September 05, 2007

You've Got (Hate) Mail!

Ok, maybe I don’t have mail, but I did get a negative comment. Finally. I’m not sure if it’s even real but its general tone is the same as other anti-White comments I see popping up at “Reality Sites” like mine throughout the web.

No - I didn’t forget about Part II of “The Pipple’s Court”. Like I mentioned the other day, I’ve been sick as a dog, and I’ve been living on Thera-Flu and Day-Quil for several days. I’m only starting to get my bearings back. Still rather sick and I need to be at full strength to be able to face down horrors like those presented by Jury Duty in Third World Los Angeles. But the little mud-man’s comment got me going just enough to post some random thoughts. So bear with me.

The only reason I intended to take a I took at the site tonight was to see if any new comments had been posted. There it was, hidden among the usual types of comments. Waiting. It's the final comment under my last entry (The Pipple's Court Part I from 9/2/07). It's short but filled with the typical claims of oppression, cultural theft and the obligatory, macho threat to kick my ass. Here I was thinking I was going to settle into one more quiet, (over the counter) drug induced haze for the evening in order to finally kick this cold. After reading this macho man’s dynamic prose, I felt that I had to comment.

Here's the guy's post:

anonymous said...
fuck you and your white bulshit

if it weren't for mexicans and other oppressed people you fucking honkeys wouldn't have anything

you can't do anyhting without us and you steal things from us and say you invented it

show your real face and i'll make sure i kick your ass when i see you in LA you fucking puto

September 5, 2007 7:20 PM

Nice spelling and punctuation.

I am constantly amazed at how the mexicans and other “hispanics”, street level and politician alike, think they are actually in charge of the invasion of the former US of A by their fellow tribesmen. It’s plain for all to see a conscious decision was made to use latinos instead of blacks as the slave class to displace whites. Even more amazing are some of the ideas that browns and blacks have, ideas about the power and greatness in store once they don’t have White people to kick around anymore. Yeah, it’s gonna be a real party. Until things start to break. Then who are they going to call? Each other?

Actually, a lot of things are breaking right now. I’ve already mentioned how so many things are just made harder by the presence of third worlders and their cognitive challenges. Now imagine that’s all you have working at a business, with no Whites around to keep the plates spinning before they fall to the floor. The situation will be utter chaos. In other words, it WILL be mexico or Africa or Sri Lanka or you-fill-in-the-blank. If any of you have fantasies about living life in a world that’s approximate to that shown in “The Road Warrior” it won’t be happening. It will be worse if the influx of third worlders isn’t stopped or if Whites don’t toss it all in the dustbin and start something NEW. Something new that wears an iron glove while it operates the control levers.

Let’s attend to one of the usual counter arguments right here. Sure, we’ve all met the “smart” mexican or black guy. They are a distinct minority, a fact which a lot of White people find impossible to keep in mind. Whites keep thinking that most blacks or mexicans can be “trained” to be… well, trained to be White. This is due to all the black surgeons and police sergeants and hispanic authority figures that are shown 24/7 on TV. These heroic figures on TV have about the same capabilities to keep the US going as a plastic action figure like “GI Joe” on sale at Toys ‘r Us.

Actual latino GI Joe! Soon it will be the only kind sold in "America".

I have to admit White people can be gullible, that’s how we ended up in this mess. Too many White people are hypnotized by the TV, too many Whites will listen to a mexican or black who is saying the “right things” instead of watching what the “person of color” is actually doing, like sloughing off work on others, reaching into your pocket to steal your wallet or finding out what time you’re going to the company softball game so they can have their friends rob your house. Too many White people WANT to believe right off what someone is telling them. That trait served us well in the Ice Age when our people had to cooperate or die, but it does not work so well when dealing with peoples who developed in tropical climes where the only skills that hypertrophied were those that involved looking for the first thing that a person could grab, eat or screw and then hot-footing it out of there. White people’s innate trust also leads to problems with peoples who sharpened their skills in lying and deceit while haunting the bazaars and markets of the Middle East and Mediterranean for centuries. Many Asians see Whites as being glib children in certain ways. Everyone is driven by their instincts and their genes. And they are different for each group of people, each race. White people are the worst when it comes to taking things at face value. That has to stop.

The “smart” mexican or black guy is usually thinking the same thing as the guy who posted the first negative comment on my blog (sniff). That’s because he’s seeing the same crap on TV as you. And believing it just like so many of you out there. But he isn’t being maneuvered into feeling sorry for anyone but his own. He’s being maneuvered into focusing his inborn aggressive tendencies and rage at the “power”. He’s being taught to focus his rage and resentment at the “people” who are “keeping him” from having a Lear Jet, a Bel-Air mansion, and a string of White ho’s to service him all day long. That evil “power”, those evil “people”, are YOU. You White folks out there who continue to go about your business and look at a third world invasion and skyrocketing crime as something natural, like the recent heat wave here in Southern California.

I think brave “Mr. Anonymous Mexican” ought to be congratulated for his honesty. He’s tired of my “white bulshit”(sic). I’m tired of mexicans who can’t spell - in any language. He says that if it weren’t for “mexicans and other oppressed people…” we Whites wouldn’t have anything. Now, that argument has been gone into many times on the web. Most of us are aware that mexicans and other latinos and blacks have contributed literally nothing to the greater development and advancement of the human race except ever increasing population numbers and justification for the expansion of the prison systems in so many countries including the US. Hold on. I’ll bet in some way they’re responsible for handgun sales to honest, aware White People in the US. That's a little mentioned area of the economy I have to admit needs examination.

If it weren’t for Whites, “Mr. Anonymous Mexican” wouldn’t have a computer with which to post insults and surf for kiddie porn (mexicans have staggering rates of pedophile behavior and incest - condoned by their culture. For one example, look up “rapto” on the web if you don’t believe me.). Mentioning the computer or other forms of high technology is too obvious. Even mentioning that the anonymous mexican owes his existence to Whites is too obvious. If it weren’t for Whites, this Aztec warrior wouldn’t have shoes, pants, four walls around him (no doubt subsidized by Whites) or anything else but a bone through his nose and a spear. Maybe a blowgun. What kind of cars would “lowriders” be cruising in if some White Guy hadn’t invented the automobile? Where would latinos be if Whites hadn’t invented aerosol cans, meaning spray paint? Their favorite form of artistic expression wouldn’t exist. Who takes from who and assumes credit?

Where would they be without spray paint?

If you want to see an area where latinos make a huge contribution, go to this site:"

You’ll get a good look at the top 10 most wanted criminals in L.A. Notice anything? Then go here:
Go ahead, crack open a cold one and scroll through all of the “Most Wanted” criminals in L.A. Check out the entire site if you can. The joys of diversity in action. There’s even a helping of Asians in there, and so many of you people out there claim they aren’t pulling their weight when it comes to criminal activity. The overwhelming majority of the guys on the lists are “hispanic” - as in 90% hispanic. Those fun loving people that more and more corporations gear their advertising towards. Where are they going to get the money to buy the products they see in those ads? Where will they get the dough to buy that new Chebby Truck-ay? From you. One way or another. One way they get that money from you or your family might see them end up on a "Most Wanted" list. They’re coming. They want what you have.

Keep in mind they’re also told they deserve it.

Back to normal in a day or so with Part II of “The Pipple’s Court”. If you made it this far, thanks for putting up with tonight’s ramblings.