September 10, 2007


DWI. A major problem in Southern California.

DWI = Driving With Illegals.

Maybe you thought DWI meant “Driving While Intoxicated”. Not in LA it doesn’t.

DISCLAIMER - This entry is not meant to insult all latinos. I’m merely commenting on behavior exhibited by the overwhelming majority of latinos and not on the small minority - that might exist - who do not engage in the idiotic and criminally destructive behaviors mentioned below.

Now that I’ve fully recovered from whatever the Hell flu-bug it was that wiped me out for me almost two weeks, I think a short, for me, entry that covers some of the road hazards here in LA is in order. I had a nightmare drive from downtown LA to the Westside of LA Saturday afternoon, so I figured it would be a good idea to give some pointers to people who might be thinking about visiting this “Tourist Mecca”.

(Where is the “Pipple’s Court Part II”? I’ll finish that up this week. Relax. I’ve been sick. No joke.)

Yeah, DWI. Sure, there are White drivers who exhibit some of the same idiotic behaviors as latinos or blacks while behind the wheel of a car, but they are a minority of the White drivers out there. On the other hand, so many latinos display disruptive, dangerous behavior on the roads that the only conclusion that can be drawn is that a lot of the problems spring not only from ingrained cultural flaws, they must also have a genetic source at their root. Hey, if you think I’m going to outright lie like Stephen J. Gould you’d better go find another blog.

If you’re going to be driving in LA, be prepared to drive slow. Very slow. I mean walking speed. Why do illegals and in fact all latinos tend to drive at a pace that one could match by pushing a car down the street? What? You want reasons? They just DO. Seriously, there are a few reasons I’ve been able to identify for this particular behavior. None of them involve the usual excuse given by the apologists. What is the usual excuse? “They drive slow because they are scared of getting speeding tickets because they’re illegal and don’t want to lose their cars.” Sure. This has little basis in fact.

They drive slow because they are totally self absorbed. Whatever limited thinking goes on inside their pebble-heads is totally directed toward themselves. That means their attention isn’t necessarily focused on operating a motor vehicle. They are only dimly aware of the fact that whatever they do affects other vehicles around them. Their general lack of understanding when it comes to “cause and effect” will come into play later when other behaviors are mentioned.

Like I said, be prepared to drive slow. To be trapped in traffic for seemingly no reason. Even if traffic is light and there’s no accident on the side of the road to encourage rubber-necking, the mexicans will be creaking along a good 15 - 25 mph slower than the posted speed limit on any given street. They’re even worse on the freeways.

I believe another reason they drive so slow is that they are looking for things. Looking for things just like other primitive animals on foraging expeditions through the jungle. The slow moving hispanic drivers are looking for things. Looking for things to acquire. Which usually means steal. If something catches their attention you’ll see them suddenly come to a halt in the middle of the road. All the better to check it out. If the horns start blaring they’ll flip out. What’s the problem? They’re stopping to look at something or to talk to someone. So what? It’s what they want to do. It never enters their infantile brains that stopping in the middle of the road screws things up for other people. They’re doing what they need to do. The problem is you! That’s the way their minds work. Again, they tend to not be all that aware of the world around beyond looking for something to attack, take, eat or screw. This is also the reason they fly off the handle so easily. When they’re forced to consider the fact that their actions might be affecting others in some negative fashion they go into sensory overload. They don’t get it. They can’t process the information, understand the logic. Incapable of understanding cause and effect, at least when it comes to this, they go haywire.

The slow driving is intentional on more than a few occasions, especially when “lowriders” are involved. These self absorbed cretins drive slow to drive slow. They want to screw up traffic. It’s also tough to drive over 20 mph when you’re car is dropped so close to the ground that a 50 lb payload is an adventure. Despite media claims to the contrary, most lowriders are gangbangers. Lowriding is one aspect of gang culture the blacks picked up from the mexicans. The mexicans have picked up a lot of their so-called gangster style from blacks. The mexicans spend a lot of their time listening to black rappers while rolling around town in their lowriders and screwing up traffic. At the same time, they hate blacks and have been running them out of “traditionally” black neighborhoods due to sheer numerical superiority, not by being “tougher” as some claim. It’s numbers plus the fact that they’ll actually fight with blacks - unlike whites of the last 35 years or so who have been trained to back off when blacks and other nonwhites start pulling their tricks. Whites are also held accountable for their actions never mind being made the bad guy no matter how a confrontation with a brown or black started. A White can see an old lady being beaten by a black or brown, pick up a baseball bat and bash the melanin-enriched attacker over the head and the next thing he knows he’s the bad guy on the 5 o’clock news with some mexican or black sow crying about how their monster was such a “good boy”. Anyway, the mexicans have the upper hand against the blacks in S. California. Blacks don’t like it when people fight back. The mexicans started fighting back when their numbers equaled that of the blacks and went on the attack once they outnumbered the blacks. I know, I’ve had a front row seat for their battles since elementary school.

The lowriders are similar to the illegals in lots of ways. The screw up traffic and are amazed and insulted when people blare their horns and get pissed off. The mexicans get pissed off because people are mad at them. They figure “We’re mexicans, we do what we want. People should just go on their way and make room for us to do our thing. Because we’re mexicans.” That’s their logic. They are as self-absorbed and self-centered as blacks.

Slow. Very slow.

Ok, we’ve covered driving slow. Next you’ll want to hone your reflexes for DWI. What does that mean? It means being able to hit the brakes or swerve into an open lane or row of bushes in a millisecond when you’re cut off. You’ll be driving down the road at 35 mph and the dipshit mexican will pull right into your lane when you’re about 15 ft from his car. He’ll be driving 6 mph. Those of us who have been around town for years can attest to the fact that on many occasions you’ll see the mini-minded mexican looking right at you through his mirror, he’ll wait, wait, wait and then he will just pull in front of you when it’s too late to avoid him. Why? Because he’s a mexican. Because he can do what he wants. Because you’re supposed to watch out for him. Because he can do what he wants. Because you’re supposed to get out of his way, laws of physics be damned. Yeah, they break every other law and they expect that they can break the laws of physics just because they want to. More twisted logic but then if this country were operating logically the folks in DC would be hanging from lamp posts and mexico would be in chaos trying to deal with the 50 million latinos we’ve forced to make a run for the border.

So work on your reflexes. You will be cut off. On the streets. On the freeways. If you hit them, the latinos, it’s your fault. After all, you hit them from behind, right? That’s their logic. If you’re in an accident with one of these creatures fast reflexes may come in handy for the activity immediately following the fender bender or worse, if you get my drift. The illegal will get a dead look in their eyes. If they speak any English at all they will have conveniently forgotten it by the time you’ve gotten out of your car to ask the dumb-ass what they were thinking. They will then either grip their neck in pain while looking for a clear route for an escape run or they will be on the phone immediately with their friends who will get them an accident attorney in seconds. After all, you hit them from behind. It’s your fault.

Sometimes the illegal might not want to stick around. This is when you’ll see him carry on like a mexican born in the US. That can mean he’ll bolt. Or he might stick around for a second so he can stab or shoot you since you weren’t smart enough to stop when he cut you off. “Why’d ju hit me, ay? Ju saw me, why dint ju stop, puto?” Then out comes the weapon if he’s on his own. If he’s got you outnumbered because he had some mojados (moe-ha-those = wetback in English) in the car with him, they’ll give you a beat down first, then stab or shoot you. Then they’ll run. This is the same behavior you can expect from most latinos born here in the US after an accident. Most of the latinos of the “gangbanger” variety that is. The small percentage who work “normal” jobs handed to them because of Affirmative Action will merely see the accident for what it is; a chance for them to sue you and to go on disability for some time off that will allow them to drink even more, eat even more and maybe even bang the old lady so they can have another kid. A kid whose presence allows them to enlarge the monthly tide of subsidies from Uncle Sam that they enjoy even though they “work”. My advice is to carry “Uninsured Motorist Protection”, meaning an aluminum baseball bat and a semi-automatic .45 caliber pistol. If you’ve had a an accident with one of these savages and it’s a fairly quiet or deserted area or evening, collect your deductible from the third world offender and then scram.

Remember, work on drills to speed up your reflexes. You’ll also want to practice looking three ways at STOP signs and intersections. Don’t bother with the old “look both ways” your mom taught you when you were 5 years old or the “look right and left” bs from Driver’s Training in High School. That’s obsolete thinking, old news. You still have to look right and left, but you also have to constantly check your rear view mirror, especially at red lights and stop signs. Why? So that you have a chance to react to the drunken, semi-conscious illegal bearing down on you like a kamikazee attacking a US destroyer in WWII. What do you mean you don’t get it? Darn, I keep forgetting, the anti-White media downplays all of the deaths illegal (and a not a few legal) mexicans cause while showing their machismo by attempting to become "The World’s Fastest Indian". While drunk.

It seems that almost every day here in Southern California we get to read about some latino who gets himself good and shitfaced and then hops behind the wheel of a Western invention he shouldn’t even be allowed to ride in, let alone drive. Jose is soused to the gills so of course he tears off and drives. Fast. The only time you’ll see latinos driving fast is when they are drunk, fleeing a crime scene and/or being chased by the police. All the time we read about Jose Cruz, Manuel Cebada or Emiliano Zapata or whomever plowing into the rear of a car sitting at a stoplight. The people waiting at the lights are almost always killed. Once in a while one of them lives, if you call being a paraplegic living. Where’s Jose? Being drunk and relaxed, he usually survives. Enough neurons are usually still firing in order to get Jose to propel himself to the mexican border. If he can make it across, he’s generally home free because mexican officials (do those two words belong together?) will not deport a criminal back to the US if he was born in mexico. They’ll rarely deport a mexican criminal born in the US back to the Home of the Brave for punishment if the worthless bean-dogger is facing the death penalty. Mexico doesn’t believe in the death penalty. It does believe in lying, cheating, stealing, murder and letting their least intelligent and most worthless citizens go to the US to be taken care of. But they don’t believe in the death penalty. This will be given a more in-depth examination in a “Crime and Punishment” entry.

Finally, I should mention that you constantly need to be aware of the mexican drivers who are going in the opposite direction on the other side of the road. Whoops. I mean going in the opposite direction on the wrong side of the road. Your side. Coming right at you. This is another everyday occurrence when you’re DWI - driving with illegals. Everyday here in LA some drunken mojado hops into his US Taxpayer subsidized vehicle - after he’s had a couple of six packs of course - and then he careens down the wrong side of the road until he finally stops. What stops him is usually another vehicle. A vehicle driven by some ordinary person minding their own business. Like the director of the Holiday Classic, “A Christmas Story”. Bob Clark. He also directed "Porky's". Last April, he was minding his own business, driving down Pacific Coast Highway when Hector Velasquez Nava, 24, an illegal alien drunk off his indian ass, plowed into Mr.Clark, killing not only Mr. Clark but also his 22 year old son, Ariel Hanrath Clark. Nava was driving a brand new SUV, no doubt paid for by you and I. Not so happy holidays for Mr. Clark’s family or the families of thousands and thousands of other Americans who have experienced their loved ones being killed by the population our government has chosen to replace us. I sometimes think that the folks running the government enjoy seeing us murdered by these subhuman creatures. Keep that in mind when you’re watching “A Christmas Story” this year. The director of that nice family oriented film was murdered. He was murdered by a mexican agent, imported into the US to displace Whites by any means necessary. That means knives, guns or automobiles.

Bob Clark, director of "A Christmas Story".