October 04, 2007


Been away a few days. Had to take a last minute, work related trip to Northern California. This left me with little time to write or post, other than to make sure the comments from others were put up for one and all. Although I was going to wait a couple more days before posting, some things that popped into my head during the trip just wouldn’t go away after I got home.

Like I said, I had to go to the Northern part of the state. It’s not quite so beaner infested as L.A., but it’s no paradise either. Several cities were on the itinerary and one of them was Sacramento. Sacramento is the capitol of Mexifornia for those of you who don’t know too much about the former Golden State. Just being there made me start thinking about some of the political figures we have here in California. Elected and unelected political figures. All working toward destroying the state, giving the rest of the US a preview of what's coming to their front doors. We have quite a few of these "politicians" out here, and while my modest blog usually concentrates on the small things in order to point out the problems inherent in multiculturalism, sometimes it’s good to point out a few of the bigger players in the game. Or bigger puppets as it were. So here’s the first installment in an occasional series I’ve decided will be part of this blog. For now, I’ll refer to it simply as the "Rogues Gallery”. Uncreative title but accurate and honest. As the installments come along, not all of the “members” will be latrino. But this week they are both ‘spanic, and both “elected” officials.

At the very least it’s accurate to state that many regions of California suck and it’s the various people who come under the heading of “leadership” who suck most. Literally in some cases according to several sources. The most aggravating are the “minority” politicians who are treated with artificial deference by the enemy owned and operated news media. They are given media worship and kid glove treatment by that media in order to rub it in Whitey’s face. We’ve seen it for decades with black “leaders” like Barack Obama, Al Sharpton, and the Grand Garboon himself, Jesse Jackson. We are now seeing it more and more with other non-white politicians, especially ‘spanic politicians here in L.A. and in California in general. The media manipulators likely have even less respect for the black and brown pretenders than aware Whites do, but they are using these clowns as tools against Whites, so they do all they can to boost the already stratospheric self esteem of the browns, never mind giving them undeserved levels of attention in the first place. Local people and many people around the former US are familiar with White turncoat politicians like our governor Arnie who is enemy owned and operated, but most people around the country haven’t had a chance to meet some of the turd-licking odorous mexican politicians and “leaders” of various organizations here in CA.

The Mayor of Los Angeles, Antonio Villaraigosa. He's failed the State Bar Exam four times. Does your mayor have credentials like this?

Idiot #1 is this guy. The mayor of Los Angeles. He goes by the name “Antonio Villaraigosa”. His last name is actually “Villar”, but he combined his last name and his ex-wife’s last name to come up with something he thought was more radical. More intimidating or at least unpronounceable to Whites. More spickish I guess you could say. For a mexican, I guess he’s brilliant. He’s failed the state bar exam four times. Four! Other people have already asked if a white politician would have been able to run for office after exhibiting this type of academic aptitude. I hope that they were being facetious. If not, they’re as dumb as people who couldn’t pick up on “Coffee Brake” rather than “Coffee Break” in the last installment. All this clown does (when he’s not out banging mestiza TV anchors and bubble headed political groupies) is go around town and pose for pictures. Every day the local media breathlessly reports on some highway project that features the mayor wearing a hard hat and shakily holding a shovel with a couple of pounds of dirt in it. Then they show him at an elementary school posing with hordes of mexican cubs, lecturing them on the importance of echoo-kay-shin. Si mon ese vato! This from a guy who very likely can barely read. This clown was admitted into UCLA with terrible test scores and sub-par grades because of Affirmative Action and behind the scenes political maneuvering - the people running the show were grooming him from day one. After the local news is done showing him at one of his ten photo-ops of the day, they usually run video of Villaraigosa at some fund raising gala yukking it up with all the usual suspects, the people who not-so-secretly hate the rest of us Whites and want the US to collapse into a smoldering heap. Apparently they figure they can still live like Kings here or just go somewhere else if they can't control their brown slaves. Somewhere like Patagonia (look that up - I’m encouraging people to do research).

I’m still amazed when Whites do some homework and finally realize this guy is more loyal to mexico than the US. That’s par for the course. It’s not that he’s loyal to mexico per se. It’s racial loyalty. Something that has been brainwashed out of Whites. Racial loyalty is a bad thing when expressed by Whites. Don’t you ever wonder why blacks, latinos, asians, jews, even faggots and others are allowed to express pride in Who They Are - while ordinary Whites are not allowed to do the same? Look into it. Anyway, I don’t expect these mexican idiots to have any loyalty to the US so there are never any surprises for me in that area. Many of us know the mayor was raised on White taxpayer money, and it was White taxpayer money that put him through school (although if you’ve ever seen him in action on TV you can see he’s definitely among the millions of “minawty” students who were passed along because of their shade, not because of academic achievement).

The mayor knows which side his tortilla is buttered on.

A small local scandal blipped on the airwaves this past summer when it turned out the mayor was going behind his wife’s back for the umpteenth time and banging Mirthala Salinas, a news reporter/anchor for “Telemundo” and typical beaner whore. What’s more interesting is that some considered this whore’s behavior surprising. She actually typifies the behavior of your average mexican female; sneaky and promiscuous. Any of you guys out there who have mexican wives or girlfriends and think they are faithful to you are naive to put it mildly. Let me explain something. Something that is a little known fact about mexican culture. People think that the reason mexicans in mexico have a lot of kids is because of the Catholic Church. Wrong. That’s secondary. The main reason the women are pregnant is because mexican men figure it’s one way to keep them from running around. It keeps her at home. It keeps her relatively unattractive for a few months a year. The mexican men get their women’s bellies growing so that they can go run around and bang other promiscuous mestizas while Marta is at home tending to the future criminal festering in her womb. Go ahead, look it up. Ask around. Ask any guy from mexico. They’ll confirm it. They’re proud of this! The pregnant mestizas might look unattractive to their own husbands and boyfriends, but to the other beandoggers walking around, they look mighty fine, another enchilada to mount.

The mayor and one of his ho's, TV reporter Mirthala Salinas. She covers politicians in more ways than one. If you want laughs, look her up on the net.

Mirthala Salinas is a “power fucker” as the local press refers to her. But the thing is, again, she was acting like the typical mexican female. We know this because she was screwing California’s State Assembly “Speaker” Fabian Nunez at the same time she was boffing the mayor. At the same time she was gnawing on the chilitos of the mayor and assembly speaker she was apparently also screwing a state senator, Gil Cedillo, who I’ll write about in an upcoming “Rogue’s Gallery” installment. Most mexican women, in fact most latino women are like this. Multiple partners are a must. It’s a primitive drive that controls them. Run around and screw as many braves as possible. It’s in their nature. Getting back on point, the mayor’s nookie jar scandal was played down, way down by the local media. If it had been some local White politician who had been caught doing this, a White politician with even the slightest of pro-White stances or even a (non-jewish) liberal White politician who had a darker hued opponent waiting in the wings, the media would have been blasting the story 24/7.

So the mayor sucks because he’s a mezzo, because he’s a member of mecha who has been pushed through the ranks, a golden boy because of his race, not because of any political skill or cunning. In fact, the astounding level of dumbfuckery he’s displayed while in office is something that almost no white politician could ever get away with. But his protective coloring coupled with the media performing like body armor is all that’s needed to keep him going as one of many agents designed to destroy the US. Before he became mayor, Villaraigosa was a city councilman. Just after he became a councilman, he took an official political trip. A junket. Where did he go? Israel. What is a small time local politician, a city councilman, doing in Israel? A councilman who has expressed loyalty to two things, his mestizo “race” and to mexico? A politician who has expressed disgust with and hatred toward Whites and the US? He must have been reporting to headquarters. There’s no other explanation.

Speaker of the State Assembly and Los Angeles resident Fabian Nunez. He says mexicans will exert their power and eventually rule over the rednecks. They've done such an outstanding job with mexico, I don't see why they couldn't do the same here.

I mentioned this fraud above. This is Fabian Nunez. He’s the guy who shares his hammock with Mirthala Salinas and the mayor. He’s the Speaker of the California State Assembly. He’s also the 2007 National Campaign Co-Chair of “Hillary Clinton for President”. Yep, he’s co-chair of the dyke’s run for the top puppet seat in DC. (Anyone out there think she’s running for office to help Whites?) Nunez is a tough talking, academic second-rater sissy boy who has been pushed along because of his race. No guile. No cunning. Just like Tony Villar (the mayor’s real name - see above) this dipshit has been funded by the Ford Foundation and other organizations that were co-opted by the children of Marx decades ago. Nunez is another mechista reconquista, with every station in his life controlled by his handlers who use him as a front man for the destruction of White society. They let him talk a lot of b.s., and he can get out front and rile up the gutter level savage mezzos in the streets, but his demonstrated abilities, I should say lack of abilities, clue one and all to the glaring fact that this guy couldn’t order a pizza on his own, never mind handle political office without the puppet masters pulling the strings. Since he was giving Mirthala Salinas the mexican “d.p.” treatment with the mayor, we can assume he’s not exactly a moral traditionalist. I’m speaking in the White sense of the term. For a mestizo mongrel, he’s merely par for the course when it comes to his sexual proclivities. He was separated from his wife for a while, they were actually divorced. When they remarried, Antonio Villaraigosa was the best man! Think they shared Nunez’s wife Maria like they shared Mirthala Salinas? Let us know what you think! Some people in the local media, speaking off the record, say Fabian is still running around like a dog in heat just like the mayor. Hello! He’s a mexican. What does anyone expect? Nunez has talked a lot of crap about mexicans taking over California, taking over the US, about this being the “bronze” continent, mexicans eventually gaining “full control” and other standard issue mecha and la raza rants. I admit I get a kick out of the way Nunez and other mechista frauds use the term “bronze”. If it’s mexicans, it’s not bronze, it’s brown. As in fertilizer brown. But what can anyone expect from a guy raised in Tijuana? That’s right. Little Fabian was raised in TJ. Does anyone know if it was his mom that was the star attraction in TJ’s famous “Donkey Show”?

Nunez is notorious here in CA for his ranting and raving against Proposition 187 back in 1994, which if enacted would have denied government services to illegal aliens. Nunez and other tools led a rally against prop 187. Go here to Youtube to watch this sword swallower in action: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nYOMJf7XOek Oh, I shouldn’t refer to him as a sword swallower? Well, he might be out there running around with dozens of stinky mestiza ho’s, but he is bought and paid for like Villaraigosa, Arnold, and almost everyone back in DC. They get down on their knees and let their masters go, excuse the expression, balls deep. Nunez is one of those clowns who will try and lecture any and all within earshot about the marvels of mexican culture, of (mythical) Aztlan, of the incredibly advanced culture of the Aztecs and other fairly tales only believed by children and adults with the mental development of children, meaning mexicans. Here’s where to go to listen to this turdman give a speech in his best clipped, affected mexican accent: http://ccir.net/AUDIO/TakeoverOfAmericaCD/15.mp3. Like Villaraigosa, Nunez’s poor speaking abilities, in terms of being able to cogently get the full depth of his ideas across, show him to be another pretender. It’s patently obvious he’s firing off sound bites scripted by someone else. Most politicians are smooth while rattling off speeches written by others. Not Fabian. But then again, he’s a beandogger, so he doesn’t have to be polished.

Nunez is also “famous” for ignoring the National Anthem of the US while enthusiastically standing at attention for the mexican national anthem and saluting the mexican flag. Here’s a pic of him giving the mexican/socialist salute to the beaner flag. For some reason, the news media ignores this. That’s because L.A. sucks. It's also because Whites don't run the media.

White US taxpayers pay his salary, but Fabian only salutes the fecal stained rag known as the mexican flag. What the hell is that thing next to him?

Fabian and Mirthala Salinas. She's his best friend's girl AND his girl at the same time.

In his speeches, Nunez has referred to Whites who are against the beaner invaders as “rednecks” (click on the audio link listed above). Being a redneck is far better than being a mud colored, ill-tempered mestizo with limited cognitive horizons in all areas. He refers to mexicans as the “sleeping giant”. No, they aren’t sleeping. They’re busy parasites. I can attest to that. One reason they haven’t taken over already, aside from their overall low group IQ, is the incredible level of infighting among ‘spanic politicians. The beaners fight and backstab each other constantly. Worse than blacks. It’s really something. Whether it’s the “mexican mafia” or city and state officials (hey, aren’t they the same thing?), the latinos always end up fighting with each other. Nunez actually complains about the infighting, but he’s been involved with almost nothing but infighting for the last decade, all because of his ego. It’s obvious that a lot of the infighting boils down to jealousy over who is getting the most attention. To the mind of the beaner, whoever is getting attention is the one who’s getting the nookie. And each beaner thinks he should be the center of the attention, period. They want power, and they’ll get some. But for many of the mezzo politicians, like Nunez and Villaraigosa, the quest for power is driven by the need for nookie. They want the power, but Reason 1 is nookie, Political Control is in second place. They’re like a not too bright high schooler dying to be popular. Most of the ‘spanic politicos want to be the main man. The BMOC surrounded by cheerleaders. Montezuma surrounded by maidens being prepped for sacrifice to the salsa gods. El Presidente strolling through a mansion stuffed with putas and trays of burritos. If you think about it, this juvenile drive is one way they’re kept in check by the people holding their leashes. The Kennedy’s are the epitome of sexual restraint when compared to latino (or black) politicians.

There’s a few ‘spanics who want to be dictator of greater mexico, meaning the former Southwest of the US. They want to run “Aztlan” with a greasy brown fist. But their names aren’t Villaraigosa or Nunez. Maybe these guys will “grow” out of their adolescent drives as their basis for seeking power. But considering how old they are already… Nunez is so desperate to hang on to his position as Speaker of the Assembly he’s busy campaigning to get a proposition put on the ballot in ‘08 that will allow him to stay on as Speaker for 6 more years - if he’s unable to become L.A. Mayor or a Senator during that period. In this respect he’s like most politicians. What would he do if he had to go out and get a real job?

I suppose one of the most galling things about watching Nunez perform, if you’re perceptive in certain ways, is the fact that it’s obvious on some level he realizes he’s a second rater. He knows he doesn’t have the skills or the wherewithal to actually “run the show” but you can see he’s determined to make the most of his time in the catbird seat. So far, he has. Every move he’s made in Sacramento has been geared toward siphoning tax dollars out of White pockets and into the taco shells of his parasitic racial brethren. The self esteem of Nunez and latinos in general has hit “groid level”. No doubt about it.

Thanks for reading. Thanks with putting up with any typos because I banged this one out pretty quick. Thanks for posing comments on the other blog entries. For those of you trying to insult me, calling for my head; Cry me a river.

Big Effer