April 14, 2008

I'll Be Back

I've received a ton of comments since my last post - not a few of them wondering where the Hell I've been. Just after my last post I was asked to help out on a project that I felt would help "us" out in getting the truth to a wide audience. I won't get into what the project was, as now it's possible it was derailed, at least for the time being. Nothing nefarious, just very bad illness walloping one of the main people at the helm. However, my time was at a premium, and between work and helping out with this endeavor I had very little energy or time to put into the blog.

Now I have some time. I'll be back at it, although I may take a different tack and go after the main culprits etc. Wider readership is needed, and something must be done to get more people to realize what's really going on.

Some of the comments posted the last several months during my "hiatus" were really something. The usual name calling, the usual "...you white supremacists are," followed by all kinds of amateurish epithets.

I should begin regular posts by next Monday, along with some other side projects I think will be good ways to get info to the younger folks. What those projects are will be discussed all in good time.

For those of you firing off the insults; I don't give a damn what you attempt to think. Never did, never will. When you go under, I still won't care. I might laugh at you, but I won't care.