browns. And that's bad news for the blacks and browns. But that topic is not for comments. It will have to be the subject of a full post.

Big Effer said...

As for the comment on the continent being the brown man's land. The brown man has never built a modern civilization and never will. Forget all about their overall low intelligence level as a group. Look at their self-centerdness and greed. If Whites were to disappear, all you would see is latinos backstabbing each other, fighting over the scraps, a few lording it over a brown population that grows increasingly poorer by the day. Just what we see in Mexico and the rest of Latin America. The brown man for the most part is as incapable as the black man of seeing the larger world around him, seeing the true big picture of anything. He doesn't WANT to see it. He just wants to be El Jefe, a "local" celebrity, get high and bang bitches. A lot like the black man in those respects. Brighter than the black man, but not by much.