September 22, 2007


Dateline, North Hollywood, Ca. ((Yes, that North Hollywood. The place where the infamous “shootout” occurred back in ‘97 between the two kevlar covered bank robbers and the perpetually out-gunned LAPD))

Larry Eugene Phillips and Emil Matasareanu. The infamous North Hollywood Bank Robbers. They should have directed their fire at the mexicans in the area.

Rest easy everyone. Security cameras are going to be deployed in North Hollywood and other areas of the San Fernando Valley. (For those of you who aren’t locals, most of the San Fernando Valley is part of the city of Los Angeles. Some people think areas of the Valley like Van Nuys, Encino, Woodland Hills etc are separate cities. They’re really just different neighborhoods, all part of the crazy-quilt city known as “L.A.”) Why are these cameras being installed in various parts of North Hollywood? The excuse, I mean, the reason given is that they are being put in place to stop graffiti or at least curb it. Hold on, I have to stop and laugh. Huge chunks of LA County are buried under several coats of graffiti. Stopping it is going to involve a lot more than shooting pictures of latino vandals. The term shooting does come to mind when thinking of possible solutions I have to admit. (Original Daily News Story - )

The cameras are solar powered of course. Environmentally friendly. Officials have to show that they’re “thinking green” even while chasing criminals. Green is the word, that’s for sure. I guess they’ll go after these guys for the excess fluorocarbons they release into the air while tagging.

The cameras shine a light and blast a recorded warning at the offender. I heard the warning on the radio. It’s funnier to hear it than just read what the message is. The message is in English. Hilarious. It should be in Spanish or at least Spanglish. That way the perps can have even more of a laugh as they mark their territory like the dogs they are. You can go to the manufacturer’s website if you’d like to hear the Robocop camera’s voice:

I’ve run in to people who have tried to tell me that graffiti, this primitive vandalism, is actually art. I hope that none of you are one of these folks. You aren’t one of those people who believe that graffiti isn't created by gangbangers? You aren't one of those people who believe most of the graffiti around us actually comes from harmless taggers who are only trying to express themselves artistically, are you? Do you feel that graffiti is the equivalent of any Renoir? That it’s simply Western snobbery keeping us from recognizing the greatness of graffiti and giving it the respect it deserves? If you think that way, get some Q-tips and clean the b.s. out of your ears, son. Almost all of the graffiti in Southern California comes from savage animals who should be put down like rabid dogs. In the last two paragraphs I’ve referred to the taco benders as dogs. I apologize to all dog-lovers out there.

All they need to do to get rid of 99.999% of graffiti in North Hollywood and in most of the US is to move the latrino and other third world populations back where they belong, outside the US. Go to the “graffiti” page at the camera manufacturer’s site: They show a couple of pictures taken by this intimidating piece of technology. I’ve taken the liberty of placing their pics here in this blog. Look at the first one. Mexicans spray painting walls in L.A.. OK. Normal occurrence. Their daddies teach them as children to steal and vandalize wherever they go - that is when they’re not drunk busy sexually assaulting them instead. Then there’s the other picture. More mexicans spray painting walls in North Hollywood? No. They’re ruining property in Nebraska! No place is safe from these dirty, kiddy rapist morons. Nebraska! WTF are mexicans doing in Nebraska? Go ahead and visit the manufacturer's site and go to their link titled “Theft”: ( ) More mexicans, stealing from a construction site in Texas. Beaner crime is so rampant the company doesn’t bother in trying to cover it up. I’ll give them that much credit. What they should do is create a camera that shoots .45 caliber ammo at these pricks while they ply their trade. That would be something worthy of high accolades.

Mexican cultural icons at work in LA.

Nebraska! Bean Doggers smelling up the Heartland.

Nebraska. Texas. North Hollywood. Mexico. These animals are the same everywhere. They are following their instincts when they write on walls. Their neighborhoods are dirty because they lack the instinct, the internal drive, to keep things clean and orderly. They never had to develop certain higher instincts and traits. There was no selection pressure to develop beyond simple tribal/jungle behavior. That’s why wherever they go in the US, once their population tops 20%, the entire area becomes wild, chaotic, dirty. The jungle. These people are more at home in a tropical rain forest or living in caves on the side of a cliff than in a modern orderly society. The closest they come to cliff dwelling in the US is the public housing projects so many of them live in courtesy of the money extracted each week from your wallet by Uncle Sam and referred to as taxes. The government takes our money and uses it to replace us. Think about that. YOU ARE PAYING THE THIRD WORLDERS TO REPLACE YOU.

Busy doing the work White Americans don't want to do.

Nobody remembers the Alamo anymore. No White Americans that is. These guys are busy making sure they get it right next time.

While most of the invaders are latrinos, other non-whites received favored treatment while they are used as weapons against us. After they’ve established a toehold in the US, Taiwanese programmers and engineers are notorious for moving their aged parents to the US and dumping them on social security among other handouts easily available to non-whites. How in the Hell does some prune faced 65 year old crabby fish and garlic smelling bastard from Taiwan, who’s never worked a day in the US, qualify for Social Security and other social programs? Somalians are being brought in by the truckload to some of the Whitest areas of the US. We have Christian churches enthusiastically backing these types of programs. Especially if they want to keep their tax-exempt status.

“Problem. Reaction. Solution.” (If you haven’t heard that term before, look it up) The same game over and over. So the solution the to the problem they’ve created this time, the problem the White population is bitching about, is a camera. The camera takes a picture and then blasts its audible warning telling the budding Picasso that he will be prosecuted. Oooh, very scary! Good luck. Maybe one in ten Julios who get a free portrait photo will end up being arrested for their vandalism. But putting the cameras in place makes it LOOK like something is being done. Perception is the key. It’s like the traitorous lackeys in DC voting to put up a wall where the US - Mexico border used to be. Nothing. There’s no wall. That’s because there’s no teeth in anything. But they did get a couple of minutes of good soundbites on TV, letting them play earnest politicians fighting for American sovereignty and the safety of the citizenry. Everything is a show in an attempt to lull the White population even deeper into complacency or into a deeper stupor depending on who you are. It’s the same thing locally, in LA. More and more rhetoric is tossed our way by the city council while less and less gets done.

The fact is that less and less gets done at all levels of govt. when it comes to what Whites want, need and deserve. Less and less is accomplished EXCEPT when it comes to taking away the rights of Whites. Then the politicians get to work serving their real masters, hitting the bricks with the same fervor shown as when they cobble together new legislation that makes sure the beandogs (there I go again) and other non-whites are taken care of in every way imaginable. The DREAM Act, insurance legislation for illegals, lower school tuition for illegals, mexican trucks getting ready to roll across our borders, unencumbered by silly things like maintenance, drivers who can read or a good set of brakes. Like I said it’s not just for mexicans, it’s for all non-whites. Hate Crime legislation, easy access to SBA (Small Business Administration) loans for any and all non-whites, tax breaks and set asides for minority business or businesses that make sure they hire minorities (like where I work). H1B visas to KO Whites from the IT industry - with the intent of killing White interest in that line of work. They don’t want innovation. They just want to maintain the status quo in some areas. But there’s no conspiracy, right? It’s all just a natural occurrence as things decay. Who says things have to decay? Why are they decaying? Anyone out there ever ask themselves why? Anyone out there ever try to look at things and try to see who is benefitting from all the chaos? What are the different benefits from the chaos, from the dispossession of Whites?

Look at who/what spends the most time and money lobbying DC regarding immigration, legal and illegal. It isn’t only Tyson Chicken trying to bring in more hepatitis infected chicken pluckers from Mexico. It isn’t only Microsoft and Oracle who are busy working to haul in more and more vastly overrated, under-skilled marble mouthed programmers from India, Sri Lanka, Taiwan and elsewhere - you guys who’ve worked as programmers know that I am correct on this one. About 1 out of every 500 of these computer braceros is worth a damn. But boy are they arrogant, they all think they’re geniuses. No, it isn’t only Tyson Foods, Microsoft, Oracle and the rest of the IT industry. It isn’t only meat packing plants in the heartland. It gets curiouser and curiouser. Why the Hell does AIPAC, the single largest and most powerful lobby in the US (backed 100% by the media - we’ll get into that in another post) spend so much time and money to keep the borders open and make sure immigration stays 90 - 95% non-white? With their own people allowed preference of course, as “refugees”, etc. Go ahead, look it up. Oh, I’m going to far, into the area of conspiracy and lunacy, right? Wrong. Hit the web and do a little research on the “Immigration Act of 1965”. Look at who WROTE the legislation. Look at the history of the legislation, the history behind the legislation. Ignore the “sponsors” of the bill like fat ol’ Ted “Chappaquiddick” Kennedy or Daniel “The Claw” Inouye. Look at the guys who introduced and pushed for this legislation that was created with the full intent of getting rid of the White population in the US, the “plan to tan America” as jewish pubs referred it to it back then. The main “elected” culprits were Emanuel Cellar and Jacob Javits, two perfect examples of traitors to the United States. The American public wasn’t even made aware that this legislation was winding its way through the house and senate. Media blackout. No chance for the public to vote on it. Take some time and read Professor Kevin MacDonald’s paper on the subject, filled with footnotes, put together through exhaustive research; No wonder they’re attacking him and trying to get him fired from his job. If he were just a “nut”, if there were no truth to his work, they’d leave him alone. Who are the real haters? Who’s really interested in perpetrating genocide and why?

LA does suck, just like the rest of country but even more so. This is ground zero. The heart of the experiment. If you don’t think the country is intentionally being taken apart then take another look at the silly “solution” to the graffiti problem in North Hollywood. Instead of cracking open some turd brown melon-heads and then deporting latinos back to all points South of the border, the govt is going to take pictures. Be sure to dress neatly! Taking pictures means that way they don’t really have to do anything. North Hollywood is flooded with illegals. From one end to the other. That’s why it’s covered in graffiti, that’s why crime is out of control in the area. It used to be almost all White. Up until the 1980’s when the stinky savages started arriving en masse. The illegals trudged in, bringing their crime, dirt, noise and other primitive habits. The men make trouble, while each mezzoid female farts out anchor baby after anchor baby like clockwork every 11 months. A never ending supply of future gardeners, gangbangers and graffiti “artists”. Keep in mind that mexico is our largest “source” of legal immigrants, never mind illegal aliens.

Ok. I’ve gotten a bit off track. Lets get back to North Hollywood, so I can start wandering all over the map again. Did you ever see the Clint Eastwood movies where he played a bare-knuckle brawler with a pet orangutan (Every Which Way But Loose and Any Which Way You Can)? The bar used in some scenes in those films was “The Palomino”. The Palomino was in North Hollywood. The neighborhoods shown in the films, the area where Eastwood’s character was living was North Hollywood. The first of those movies was released in 1978, the second in 1980. White North Hollywood is now a memory. It’s now Norte Hah-leewood, ay. Hell. It’s plain old Guadalajara. If they wanted to make a film about the area today, a realistic, slice of life movie, Clint, his cousin, his ape and his mother would be busy fighting gangbangers who’d be trying to steal their cars and attempting to get to the orangutan to use him as taco filling. It would be similar to the battle at Little Big Horn in terms of the Whites being surrounded by savages.

Philo squares off against the burrito rollers.

There’s a little strip on Lankershim blvd. in North Hollywood that’s been undergoing (a bit of) gentrification by the artsy-fartsy crowd. These people will only refer to the area as “No-Ho”. This is being done by artsy folks who put up galleries filled with work from untalented artists and little theaters with crappy, pretentious, “socially conscious” plays distinguished by their poor writing, praise of homosexuality and blacks, and attacks on normal White behavior among other subjects that are staples of Modern American Theatre. These people, these “artists” are hilarious in that they are so naive and in many cases flat out stupid when it comes to the current situation in NoHo and the rest of the city. They move into refurbished buildings, pooling their money to live in condos (converted from shitty apartments) or just spending their parent's money if they come from money. Lots of wealthy people seem to have fun playing poor, "roughing it" while getting two to four grand a month from dear old dad. They move into condos and apartments that are surrounded by an area that resembles a mexican slum because it IS a mexican slum. Yet these “artistes” all go on like intellectuals who can barely stand being in the presence of White proles like you or I. They walk around stating that people who complain about the sell-out of Whites and America are racists, full of hot air and worse. Then they pat themselves on the back for being courageous when in fact all they’re doing is toeing the party line. They think their sunny-good cheer, showing the mexicans they mean no harm, showing the mexicans tolerance and a friendly smile makes them better than all those neanderthals like me who think the border should be closed and all the Julios sent packing. These people are in fact the vast majority of those who become crime victims in NoHo. Victims of the predatory savages from South of the former border. That’s because mexicans and other non-whites see ass-kissing and deference from Whites as weakness, as cowardice mixed with stupidity, and their instincts are right. The instincts of the ignorant White “artists” have been blunted by a non-stop life long campaign of brainwashing via the schools and media, just like most other Whites. The “artistic” crowd seems more susceptible to brainwashing than other groups of Whites. They tend to follow the PC dogma hook, line and sinker because the people they seek as their benefactors are many times the people who are pulling the strings in the US. The own the media, and they own the “big galleries”.

So the brainwashing and other tactics used against Whites has placed the art crowd square in the middle of those groups that are among the least perceptive and/or resistant when it comes to being able to recognize certain dangers that exist around them. Dangers that exist because of “multiculturalism”. Because of the presence of mexicans. These naive clowns walk wide-eyed into ass-kickings, robberies, rapes, murders. Every day. It’s sad because their perceptions, their views, really aren’t their own “fault”. Unfortunately, most of them still don’t wake up even after they’ve been raped, robbed, beaten or worse. The brainwashing is that strong. The ones that do wake up are usually so afraid of becoming an “outcast” that even if they have been awakened after their face kicked in by a pack of mexicans, they won’t say so, they won’t admit it. Hey, admit the obvious and you’ll feel better; the majority of latinos are predatory, violent animals. Keep that in mind and you’ll have a better chance of not getting your skull caved in by some guys who’ve just had their picture taken by a robot-cam.

During the radio report on the installation of the cameras, one Valley resident complained that her neighborhood “…changed almost overnight.” She said she’s tried to sell her house three times in the last couple of years but the graffiti scares potential customers away. Lady, it’s the presence of the mexicans scaring real buyers away. Even if there isn’t any graffiti no sane person wants to move to a street filled with shaven headed, low IQ smelly savages who are eye-balling your 7 year old daughter like she’s a stripper on the runway at the Spearmint Rhino “Gentlemen’s Club”.

So North Hollywood, the quiet little neighborhood in the East Valley has become not so quiet. Thanks to DIVERSITY. Thanks to MULTICULTURALISM. Thanks to hundreds of thousands of illegals from mexico who were encouraged to move to NoHo by the US Govt. What have the guardians of the American public decided to do to combat this illegal alien fueled crime wave? Nothing. Nothing at all. Putting up cameras is doing nothing. Putting up a reward for each scalp cut from an illegal’s head would be doing something. It would at least be a start. Considering all that’s happening around us, if you think a guy like Michael Chertoff (the head of “Homeland Security”) or his “boss” (hah!) are serious about protecting the US, serious about securing the borders, then you haven’t been doing your homework.

Bush (left) and Chertoff (right) meet to discuss new methods to more quickly fill the US with third world animals.

A few quick questions:

How long do you think it will be before the bean-doggers vandalize the cameras? Will they destroy them? Will they mark their names on the camera housings?

How many of you think the cameras are being put in place in more and more areas of SoCal and the rest of the country to get Whites used to seeing them? To get us used to the idea that we’re being watched? Because we are the ones who will be watched.

Things are closing in. London is already arse-deep in security cameras. We’re headed that way. In the long run, they aren’t a weapon against crime, not in the traditional sense. They’re going to be a weapon against Whites who don’t toe the line. Weapons to go after “haters”. You’ll walking down the street, talking with a friend about black crime or how sick queers are and BAM! Your picture has been taken, they’ve got video and audio of you spouting hate speech. Off to the re-education center for you. Laugh now funny boy. Hermano Grande is watching you.

September 18, 2007


(continued from 9/11)

I look to see who’s staring at me. It’s more like “what” is staring at me. A particularly ugly “what”. He looked straight out of one of the old charts used to show the “Evolution of Man”. I guess I could call him groid-o-pithicus. He was about 5’10”, and dressed in a filthy blue warm-up suit, similar to what you might see track and field athletes wear, except theirs are clean. His hair looked liked it had been styled with a knife and fork. He didn’t have any whites to his eyes, they were yellow. Criss-crossed with angry red veins. He stared and then blinked as if he were suddenly coming on line. “A hungry man’s got ta eat. You have a spare dollah so’s ah can git somdin’?” Then he gave me a weird grin, kind of like the way a chimp would look at you if it had hidden the last banana, knowing you’d never find it.

“Look at how expensive the food is here. You think I have anything left after that?”

He’s been knocked off kilter. He’s used to “no”. He’s used to people giving him change or a buck just to make him go away. He's not used to being asked a question. He’s not sure if he should strain his brain to figure out some kind of answer, if he understood me in the first place. He looked as if all he might understand are chirps and whistles.

Back when White people ran the country, this kind of incident was rare. Sure, there were bums around. But you didn’t have black beggars coming at you from all sides like the savages on the attack in “Black Hawk Down”. Things have deteriorated so much the last few decades that it has turned into open season on “civilians” as far as the “homeless” are concerned. “Homeless” is another term I despise. Homeless? Bums. That’s what they are. Filthy, lazy bums.

The African Nomad looks at me and then my food. “Ahm really hungry.”

“So am I.” I take a big bite of Broccoli Beef. He can’t process the inference. His eyes click then he pirouettes (!) and starts dancing through the ever-thickening crowd. He lets out a Michael Jackson style “Oh-hoooo!” Half the crowd stops what they’re doing to see WTF is going on. The other half doesn’t even blink. They must eat here all the time. Or they’re scared shitless and don’t want to look. Because that means they might have to get involved or they might see something “bad”. The track star goes to a table filled with a bunch of lawyer types. Four of the five can barely look the savage in the eye. Sometimes I think I have less trouble because I look these animals right in the eye. I know they say that’s a challenge to an animal but I think they’re so used to browbeaten, brainwashed Whites avoiding eye contact that my White Devil Blue Eyes looking right at them are disturbing. At least that’s what I tell people.

One of the five sissy lawyers hands the beast some change. All that does is encourage these creatures. Why do people give them money? Why? The down on his luck Olympian gives the idiot lawyer a nod and continues to wander through the area, stopping at table after table. Where’s the security staff? I look around. Ah, I see a “mall cop”. Finally. He’s on the far side of the food court, outside. He’s “hispanic” of course. Hitting on a table full of big-assed hispanic women. He’s oblivious to everything else going on. All of them are giggling. Something about they way they’re going on reminds of junior high school. These people never fully mature, mentally.

“Hispanic”. Another nonsense term. Where are these people from? Is there a country named “HISPANIA”? I’ll keep an eye on the security officer to see if he bothers to move around the area and actually check on things. I suspect the only thing he checks on is trim. At least during business hours. Once the mall is closed, he might check to see if the stores are locked. If not, he’ll slip in, grab whatever swag he can carry, and then lock up. I say this because it’s become a huge problem here in LA - hispanic “security” looting and stealing from businesses they are supposed to be guarding. Happened where I work.

I go on eating and watching. The place is bursting at the seams. What a goldmine. It might be a goldmine for the local hospitals too, considering what’s preparing the food at most of the stands. One of the people working the counter of the Carl’s Jr. is a latino guy in his early 20’s who looks and acts so gay he's practically dripping with AIDS. Yeah, I want him putting my order together. He might not transmit the Anally Injected Death Serum by handling food, but he can pass around a good case of hepatitis to everyone willing and not so willing. Oh, excuse me. You haven’t been taught that fags are normal, have you? They’re not. The nicest thing I can say is that being a homo is an aberration.

Did you know that the majority of child molesters are fags? Of course not. The news media has set things up to make people believe that the majority of pedophiles are straight White Males. No. Not true. Look it up. Do your research. At one point the media was going to post a study showing that queers were more likely to be pedophiles but the faggots got wind of it and roared into action. Can you imagine what Whites, as in straight White Males, could get done if they were as organized as fags, H1B lobbyists, jews or even the Armenians who twisted the ADL’s crooked arms behind their backs and forced them to recognize the “Armenian Holocaust”? Of course, forces are at work that nip organized White groups in the bud, but that can’t go on forever. As conditions worsen less and less White People will give a damn about being called “racist”, “intolerant”, “anti-Semitic” or the other names in the long list of anti-White canards.

The gaggle of loud jewish guys sits down a few feet from me. One guy is jabbering away, obviously proud of how crafty he thinks he is. I'll change a name that was mentioned, just in case, “…in chambers I told the judge that while my client did drive the car and was the lookout, he did NOT enter the house …hence his culpability could be argued. The plea adjustment was reasonable. Williams went white, he knew there was no other way to go. Even the bailiff was pissed off.” All of them started guffawing like 14 year-old dorks. I took it that “Williams” was probably the DA. This guy’s client was probably some melanin-loaded animal who’s responsible for 11 unsolved murders beyond whatever this prick is defending him for. I can only hope that one day he gets inside this guy’s house and slits his throat as a “thank you”.

I figure I’d better stop rubbernecking or my food will get cold so I try to concentrate on shoveling down my meal. That lasts for a minute. I have a front row seat to view America’s final disturbing days so I’d better pay attention.

There’s three overweight - as usual - hispanic women at a table to my left. They’re talking about their diets and how much weight they’ve lost. Two of them are eating gigantic burritos covered with sour cream, guacamole and cheese. Big piles of refried beans next to the burritos. Diets? Must be an off day. The third girl is digging into a Tupperware container filled with tuna, “…just like the diet says.” But she’s ordered up a couple of greasy tacos to go with it. She “…had to have them.” Considering her girth, I know what gave her the order. They go on jabbering and I pick up that they work in the DA’s office. Doing what, I don’t know. They’re talking trash about this lawyer and that lawyer, their speech riddled with both standard street slang and “mexican” slang. They speak like ignorant inner-city 13 year olds. They’re in their late 20’s. These women work in the DA’s office? God. Handling potentially important documents maybe? We’re in worse trouble than I thought.

To the right, at a table directly next to mine, three more fine, foxy, 200 + lb latina beauties are snorting down massive piles of food they picked up from the Carl’s Jr. Carl’s seems to do the best business at the food court. I listen in and pick up that they work for some law firm. Their speech is just as ignorant as that coming from the DA's staffers. Yes, private practice has been infected just like everything else. I have little doubt that there are competent people backing up this bunch at the law firm, and the same goes for the DA’s office. But they weren’t on hand today. Then again, maybe I’m wrong. Anyone out there who works for the DA’s office in any big city or any law firms, chime in with some insight(s) if you have a chance.

I’m finishing up my lunch when all of a sudden a voice like Moms Mabley on Human Growth Hormone rings out from the left behind me. “Scuse me bruthah. Woot you be able to loan me a solid dollah so’s I kin git som’n eat?” I turn and see what appears to be a bushman who attacked a homeless guy and stole his clothes. This guy’s eyes are more bloodshot than the guy who hit me up for change just a few minutes earlier. I wave him off and turn back around. I hope that’s enough. I wait a few seconds and then take a look to see if he’s moved on. He’s still standing there, but he’s not looking at me. He’s turned to face the three fatsos from the private law firm. He’s pouting! Because the cruel White Man was so dismissive of his plea for help he’s looking to these three oppressed women to help him out. They are doing their best to ignore him. He keeps staring. Out of the corner of my eye I notice the latino security guy I’d seen earlier making a beeline toward this bum. The only reason he noticed is because the guy is hassling three potential “dates”. The biggest woman finally says something, “We don’t got nutting.” The other two shake their heads.

“C’mon, lesgo!” It’s the security guard.

“Ahm jes hongray!” The bushman stands there, staring at the guard. For a second I’m hopeful I’ll get to see these two go at it, but the bushman turns and heads off to the exterior seating area. The blacks realize on some level that unlike Whites who have been brainwashed to hesitate, to be scared of blacks, latinos will hit them over the head with a chair. Of course, latinos won’t be held up before the press and public as racist haters if they give some black bastard a well-deserved kick in the nuts.

The bushman makes his exit. Does the mall cop follow him and make sure he leaves the premises? Of course not. He has to talk to the three damsels he’s rescued. He puts one hand on his hip, hooking his thumb through a belt loop to enhance his latino manliness. “Alla time chasing these guys outa here.” He’s going to speak with them in English, or at least Spanglish. I’m hoping for some comedy now as he attempts to engage them in primitive mating dialogue. Then his radio goes off! “Hijole!” He’s pissed. He grabs it and keys the mic “Go ahead.” Whoever is on the other line answers in very garbled Spanish. “I’ll be back,” he tells the women and he’s out the door and heading up the stairs toward street level. Darn. They look at each other and giggle like highly impressed jr high girls. Paralegals, eh?

I get up and walk away and there’s a scramble for my table.

The walk back to the Criminal Court building is uneventful; no Panhandlers of the Kalahari approach me. I have to go back through the security and it’s the same routine. The black “officer” who was amusing himself by making Whitey jump through hoops earlier this morning is still there. One more time I try to act like this guy’s giving me a shoeshine as he runs the wand over me. I can see it’s pissing him off but there really isn’t anything he can do. The deputies, the real cops, are riding the security staff, making sure people get through quickly this time. They must have been expecting a big post lunch rush.

* * *

I’m going through my notes when the voice of the fruity fat latino in charge blares out over the PA, “We har going to cahl out thome names. When jor name is called, say ‘here’ and come to de front of de room.” He gives a few more instructions and then starts calling people. I assume I’m not going to be called when he seems to winding down and then there it is, my name in Spanglish, further mangled by the forced accent and homosexual lisp. All of a sudden there’s a halt in the action because the fruitcake misread some paperwork. He converses with the other representatives of the mexican government and then he’s ready to give us a few more notes on where we’re going and what we’re doing. Not one damn thing has gone smooth today. Everything is messed up or skewed because we have second-rate people pushing the buttons. Doesn’t seem like much trouble to some of you? Then you haven’t been living in the middle of multi-cult madness. Nothing works quite the way it should. Nothing. Keep in mind the different peoples now being put in charge of many things, the peoples becoming the majorities around the country, are all from groups so primitive they never even invented the wheel. They are lost handling things they themselves would never in a 100,000 years have been able to develop. That’s why our rulers want them.

We get our instructions and about 25 of us trudge through the building like POW’s. We go to another floor, enter the designated courtroom and are told to have a seat in the gallery. I look at the other potential jurors. I’m easily the worst dressed. I hope it will get me kicked out quick. I realize a judge could just boot me and order me to come back in a few weeks dressed the way we were told to, but I doubt that will happen.

The judge is already seated at the bench. He’s black. That figures. I get called in here, and the judge is black. Karma. The bailiff is black. Two for two. Yes, some of you out there will say I’m jumping the gun. You'll say that both of these representatives of the court system could be competent, could have worked their way to their present positions the old fashioned way, on merit. Yeah they could have, but I don’t think so. Not these days. I live in the real world and take my cues from the reality around me, not from “Law & Order, Special Victims Unit” or whatever other crap is on the One Eyed Bolshevik in the living room. At least it’s nice and cool in the courtroom. I like it a bit chilly. The courtroom is probably kept on the cool side as a tool to help keep people from falling asleep.

Judge Bo Jangles smiles at us, his captives, and then starts give a speech. His tone is mellow, his words measured as if he were lecturing a group of 6th graders. In other words, he’s looking down on us. I realized then that I should call him “Judge Pompous Johnson” instead of “Bo Jangles”. He goes on about how he understands some of us don’t want to be there and how he’s taking it upon himself to make it as painless as possible, yakity yak. Then he starts to go into his background as if anyone here wants to listen to his personal history. Most of the jurors want to get out of here as quickly as possible. Can’t do that if we have to sit through the story of Judge Pompous Johnson’s March to Victory in The Land of the Man. Despite the cool air I find myself sinking, getting close to nodding off.

Once he’s done with his personal version of The Odyssey he gets down to business. He tells us what the case is about and now I know I have no desire to sit on this jury. Because no matter what, the perp won’t get the punishment he deserves. What was the case about? Pedophile. The guy’s a Chester. He had been caught molesting the 6-year-old daughter of a family friend. Quite common amongst a particular group. C’mon guess the race of the perp.

Times up. He’s latino. Their levels of pedophile activity and incest are astronomical, ask any cop. The media doesn’t mention it, but ask honest cops and they’ll tell you that it seems as if 80% of mexican men are born kiddy rapists. The judge finishes up and instructs the clerk of the court - I guess that’s what she was - to call names. She’s hispanic, amazingly enough. I guess Judge Pompous wanted some strange. When your name is called, you announce “here” (again) and go take a seat in the jury box. .“The People’s Court” on TV had “Rusty the Bailiff. “The Pipple’s Court” has “Rastus” the bailiff. He’s theatrical all the way, you can see he’s as pompous as the judge. Overblown stern expression, puffing out his chest and taking a quick glance at each juror who answers “here”. His expression makes it look like he’s irritated at the stupidity of the jurors as they get up and go to the box. Well, not all of them, as you’ll see. I thought I’d be way down the list because that’s where I was when they called us to this courtroom but my name rings out, I’m number 7. Go team. I get up, and decide to give something a test. I nod at Rastus as I head toward the jury box but he just gives me a quick, sullen look as “roll call” goes on. A black female is number 10, Rastus gives her a big, rib-eating grin when she gets up and goes to the jury box. A white woman is called and Rastus gives her a look that is close to that of purse snatcher sizing up a victim. The last person called is a frumpy latin woman. Rastus barely gives her a look as she rolls to the box.

I glance at the prospective jurors sitting there with me. Four are White, one asian, two blacks, five latinos. Too many Whites I reckon. Then I tell myself, again, it’s done by the number of eligible potential jurors. Don’t get me wrong. The black and brown populations are well represented here at the courthouse. It’s just that most of them aren’t receiving jury instructions. The sternest instruction they receive in court is usually “…will the defendant please rise.” You can bet this is one of several areas where the Lords of PC are working overtime, trying to even things out in the justice system, along with their constant massaging of statistics. Huh? Statistics? Yeah, stats. You know, the numbers that are juggled to make it appear as if blacks and browns are punished more harshly than Whites, but when you look at the real, raw numbers and facts you see that they are treated far more leniently than Whites nationwide. It’s probably even worse than the raw numbers show because in LA, NY, Chi etc where the juries are “majority minority” they aren’t convicting their own. If you’re a White guy and you have some crazed killer in front of you in court, you want him to hang no matter what his race is. If you’re normal that is. If you’re a brainwashed, effeminate PC gelding of a White Man, you believe all the PC lies, and you don’t believe in Capital punishment etc so you are totally useless. Useless to Whites. Not to the system working against us. But we won’t go into that right now. If you are black or hispanic and one of your homeys is up there, hangdog before The Man, you have to set that homey free! Especially if the victims are White. Then your racial brother deserves a big festival thrown by the whole tribe. If they could, they’d probably toss a couple of Whites in a big pot as part of the feast.

Who else is in court? Can’t forget about the DA, can I? He’s black. Unreal. Is Mugabe running the court system in this town? The prosecutor is a tall guy, in his late 20’s. I guess he’s in a good spot to be able to move on to a big firm a few years down the line. He probably isn’t worth more than PC Publicity. They can put him up front when a big trial is going on, etc. He can recite rhymes in court like Johnny Cochran. Rhymes that don’t mean much but they bedazzle the colored folk. Yeah, he’s on the fast track with his hue. Some might say I’m being too harsh. I don’t think so. I heard him speak. I’d run circles around him and I’m not a lawyer. The defense lawyer? Public Defender’s office via Central Casting. A jewish guy who no doubt is a true believer. As in believing America should be destroyed and non-white criminals should be let loose, allowed to roam free range across North America attacking Whites. Not that he “sees” it that way. He’s probably deceiving himself into thinking he’s doing the right thing, his hatred of what America stood for, the people who built it, buried under so many rationalized “excuses” and false tales of persecution that he’s running on auto-pilot. I catch him staring at me at one point. I guess I look like the White Devil personified. Blond, blue eyes, big. I now know how I’m going to get out of this. I just need to be able to keep a straight face.

They go down the line asking us to state our full names, what we do for a living, etc. Four of the latinos are called before me. ALL of them have city or county jobs, which surprises even me. One woman works in a civilian capacity for a police dept. that’s in one of the latino infested smaller cities that surround L.A., in this case Huntington Park. She’s asked if working for a police dept. will automatically prejudice her against the defendant. “No.” Of course not, he’s a fellow latino.

They talk to the next latino. He’s a mechanic for another of the trashy latino cities on the outskirts of L.A. He probably turns all the city vehicles into lowriders. He’s dressed neat enough, but the kicker is his short sleeve shirt which is cut just right to reveal myriad tattoos running up and down his arms. Si mon! The next two latinos work for the county (Los Angeles County, of course). They’re asked if working for L.A. will make them any less “open-minded”. What the Hell does that mean? This Public Defender is an amateur. Probably got the job through cronyism. He’ll be off to private practice soon enough. Laughing it up while gouging the taxpayers for millions. The judge chimes in with his own questions which basically mirror or “clarify” the questions the lawyers are asking. Clarence Darrow’s spinning in his grave at the show being put on by the clowns on both sides of the bench. All four latinos feed at the public trough. Christ. May as well toss them welfare checks. Darn. Almost forgot. A huge percentage of these folks work AND collect social services of varying kinds. NO ONE checks on non-whites these days. Yeah, there’s the token case once in a while, just to fake Whitey out and make the more gullible think someone is actually trying to stop the “abuse of the system”. Once again all I can do is think of the White People who were displaced by these second-raters. The hispanic woman who works for the police dept is excused. She shrugs and marches off.

They get to one of the black jurors. He works for …well, take a guess! Yes, another civil servant who no doubt displaced some White Guy. He’s a driver, a bus driver for the MTA. The Metropolitan Transit Authority, although in L.A. it really stands for the “Mexican Transport Authority” because that’s what’s stuffed inside most of the buses. He seems to be in good spirits because the judge is black, the DA is black, the defendant isn’t black… Is he able to keep an open mind and consider all of the evidence? “Yeah, man. Evah thang must be considered. S’only fair.” I’d check this guy’s coffee cup if I were riding in a bus he was driving. The DA and the defense lawyer both go to the bench. They speak with the judge. I’m imagining them speaking about me, not even wanting to ask me questions. Just get Whitey out of here. The DA wants a “dark” jury because he’s dark, and the defender just wants me out because I’m White. That's what I'm picturing. The two latin women who work for the County are given the boot.

Then they get to me. I tell them my full name, my background and what I do for a living, which draws quite a look from the defense lawyer. (I actually have a technical background although most people would never guess it from the way I operate this blog) The judge smiles at me and asks me if I understood the rules regarding appropriate courtroom attire. This draws some chuckles from the box and gallery. I smile back, “What instructions?”

He starts to lose his grin. “The instructions you were given when you called in. You did call in, you heard the recording, correct?”

Now I have to start slinging the b.s. “Oh. Yeah, but my pen ran out of ink while I was on the phone, and I was digging around like mad looking for another one. I must have missed it. I didn’t think there was any ‘rule’ for the first day, I didn’t think that what I wore made any difference.”

“First day? What do you mean by ‘first day’?”

“Selection. I didn’t think I’d be working as a juror today. I figured that if I was assigned to a case then I’d have to dress neat. But not for the prelims.”

People are chuckling. Prelims? Like a sporting event? I’m doing OK playing semi-dumb. The judge rubs his face. He looks as if he’s getting ready to lecture me. I’m right. He does. He goes on for ten grinding, boring minutes about why we should show respect for the court, for the system. I’m thinking piss on a system that lets gang bangers convicted of murder serve an average of 7 years in this state. 7 years! You serve more for robbing a bank. The people in charge don’t like it if you mess with their money. But kill someone, especially a white person and you serve an average of 7 years. That means you could serve LESS than 7 for offing someone. He whines on and on, I’m nodding my head, putting on a look that shows I’m considering the weight and logic behind each of his words. Actually I’m barely listening and just hoping he’ll kick me out with this lecture and an admonishment to not do it again. Which I won’t follow. He tells me that next time I should make sure I have a pen that writes before I get on the phone.

The DA asks me if I’ve had any experience with a case like the one they’re going to try. “You mean like being accused of being a molester? No.” Some people chuckle, but I’m stoned faced so the lawyers and judge can’t tell or at least be sure I’m screwing around. I really am good, very good, at keeping a straight face. I should learn to play poker. Then I drop my bomb, and my fairy-tale is either going to get me out of here or get me in a bit of trouble. Either way, I won’t be serving on this jury. “I was attacked in Griffith Park by a guy like this when I was a kid. He tried to drag me into some bushes but people heard me yelling while I was fighting with him and they were able to break it up and hold him for the police. It was pretty scary” The judge jumps in right away, letting me know that I can’t say “a guy like this” because the defendant hasn’t been convicted, that’s what the trial is for. Of course, I said a guy like this as a “two-fer”, molester and mexican. I figured that’s how the defender would take it. The judge goes off on another lecture and I can feel how pissed off everyone is because I am definitely slowing things down. Hey, I’m just looking out for number one while I’m in the Belly of the Beast. The judge goes on a ten minute spiel about how the system decides a man is innocent or guilty after a fair hearing of all the evidence etc etc etc. This guy loves to hear himself speak.

I’m waiting to be tossed but they go on to the next juror. She’s White and I have to admit, loony. She’s dressed like a 60’s hippie even though she’s in her late 20’s. She’s a hair stylist “…but also a palm reader, a psychic.” If she’s psychic, why didn’t she see this coming and figure out a way to get out of jury duty? They ask her the same questions and a few more about her background. While she sounds spaced out, she gives all the correct PC answers. Then the defender asks for her and I to be removed. Yes! I'm almost happy enough to do a negro end-zone dance a la the NFL. The judge thanks both of us for our time, gives the psychic a smile while giving me a nod and a rueful smirk. He probably wanted to screw with me but didn’t figure it was worth it. There will be plenty more chances to screw with “The Man” down the line.

Anti-climactic? Not for me. I’ve served on a few trials. One of them was a case where some mexican perv raped a 9 year old girl. Déjà vu. That was about 10 years ago, the very first time I served jury duty. Maybe I’ll write about that one just to illustrate how freaking dumb some of the people on juries are, how brainwashed they are. But that’s down the line. For now, I think I’ll end this one here. Time to move on to some other subjects. Like the drive from downtown L.A., through the mexican infested center city area and on home…

Thanks for all the comments on the previous entry. A couple of those left today in Part II were very negative, but they did give me some ideas for new posts. So thanks for threatening me and hating my blog. If you made it this far, thanks for reading.

September 11, 2007


(continued from 9/2/07)

The instructions are more of a lecture that explains to one and all why we have been called to perform our civic duty. The lecture also makes it clear that there will be no easy escape from jury duty. The instructions would have been a bit easier to handle if they hadn’t been delivered with the fake accent. They also would have been easier to handle without the poor attempts at humor. Humor combined with fake accents. Oh Hell, I need to say the truth. It would have been better if the instructions hadn't been given by a cadre of mexicans. Mexicans that resembled a small herd of Water Buffalo. The shorter fat guy informed those that hadn’t been to court before that it “…eezent like TV! It won’ be like the Pipple’s Court.” This garnered a fair number of laughs from the Whites in the captive audience. How many of the laughs were genuine? Not very many. White people are so concerned with looking good or cool to minority folks, so busy trying to get along, they’ll make asses of themselves to show they are down with black and brown. The guy giving us instructions was just plain aggravating. He wasn't funny either. Not intentionally so. Besides his affected mexican accent, he had a distinctly feminine lilt to his voice and tilt in his gait. Being a flaming fag no doubt makes him indispensable as a county employee. Hispanic homo. A two-fer!

While the instructions continue I’m once again struck by how second-rate so many things are in California, now that we are forced to endure black and hispanic “authority”. How Whites have to go on and pretend that things are still efficient. That these people care as much about their work as we do. That they can all do as good a job as Whites. Sure. Take a look around. Reality is kicking all of us in the crotch every day. All day.

I kept taking notes and doodling while the Affirmative Action Hiree droned on. “We must also eenform you dat you can be ordered to go to ay-nuh-der court houthe.” Groans all around. In LA, you can be told to serve jury duty anywhere in the County. Officials claim they try to keep people close to home, but that day I spoke with one White Guy who lived in Lancaster yet was here downtown with the rest of us.

(Lancaster is a Hellish drive to or from downtown LA during the rush hours. It’s a high desert suburb, a place where a large number of Whites made a dash for it years ago to get away from the rising tide of black and brown sludge in LA proper. The govt has now filled parts of Palmdale/Lancaster with blacks and hispanics to make sure that White youngsters growing up in the area aren’t short-changed by missing out on diversity. Now besides shooting at each other, the packs of blacks and browns are busy attacking lone White kids on the streets. Anyone reading this from the Palmdale/Lancaster area, please feel free to send us your stories!)

Going from Lancaster to downtown LA isn’t quite as bad as being a White person from any part of the county and being sent to… Compton. This happens a lot. Compton is thought of as a black city, made famous by countless “songs” from rappers over the last 20 years. Compton these days is mostly latino, the US government having flooded the city with their new slave class, while moving the blacks into outlying areas - like Lancaster - to begin a new round of destruction on White neighborhoods. Compton was all White in the mid 60’s, all black by the early 70’s and majority latino by ‘02 or so. The pool of “eligible” jurors in the city and surrounding areas is small, heh, so a lot of people from “far away” get summoned to do the drive to Compton for jury duty. Last year several White people were beat up on the way back to their cars after jury duty. They didn’t want to put up with the hassle of parking in the Civic Center lots. So they parked on the residential streets next to Courts, etc. That's when they discovered there's still a sizable black population in Compton. “I didn’t think anything would happen during the day!” That's what one of the beating victims said. I have to say I doubt if any black or latino jurors would be so naive. If you get a summons and it says report to Compton, do anything you can to avoid it.

The instructions finally wind down. After 20 minutes of passionless speech overlayed with affected accents from our Masters I was ready for murder or at least a break. We were told to turn in our paperwork, pick up our badge holders and then take a seat. I looked around to see what people were doing. One middle aged White woman two seats away from me had a portable DVD player in her lap. Headphones happily jutting from her ears while she watched some Soap Opera. Ok, at least she’s smart enough to have brought something to occupy herself. I looked at more people. Specifically the White people. About 1/2 of the white people had brought something to read or something else to occupy their minds. The Asians were similar in percentage of those who had brought something to read or watch to pass the time. Only a couple of the hispanics had brought anything. A few were obviously hitting on each other, their instinct for a quick bump and run always going. The ones who weren’t looking for action, at least openly, sat. Staring. A few were watching the TV’s but most sat and looked around. Almost like they were casing the place. Three black males sat in different areas of the large room, watching everyone. Probably hoping to see someone leave a wallet or purse behind when they got up to go to the restroom or whatever. The other six blacks were huddled in a small side room watching a TV while mumbling amongst themselves.

I’m busy writing away when the intercom crackled and squeaked. One of the latinos in charge informed us that we could take a break just like regular city workers. A one hour break. At nine o’clock in the morning! I guess we were being treated like real city employees. This would give me a chance to wander around the building and look at the “line-up” for each of the different courtrooms, if you know what I mean. Just to make sure things were as diverse as they should be in the shining Capital of Multiculturalism.

I manage to avoid the stampede and stroll into the main hallway. Most of the jurors are headed straight toward a small snack shop. The snack shop is located right next to the restrooms. What does that tell you? I take a look inside the little store, all of the prospective black jurors are there. Already. The three fattest latino jurors are in there also. They appear to be protectively clutching the cinnamon rolls and breakfast burritos the same way the cavemen protected a dinosaur sparerib in the old movie “1 Million B.C.” How these two-legged sacks of lard were able to get there so quickly is beyond me. Maybe there’s some type of secret communications network. Similar to the ones non-whites apparently operate on the streets, letting each other know where all the freebies are coming from without alerting Whitey.

I meander down the hall and go to a door that has a sign above it that reads “Division 30”. I take a look at a look at a six or seven page list attached to the door. It’s a list of people who have “activity” pending that day. 80% of the names are ‘spanic. Bermudez. Gutierrez. Melendez. Martinez. Perdomo. Reynoso. Vasquez. Cebada. Cedillo. Medina. Nunez. Castillo. I started to believe that if I had torn a page from the White Pages from certain Southern California neighborhoods and dropped them into the Division 30 paperwork it wouldn’t have made a difference. All the same people would have been listed anyway. Not all of the names were latino. Some were identifiably American. As in “African-American”. Lavertes Washington. Rayfield Dinkins. Thamarcus Cliffs. Traventus Williams. Theotis Lamaar Peete. LeRoi Meekans. Dupree Rimms. It read like the typical felon packed NFL line-up you can see every Sunday on TV. There were a few names in there that could have been White Guys, but I’d bet most of them were black also. All of these oppressed people were no doubt railroaded into having to go to face "the man’s" racist “justice system”. I wandered to a couple of other floors in the building and was treated to the same thing.

Outside one courtroom a couple of seedy looking Armenian guys were collaring every black and latino who walked in or out. They were peddling a bail bonds company. I hope the pair were busy looting as many of these parasites as possible before hightailing back to Armenia.

The hallways were loaded with "fambly" members of the poor crooks who just couldn’t get a break. Depending on what part of the courtroom hallways you were in, it either felt like a war torn alley in Mogadishu or a smelly, fly filled alley in San Salvador. Incredible. The courts would be out of business without these people here. No wonder they’re so busy fighting for their rights instead of ours. Keep the work coming!

Before I knew it, breaktime was over! Time to go back to the holding pen to see if I'd be among those “lucky” enough to be called for a jury. Half of the crowd looked ready to pass out. I’m not tired or bored. I’m too busy laughing to myself over the courtroom line-ups that read like a Guadalajara phone book to be tired. Then the intercom crackled. “We weel be call-hing hout namez! Eef ju hear jour name, say ‘here’ and come to de front of de room.” Considering this guy’s accent, I almost want him to call out my name, just so I can hear it mangled in Spanglish. My name is not called.

I decide to take a break from writing notes, trying to come up with ideas for the blog. I go into the hallway and take a seat on one of the long benches that line both sides of the hallway. I had brought a novel with me. I cracked it open and at that very second a Chinese guy with an almost impenetrable accent sits down next to me and strikes up a conversation. Normally I’d have been irritated but today I’m hoping this guy can be a source of material if not the outright subject of a blog entry. Of all the people…

He’s in his late 30’s / early 40’s and dressed like the stereotypical “white trash” guy the media shoves in our faces all day long on the tube! He’s wearing a “Trak Auto” baseball cap, an old-style Rat Fink t-shirt and Dickie’s work jeans with boots. I immediately surmised this guy was not one of the millions of “study 6 hrs a day after school” Asians the government is flooding the former US with.“You bring-a book to keep from geh-ing bowad?” It took a fraction of a second for me to realize his final word was “bored”. Normally I would have told him I’d brought the book to keep people from sitting down next to me and starting conversations, but like I said, I was looking for material. He went on. “Jury duty no good. I like this country but jury system messed up, you know?”

I know lots of things but I just nod at him.

“I no make-a money while here. No pay. How ‘bout you?”

I nod “no” and can see this guy is wound up, looking to talk to anyone. At the same time, he’s looking at my face, then the book I’m reading, then the notebook. He’s curious but can’t bring himself to ask about the book or notebook. Is round-eye studying? Something must be wrong!

“But I still like it here in America. I go to Trade Tech when I get here. You know Trade Tech?” he asks me.

Trade Tech. Everyone in town “knows Trade Tech”. It’s a large trade school in downtown LA that’s across the street from the bldg that houses Traffic Court. It’s just a couple of miles from where he and I were sitting at that moment. Even in today’s dark times, the school still manages to keep going, teaching a variety of trades to students looking to go that route in life. The only problem I can see with Trade Tech is that it went the way of every other damn school in the US, favoring non-Whites over Whites when it comes to admissions. Courtesy of government enticements and official orders straight out of DC. On the other hand, it’s also true that American culture has been purposely twisted so that a huge percentage of Americans look down on people who work in certain trades. These nouveau snobs look at most trades as being dirty or only worthy of being “performed” by some type of lower caste human. These people picked up their snobby attitude from the friendly white-hating folks behind the media who detest manual labor and in fact hate almost all real work that doesn’t involve manipulating people out of their money through some type of deception. So they make light of honest labor even though everything in the country would fall apart without tradesmen doing their thing. The fact is some of these trades pay better than a lot of boring jobs that involve sitting at a desk and shuffling paper. At least they used to pay well until the floodgates were opened and guys like Kwai Chang Caine sitting next to me started taking all of the jobs.

“I learn auto mechanichhhs at Trade Tech. I fix da car. Fix it good.”

I want to ask him if he can “…drive the car,” but I refrain.

He asks me what I do. Apparently my profession doesn’t match the way I look. But I am "dressed to impress" as pointed out in Part 1. The tank top is really throwing people off. I’m intentionally dressed like a bum in the hopes that I will get kicked off a jury if called. This never should have been in the US auto-mechanic is a bit dressed down also. I doubt he dressed down on purpose. “Always work to do when you fix da cars. I gled to be here an’ working. That’s why I here, to work. Of course da people come here for da freedom but dere is lots of work!”

Lots of work depending on who and what you are. As long as you’re not White, the skids are greased and into the US you go to hasten the theft of land, jobs and money from the people who built America; Whites. Oh, is that a shocking statement? You were taught in school that black slaves, chinese coolies and “latino” fieldworkers built the US? If so, you need to be properly educated in terms of historical facts, not in lies created to destroy White self esteem while increasing the self esteem and feelings of self importance and superiority of non-Whites.

“You like’a jury duty?” I smirk and shake my head “no”. He’s not the most perceptive person I’ve met.

He keeps going, “I want to get out of here and go back to work.”

Don’t we all?

I'm thinking about the insanity of it all. A White scientist from Europe has little chance of getting into the US as an immigrant, because BY LAW 90% of immigrants to the US must be non-White. I'm talking legal immigrants. That's been the law of the land in the US since 1965. I'm sitting here with relatives who can't move to the US, some of them highly skilled scientists and technical people while next to me sits a guy from China who came here with no skills, who learned to be a mechanic at Trade Tech. Probably on our dime. Displacing a White American in the process. Every non-White who comes in is displacing a White. Displacing a relative of yours. Displacing YOU.

Just then another Chinese guy walks up. He’s overweight and looks like he can’t wait to sit down, which he does, right next to Kwai Chang. “Waste of a day,” the new arrival states. Kwai Chang nods, then says something in Chinese. The other guy sits up straight, thrilled to meet another Chinese speaker. Both of them start jabbering a mile a minute in Chinese. It sounded like a cockfight they were going at it so fast and loud. I got up, they looked at me like they had done something wrong! They sure had, but I don’t think their idea matched what I was thinking, ha! I pointed toward the restroom and made my exit.

I should have known better. Since I had been sitting on one of the benches in the hallway, I got up and went straight to the nearest restroom. It was one of the restrooms used by the “general public”. In other words, the restroom used by all the “pipples” who show up to see their homeys and cuz’s take a stand against the man in court. It wasn’t the worst restroom I’d seen in terms of degradation, but if the custodians didn’t get there soon it would shortly start tipping toward conditions seen in the Superdome post Katrina. No paper towels in the dispensers. I exited and went down the hallway back into the holding area for jurors and went to that restroom. Despite the high minority count, it was fairly clean and was stocked with paper towels.

A couple of minutes later, I was back in the holding room adding notes to my journal. The intercom crackled again. We were informed that “…ju can go to lunsh. Be back by one-turty.” It was 11:45 am. We really were being treated like city workers. I marched with the other jurors into the hallway and then went for the stairs. Two other people had the same idea as me. Everyone else went to the too-small elevators to wait and then fight their way on board for a short but very cramped ride.
Lunch? It was time to go to the L.A. Mall! Another educational experience. This little field trip really drove home the fact that the majority of city workers in LA are not White. Lots of hispanics. Fat hispanics. They must be the ethnic group with the highest percentage of lard lads and lasses in the US.

The L.A. Mall was a sight to see. It’s below street level and has a food court filled with fast food joints, a sandwich shop and a place serving Asian food. The food establishments were stacked with hispanic workers behind the counters. This set off the alarm bells in my head. I’ve explained before the aversion most hispanic workers have towards washing their hands. I’m wondering whether or not to seek out something that’s totally deep fried as it might be my best bet. Then I spy the Asian “restaurant”. At least the employees are all out in the open where I can see how they handle things. They’re also all Asians so maybe, just maybe, they’ll at least make an effort to wash their hands just because Whitey is watching.

I get my food and fight through the massive crowd for an indoor seat. Most of the seating at the mall is open air. No good. There’s homeless idiots wandering around the open-air dining area hassling everyone. I’m congratulating myself on avoiding them when all of a sudden to my right I hear someone talking to me. “Scuse me mistah! Would you be willing to help a young man who requires some cash in order to gets some lunch?” The ‘bro asking me for change is a sight. He’s at least 45 but presenting himself to me as a “young man.” He’s completely bald on top of his head, but has weird black curly cue hair snaking around each side of his head and sticking out in a fashion that makes him look like a black version of “Bozo the Clown”. He grins at me. I hate panhandlers. Never, ever give them change or respect.

“Go bug someone else.”

That stops him in his tracks. He blinks. He looks pissed but then nods his head and starts walking away. Then he slows down, turning back to look at me. Great. I’m going to have to fight Chicken George before I can finish my broccoli beef. I act like I’m furious, slowly getting up. Maybe I can bluff him. Like I’ve said before, I’m lucky I’m a fairly big guy. He turns away, nods to himself again and keeps walking. I start to sit back down, he looks back again, starts mouthing “motherfucker” and he turns away, disappearing into the mass of noon time lunch goers starting to flood the mall. Ok. I figure that bit of trouble is over for the day. I start to eat. And I start to carefully observe all the people entering the food court for their noon lunch break.

There’s a lot of middle aged White guys strolling in. They’re wearing suits. What are they doing here? They work in LA? I listen to them. They’re lawyers. Then a bunch of jewish looking guys in suits come in. They’re talking their asses off, loudly. They’re lawyers. All of a sudden I’m aware of someone standing to my left. Staring at me.

Long, isn’t it? That’s why there’s going to be a Part III, where I can get into the adventures of jury selection in Multicultural LA. If you made it this far, thanks for reading. If you’re in LA or any other area infected by multiculturalism, be careful out there. White people are targets, and our own governments have declared Open Season on us. Don’t forget it!

September 10, 2007


DWI. A major problem in Southern California.

DWI = Driving With Illegals.

Maybe you thought DWI meant “Driving While Intoxicated”. Not in LA it doesn’t.

DISCLAIMER - This entry is not meant to insult all latinos. I’m merely commenting on behavior exhibited by the overwhelming majority of latinos and not on the small minority - that might exist - who do not engage in the idiotic and criminally destructive behaviors mentioned below.

Now that I’ve fully recovered from whatever the Hell flu-bug it was that wiped me out for me almost two weeks, I think a short, for me, entry that covers some of the road hazards here in LA is in order. I had a nightmare drive from downtown LA to the Westside of LA Saturday afternoon, so I figured it would be a good idea to give some pointers to people who might be thinking about visiting this “Tourist Mecca”.

(Where is the “Pipple’s Court Part II”? I’ll finish that up this week. Relax. I’ve been sick. No joke.)

Yeah, DWI. Sure, there are White drivers who exhibit some of the same idiotic behaviors as latinos or blacks while behind the wheel of a car, but they are a minority of the White drivers out there. On the other hand, so many latinos display disruptive, dangerous behavior on the roads that the only conclusion that can be drawn is that a lot of the problems spring not only from ingrained cultural flaws, they must also have a genetic source at their root. Hey, if you think I’m going to outright lie like Stephen J. Gould you’d better go find another blog.

If you’re going to be driving in LA, be prepared to drive slow. Very slow. I mean walking speed. Why do illegals and in fact all latinos tend to drive at a pace that one could match by pushing a car down the street? What? You want reasons? They just DO. Seriously, there are a few reasons I’ve been able to identify for this particular behavior. None of them involve the usual excuse given by the apologists. What is the usual excuse? “They drive slow because they are scared of getting speeding tickets because they’re illegal and don’t want to lose their cars.” Sure. This has little basis in fact.

They drive slow because they are totally self absorbed. Whatever limited thinking goes on inside their pebble-heads is totally directed toward themselves. That means their attention isn’t necessarily focused on operating a motor vehicle. They are only dimly aware of the fact that whatever they do affects other vehicles around them. Their general lack of understanding when it comes to “cause and effect” will come into play later when other behaviors are mentioned.

Like I said, be prepared to drive slow. To be trapped in traffic for seemingly no reason. Even if traffic is light and there’s no accident on the side of the road to encourage rubber-necking, the mexicans will be creaking along a good 15 - 25 mph slower than the posted speed limit on any given street. They’re even worse on the freeways.

I believe another reason they drive so slow is that they are looking for things. Looking for things just like other primitive animals on foraging expeditions through the jungle. The slow moving hispanic drivers are looking for things. Looking for things to acquire. Which usually means steal. If something catches their attention you’ll see them suddenly come to a halt in the middle of the road. All the better to check it out. If the horns start blaring they’ll flip out. What’s the problem? They’re stopping to look at something or to talk to someone. So what? It’s what they want to do. It never enters their infantile brains that stopping in the middle of the road screws things up for other people. They’re doing what they need to do. The problem is you! That’s the way their minds work. Again, they tend to not be all that aware of the world around beyond looking for something to attack, take, eat or screw. This is also the reason they fly off the handle so easily. When they’re forced to consider the fact that their actions might be affecting others in some negative fashion they go into sensory overload. They don’t get it. They can’t process the information, understand the logic. Incapable of understanding cause and effect, at least when it comes to this, they go haywire.

The slow driving is intentional on more than a few occasions, especially when “lowriders” are involved. These self absorbed cretins drive slow to drive slow. They want to screw up traffic. It’s also tough to drive over 20 mph when you’re car is dropped so close to the ground that a 50 lb payload is an adventure. Despite media claims to the contrary, most lowriders are gangbangers. Lowriding is one aspect of gang culture the blacks picked up from the mexicans. The mexicans have picked up a lot of their so-called gangster style from blacks. The mexicans spend a lot of their time listening to black rappers while rolling around town in their lowriders and screwing up traffic. At the same time, they hate blacks and have been running them out of “traditionally” black neighborhoods due to sheer numerical superiority, not by being “tougher” as some claim. It’s numbers plus the fact that they’ll actually fight with blacks - unlike whites of the last 35 years or so who have been trained to back off when blacks and other nonwhites start pulling their tricks. Whites are also held accountable for their actions never mind being made the bad guy no matter how a confrontation with a brown or black started. A White can see an old lady being beaten by a black or brown, pick up a baseball bat and bash the melanin-enriched attacker over the head and the next thing he knows he’s the bad guy on the 5 o’clock news with some mexican or black sow crying about how their monster was such a “good boy”. Anyway, the mexicans have the upper hand against the blacks in S. California. Blacks don’t like it when people fight back. The mexicans started fighting back when their numbers equaled that of the blacks and went on the attack once they outnumbered the blacks. I know, I’ve had a front row seat for their battles since elementary school.

The lowriders are similar to the illegals in lots of ways. The screw up traffic and are amazed and insulted when people blare their horns and get pissed off. The mexicans get pissed off because people are mad at them. They figure “We’re mexicans, we do what we want. People should just go on their way and make room for us to do our thing. Because we’re mexicans.” That’s their logic. They are as self-absorbed and self-centered as blacks.

Slow. Very slow.

Ok, we’ve covered driving slow. Next you’ll want to hone your reflexes for DWI. What does that mean? It means being able to hit the brakes or swerve into an open lane or row of bushes in a millisecond when you’re cut off. You’ll be driving down the road at 35 mph and the dipshit mexican will pull right into your lane when you’re about 15 ft from his car. He’ll be driving 6 mph. Those of us who have been around town for years can attest to the fact that on many occasions you’ll see the mini-minded mexican looking right at you through his mirror, he’ll wait, wait, wait and then he will just pull in front of you when it’s too late to avoid him. Why? Because he’s a mexican. Because he can do what he wants. Because you’re supposed to watch out for him. Because he can do what he wants. Because you’re supposed to get out of his way, laws of physics be damned. Yeah, they break every other law and they expect that they can break the laws of physics just because they want to. More twisted logic but then if this country were operating logically the folks in DC would be hanging from lamp posts and mexico would be in chaos trying to deal with the 50 million latinos we’ve forced to make a run for the border.

So work on your reflexes. You will be cut off. On the streets. On the freeways. If you hit them, the latinos, it’s your fault. After all, you hit them from behind, right? That’s their logic. If you’re in an accident with one of these creatures fast reflexes may come in handy for the activity immediately following the fender bender or worse, if you get my drift. The illegal will get a dead look in their eyes. If they speak any English at all they will have conveniently forgotten it by the time you’ve gotten out of your car to ask the dumb-ass what they were thinking. They will then either grip their neck in pain while looking for a clear route for an escape run or they will be on the phone immediately with their friends who will get them an accident attorney in seconds. After all, you hit them from behind. It’s your fault.

Sometimes the illegal might not want to stick around. This is when you’ll see him carry on like a mexican born in the US. That can mean he’ll bolt. Or he might stick around for a second so he can stab or shoot you since you weren’t smart enough to stop when he cut you off. “Why’d ju hit me, ay? Ju saw me, why dint ju stop, puto?” Then out comes the weapon if he’s on his own. If he’s got you outnumbered because he had some mojados (moe-ha-those = wetback in English) in the car with him, they’ll give you a beat down first, then stab or shoot you. Then they’ll run. This is the same behavior you can expect from most latinos born here in the US after an accident. Most of the latinos of the “gangbanger” variety that is. The small percentage who work “normal” jobs handed to them because of Affirmative Action will merely see the accident for what it is; a chance for them to sue you and to go on disability for some time off that will allow them to drink even more, eat even more and maybe even bang the old lady so they can have another kid. A kid whose presence allows them to enlarge the monthly tide of subsidies from Uncle Sam that they enjoy even though they “work”. My advice is to carry “Uninsured Motorist Protection”, meaning an aluminum baseball bat and a semi-automatic .45 caliber pistol. If you’ve had a an accident with one of these savages and it’s a fairly quiet or deserted area or evening, collect your deductible from the third world offender and then scram.

Remember, work on drills to speed up your reflexes. You’ll also want to practice looking three ways at STOP signs and intersections. Don’t bother with the old “look both ways” your mom taught you when you were 5 years old or the “look right and left” bs from Driver’s Training in High School. That’s obsolete thinking, old news. You still have to look right and left, but you also have to constantly check your rear view mirror, especially at red lights and stop signs. Why? So that you have a chance to react to the drunken, semi-conscious illegal bearing down on you like a kamikazee attacking a US destroyer in WWII. What do you mean you don’t get it? Darn, I keep forgetting, the anti-White media downplays all of the deaths illegal (and a not a few legal) mexicans cause while showing their machismo by attempting to become "The World’s Fastest Indian". While drunk.

It seems that almost every day here in Southern California we get to read about some latino who gets himself good and shitfaced and then hops behind the wheel of a Western invention he shouldn’t even be allowed to ride in, let alone drive. Jose is soused to the gills so of course he tears off and drives. Fast. The only time you’ll see latinos driving fast is when they are drunk, fleeing a crime scene and/or being chased by the police. All the time we read about Jose Cruz, Manuel Cebada or Emiliano Zapata or whomever plowing into the rear of a car sitting at a stoplight. The people waiting at the lights are almost always killed. Once in a while one of them lives, if you call being a paraplegic living. Where’s Jose? Being drunk and relaxed, he usually survives. Enough neurons are usually still firing in order to get Jose to propel himself to the mexican border. If he can make it across, he’s generally home free because mexican officials (do those two words belong together?) will not deport a criminal back to the US if he was born in mexico. They’ll rarely deport a mexican criminal born in the US back to the Home of the Brave for punishment if the worthless bean-dogger is facing the death penalty. Mexico doesn’t believe in the death penalty. It does believe in lying, cheating, stealing, murder and letting their least intelligent and most worthless citizens go to the US to be taken care of. But they don’t believe in the death penalty. This will be given a more in-depth examination in a “Crime and Punishment” entry.

Finally, I should mention that you constantly need to be aware of the mexican drivers who are going in the opposite direction on the other side of the road. Whoops. I mean going in the opposite direction on the wrong side of the road. Your side. Coming right at you. This is another everyday occurrence when you’re DWI - driving with illegals. Everyday here in LA some drunken mojado hops into his US Taxpayer subsidized vehicle - after he’s had a couple of six packs of course - and then he careens down the wrong side of the road until he finally stops. What stops him is usually another vehicle. A vehicle driven by some ordinary person minding their own business. Like the director of the Holiday Classic, “A Christmas Story”. Bob Clark. He also directed "Porky's". Last April, he was minding his own business, driving down Pacific Coast Highway when Hector Velasquez Nava, 24, an illegal alien drunk off his indian ass, plowed into Mr.Clark, killing not only Mr. Clark but also his 22 year old son, Ariel Hanrath Clark. Nava was driving a brand new SUV, no doubt paid for by you and I. Not so happy holidays for Mr. Clark’s family or the families of thousands and thousands of other Americans who have experienced their loved ones being killed by the population our government has chosen to replace us. I sometimes think that the folks running the government enjoy seeing us murdered by these subhuman creatures. Keep that in mind when you’re watching “A Christmas Story” this year. The director of that nice family oriented film was murdered. He was murdered by a mexican agent, imported into the US to displace Whites by any means necessary. That means knives, guns or automobiles.

Bob Clark, director of "A Christmas Story".

September 05, 2007

You've Got (Hate) Mail!

Ok, maybe I don’t have mail, but I did get a negative comment. Finally. I’m not sure if it’s even real but its general tone is the same as other anti-White comments I see popping up at “Reality Sites” like mine throughout the web.

No - I didn’t forget about Part II of “The Pipple’s Court”. Like I mentioned the other day, I’ve been sick as a dog, and I’ve been living on Thera-Flu and Day-Quil for several days. I’m only starting to get my bearings back. Still rather sick and I need to be at full strength to be able to face down horrors like those presented by Jury Duty in Third World Los Angeles. But the little mud-man’s comment got me going just enough to post some random thoughts. So bear with me.

The only reason I intended to take a I took at the site tonight was to see if any new comments had been posted. There it was, hidden among the usual types of comments. Waiting. It's the final comment under my last entry (The Pipple's Court Part I from 9/2/07). It's short but filled with the typical claims of oppression, cultural theft and the obligatory, macho threat to kick my ass. Here I was thinking I was going to settle into one more quiet, (over the counter) drug induced haze for the evening in order to finally kick this cold. After reading this macho man’s dynamic prose, I felt that I had to comment.

Here's the guy's post:

anonymous said...
fuck you and your white bulshit

if it weren't for mexicans and other oppressed people you fucking honkeys wouldn't have anything

you can't do anyhting without us and you steal things from us and say you invented it

show your real face and i'll make sure i kick your ass when i see you in LA you fucking puto

September 5, 2007 7:20 PM

Nice spelling and punctuation.

I am constantly amazed at how the mexicans and other “hispanics”, street level and politician alike, think they are actually in charge of the invasion of the former US of A by their fellow tribesmen. It’s plain for all to see a conscious decision was made to use latinos instead of blacks as the slave class to displace whites. Even more amazing are some of the ideas that browns and blacks have, ideas about the power and greatness in store once they don’t have White people to kick around anymore. Yeah, it’s gonna be a real party. Until things start to break. Then who are they going to call? Each other?

Actually, a lot of things are breaking right now. I’ve already mentioned how so many things are just made harder by the presence of third worlders and their cognitive challenges. Now imagine that’s all you have working at a business, with no Whites around to keep the plates spinning before they fall to the floor. The situation will be utter chaos. In other words, it WILL be mexico or Africa or Sri Lanka or you-fill-in-the-blank. If any of you have fantasies about living life in a world that’s approximate to that shown in “The Road Warrior” it won’t be happening. It will be worse if the influx of third worlders isn’t stopped or if Whites don’t toss it all in the dustbin and start something NEW. Something new that wears an iron glove while it operates the control levers.

Let’s attend to one of the usual counter arguments right here. Sure, we’ve all met the “smart” mexican or black guy. They are a distinct minority, a fact which a lot of White people find impossible to keep in mind. Whites keep thinking that most blacks or mexicans can be “trained” to be… well, trained to be White. This is due to all the black surgeons and police sergeants and hispanic authority figures that are shown 24/7 on TV. These heroic figures on TV have about the same capabilities to keep the US going as a plastic action figure like “GI Joe” on sale at Toys ‘r Us.

Actual latino GI Joe! Soon it will be the only kind sold in "America".

I have to admit White people can be gullible, that’s how we ended up in this mess. Too many White people are hypnotized by the TV, too many Whites will listen to a mexican or black who is saying the “right things” instead of watching what the “person of color” is actually doing, like sloughing off work on others, reaching into your pocket to steal your wallet or finding out what time you’re going to the company softball game so they can have their friends rob your house. Too many White people WANT to believe right off what someone is telling them. That trait served us well in the Ice Age when our people had to cooperate or die, but it does not work so well when dealing with peoples who developed in tropical climes where the only skills that hypertrophied were those that involved looking for the first thing that a person could grab, eat or screw and then hot-footing it out of there. White people’s innate trust also leads to problems with peoples who sharpened their skills in lying and deceit while haunting the bazaars and markets of the Middle East and Mediterranean for centuries. Many Asians see Whites as being glib children in certain ways. Everyone is driven by their instincts and their genes. And they are different for each group of people, each race. White people are the worst when it comes to taking things at face value. That has to stop.

The “smart” mexican or black guy is usually thinking the same thing as the guy who posted the first negative comment on my blog (sniff). That’s because he’s seeing the same crap on TV as you. And believing it just like so many of you out there. But he isn’t being maneuvered into feeling sorry for anyone but his own. He’s being maneuvered into focusing his inborn aggressive tendencies and rage at the “power”. He’s being taught to focus his rage and resentment at the “people” who are “keeping him” from having a Lear Jet, a Bel-Air mansion, and a string of White ho’s to service him all day long. That evil “power”, those evil “people”, are YOU. You White folks out there who continue to go about your business and look at a third world invasion and skyrocketing crime as something natural, like the recent heat wave here in Southern California.

I think brave “Mr. Anonymous Mexican” ought to be congratulated for his honesty. He’s tired of my “white bulshit”(sic). I’m tired of mexicans who can’t spell - in any language. He says that if it weren’t for “mexicans and other oppressed people…” we Whites wouldn’t have anything. Now, that argument has been gone into many times on the web. Most of us are aware that mexicans and other latinos and blacks have contributed literally nothing to the greater development and advancement of the human race except ever increasing population numbers and justification for the expansion of the prison systems in so many countries including the US. Hold on. I’ll bet in some way they’re responsible for handgun sales to honest, aware White People in the US. That's a little mentioned area of the economy I have to admit needs examination.

If it weren’t for Whites, “Mr. Anonymous Mexican” wouldn’t have a computer with which to post insults and surf for kiddie porn (mexicans have staggering rates of pedophile behavior and incest - condoned by their culture. For one example, look up “rapto” on the web if you don’t believe me.). Mentioning the computer or other forms of high technology is too obvious. Even mentioning that the anonymous mexican owes his existence to Whites is too obvious. If it weren’t for Whites, this Aztec warrior wouldn’t have shoes, pants, four walls around him (no doubt subsidized by Whites) or anything else but a bone through his nose and a spear. Maybe a blowgun. What kind of cars would “lowriders” be cruising in if some White Guy hadn’t invented the automobile? Where would latinos be if Whites hadn’t invented aerosol cans, meaning spray paint? Their favorite form of artistic expression wouldn’t exist. Who takes from who and assumes credit?

Where would they be without spray paint?

If you want to see an area where latinos make a huge contribution, go to this site:"

You’ll get a good look at the top 10 most wanted criminals in L.A. Notice anything? Then go here:
Go ahead, crack open a cold one and scroll through all of the “Most Wanted” criminals in L.A. Check out the entire site if you can. The joys of diversity in action. There’s even a helping of Asians in there, and so many of you people out there claim they aren’t pulling their weight when it comes to criminal activity. The overwhelming majority of the guys on the lists are “hispanic” - as in 90% hispanic. Those fun loving people that more and more corporations gear their advertising towards. Where are they going to get the money to buy the products they see in those ads? Where will they get the dough to buy that new Chebby Truck-ay? From you. One way or another. One way they get that money from you or your family might see them end up on a "Most Wanted" list. They’re coming. They want what you have.

Keep in mind they’re also told they deserve it.

Back to normal in a day or so with Part II of “The Pipple’s Court”. If you made it this far, thanks for putting up with tonight’s ramblings.