August 28, 2007

A Picture is Worth a Thousand Illegals

Yeah, I haven’t posted in several days. Been busy as hell. Turns out a horde of people I work with took this week off to “add” to the three day Labor Day weekend. So I've been putting in some very long days at work. I have been working on a few pieces for this blog, but none of them are quite ready to go up. I guess I should concentrate on one “story” at a time, but my mind needs variety.

What I do have is a ton of pictures I need to post. I’ve decided to put up a few tonight, I don’t think I’ll be using them for any of the other posts I have in mind at the moment. I hope these shots help give people an idea as to what’s really going on, not only in LA, but all over the country. I’ve seen tourist guides and pamphlets for Southern California attractions and cities and they are all misleading, to say the least.

If you get a chance to drive around town, you’ll notice the buses in LA are plastered with advertising. Advertising geared toward latinos. Imagine a bus with blatantly pro-White language all over it. Imagine a radio station openly courting whites with race based advertising. That's all you can do is imagine it, because it won't be happening.

The bus stops of course keep it going. Advertising aimed at latinos. Much of it in Spanish.

The DJ is called “Cucuy” (Koo-Kooey). That means “boogey-man” in Spanish. At least in “mexican” Spanish. Notice the name of his station; “97.9 La Raza” La Raza means “The Race” in Spanish. Which race are they catering to? Would such a thing be allowed for Whites? Oh, we live in a free society. Sure. 97.9 is the sister station to “96.3 latino” that is so proudly displayed on the bus above.

I guess everyone but plain old ordinary Whites are allowed to have race based advertising.

What? You think the ad is for a religious based dating service? That’s funny. Go take a look at the website.

I was at Venice Beach a week and a half ago. Here’s people waiting in line for some freebies being handed out by the WWE (a Professional Wrestling organization run by Vince McMahon). Notice anything about the people in the lines? Where are all the beach-going white people? Where's Frankie Avalon when you need him?

I moved down the line a little bit and found a White Guy patiently waiting his turn. I’d say Whitey is getting outnumbered, wouldn't you? Not only here in Southern California, but everywhere in the former US of A. There are only so many cops in LA. After the “Rodney King” riot in ‘92, it turned out over half the robbers, looters and worse that were arrested were latino. Their population has increased markedly. What will happen in the next riot, and who do you think they’ll be directed to go after? Did you ever consider that maybe, just maybe, the people behind all of this don’t have our - meaning White people - our best interests in mind? Sounds superficial but it isn’t. Look at what’s going on.

Yeah, stepped into the crowd. There were a few die-hard White fans. A few. The police were carting a decent number of people away that day. What kind of people? None of it made the news that I saw. Figure it out. I think that’s going to be the topic of another post in the coming weeks.

Here’s a nice shot of the people who managed to get “ringside” seats. I’ll be damned if they don’t look like a bunch of inmates sitting in the bleachers at Folsom. Tell me I’m wrong.

Oh well, whites do have their Tattoo parlors. That’s about all they have. I don’t see anything wrong with a tattoo here or there, but the media and academia have really brainwashed a large contingent of Whites into thinking that “going native” is cool, “more in touch”, will make the third worlders "like you" - meaning "be your friends" and other lies. Did you ever notice that most of the people promoting this type of thinking don’t have tattoos or horseshoes hanging from their earlobes?

Look at this guy. If you wonder what I meant by horseshoes hanging from earlobes, here it is. Yeah, lookin’ good man, lookin’ good. You think guys like this are going to be worth two cents when the big one hits?

Did our guys fight WWII for this? Actually, they did. They just didn’t know it. The American public didn’t know it. Most still don’t.

I’ll have posts that are more in depth as soon as this work-week from Hell is over. Until then, stay strong and do your best to wake others up. Start your own blog if you can or you can send me your stories (just post them in the comments area). If you want them added to the blog as an “entry” - if it they’re good - I’ll post them.

August 23, 2007

Photographic Evidence

Taxes, teeth and graffiti all in one!

August. It’s hot. The early morning clouds and fog have burned off. But I don't care that I have to stand in melting asphalt and take the pictures you see in this entry. The streets of this mexican town I’m in are covered with trash. I’m talking about the people, two-legged trash, not the garbage that litters the sidewalk. Oops! I forgot to tell you which mexican town I’m in: Los Angeles! Hollywood as a matter of fact. Bet you haven’t seen shots like these in any Hollywood tourist guide. You won’t either. It may as well be mexico or even managua, nicaragua*. Take a good look at these photos, of the people in them. This is what your leaders have in store for all of the US. The old “US” is gone, gone, gone.

Hollywood. Where are all the blonde surfer chicks and hot actresses?

As I get ready to take another priceless picture to chronicle the destruction of a once great city, to my right I hear someone say “Hey, ju!” I pause a second, then take the shot. Never, ever give latinos "respect". They demand it but do not return it. I get ready to take another shot. “Hey, hey!’ I was down on one knee to get the proper angle. I turn my head and see an angry mezzo (short for mestizo) looking at me. I stand up and stare straight down at him. I can see his eyes flutter. He didn’t realize I was so much bigger than him. He’s 5’6”, 145, about 45 years old. I’m 6’3” and a very solid 235 lbs. This comes in handy in LA. Even handier is the fact that carrying a concealed handgun is a misdemeanor in this town. Not that any white man would do such a thing. Moving along, I make sure I sound bothered when I say “What?” to this arrogant parasite. He backs off a bit. “Wha’ you takeeng pitchers of? Tha’s my strore.” Yes, he said “strore”. He points across to the street to a strip mall stuffed with garish junky shops and offices. I can tell he’s lying. He doesn’t own any “strore”. I step toward him just before I answer, “You don’t have my sympathies.” “Wha?” Of course it went right over his head.

You can see that Major League Baseball's campaign to attract latino fans is working!

“Why you take pitchers of my strore?” He’s losing more of his footing by the second. He expected me to back off, apologize, maybe even hand him my camera and beg not be hurt. That’s the image latinos have of whites now that so many have been brainwashed into being cowards. Whites have been brainwashed into being cowards while the egos and confidence of latinos and other non-whites have been inflated, cultivated by the same forces that have worked tirelessly to deflate white confidence. “I’m taking pictures of everything. What do you care?” “Iss my store!” I put the camera in my left hand and move a half step closer. Maybe I want to talk, maybe I want trouble. It’s fun throwing him off. “It’s not your street, is it?” He looks me up and down. It’s plain he’s wondering if he should go get help or just try and keep working it to find out what the hell I’m up to. He opts for the latter. “I jus’ askin’ why you takeeng pitchers?” “I want to show my relatives what it’s like out here.” He relaxes. Then I continue, “They’ve never been to mexico.” Now I’m getting a look. Fuck him. I move right past him to get more shots. The shots you see here. He steps inside a shitty little shop that was right behind us. Maybe something’s up, because the store he said was his is across the street.

Being macho means you always have to appear sullen, ready to lash out. I guess I would too if I looked like some of these parasites.

What is the problem with me taking pictures on the street here in LA? I’m surrounded by illegals, left and right. Short, squat ill-tempered people that shouldn’t be here in the first place. While they’re giving me a look like “What is he doing here?” I give them the same look back. The irony is lost of course. None of the stone-agers seem perturbed enough to complain to me about my taking pictures. No one but the entrepreneur who couldn’t pronounce “store”. I guess he's so used to White People backing off he feels he can dictate what goes on in the surrounding streets. At least if his target is white. He’s a quarter step removed from the gang-bangers and their view of “protecting their streets” and owning their “barrio”. I don't see my people walking around here.

The crabby little mestizo claimed to run one of these "strores". Hey, he calls them "strores", I'll call them "strores". Can't we all just get along?

These interlopers haven’t built anything. They don’t create. They don’t make anything better. They just take. Take and destroy. Then ask for more. Demand more. Gang-banger or store owner, they don’t realize that they only reason they exist at all is because of white “charity”. What I mean by charity is the money stolen from Whites through taxes and handed to these primitive creatures through “foreign aid” to their native lands or through social programs once they drag their stinky asses here to the former United States. Literally billions of people exist on this planet today that shouldn’t. Their existence can be traced back to some type of White charity. Now these hordes are being used to bury White people. Not only in the US either. It’s happening in most of Europe. Europe’s getting swamped with Africans, Arabs, all sorts of people that show up for the goodies and then thank us by destroying everything, raping, murdering and killing the people that they owe their existence to. Who’s behind this? That’s a topic coming up in the next week or so. It’s a long one. One we’ll need you to take notes on and then to forward to your friends. Wake them up too. Other people have pointed out that only sheer hate and evil could lead to what you see in these pictures; an entire population, Whites, replaced, removed from this area because someone despises them.

Don't see any White People yet. How about you?

Back to the situation at hand. These pictures show the area around Western Avenue and Santa Monica boulevard. Can’t mince words. It’s a shit-hole. It’s also part of Hollywood as I mentioned earlier - although the city has dubbed part of the area “Melrose Hill”. Classy, eh? Most of Hollywood itself, East and South, resembles Central America because apparently half the population of Central America has moved here. This isn’t counting the mexicans. They’re all over the place. But if you want to really see something exotic and get a glimpse of the future your rulers have planned for you, then drop in to the area, say between Normandie and Santa Monica blvd and go West to Santa Monica blvd and Vine (Yes, that Vine St. as in Hollywood and Vine). I'm right in the middle of the stretch I just described. Huge chunks of this neighborhood are filled with short, wiry, smelly savages with tattoos advertising their membership in “Mara Salvatrucha”. That’s a gang that has members and affiliates ranging from el salvador and guatemala through mexico up into the US from L.A. to West Virginia, even DC itself. Go ahead and look them up on the net. These filthy monsters have no compunction about walking up and shooting someone, namely you, in the head, never mind robbing or raping a convenient target. They’re coming right your way too. George Bush and his masters want them to. They don’t care if you’re hurt or killed. In fact, in their minds you probably deserve it. Don’t dismiss these remarks as generic “anti-Bush” claptrap. In fact, forget about politics per se. If you have any faith or belief in either party or politicians in DC you are delusional or at the very least naive. With the exception of a couple of individuals, the crowd in DC is worthy only of hatred and scorn.

The FBI classifies these guys as "White" when they commit a crime. Go ahead, look it up. Do they look White to you?

I go back to taking more pictures. The filthy fraud who was so disturbed at my Jimmy Olsen routine is standing in the doorway of the store he retreated to. He has another squat mezzo next to him. They’re looking at me. I turn and look right at them. They both go back inside as I'm set to take their picture. They won’t be calling the LAPD. I haven’t broken any laws. I haven’t broken any White Man’s laws that is. They could decide to call their own version of the “Neighborhood Watch”. The type of Neighborhood Watch that looks for things like cars to break into or to steal, homes and apartments to burglarize, women to attack and rape. Stores to hit up for “protection”. I tell myself to keep my eyes peeled although I doubt anything is going to happen. They probably think I’m a cop. You cannot drop your guard around here. I see tourists wandering around Hollywood blvd. a few blocks to the North, and many of them don’t pay one bit of attention to their surroundings. No attention to the people around them, the “natives”. They’re looking at street signs, tourist attractions, but not looking at feral latinos and blacks who leer at them, sizing them up as targets. I kid you not. Pathetic. The tourists’ blithe ignorance of their surroundings is similar to the blind ignorance so many Whites show to what’s going on around them. They don’t question a damn thing or if they do, they look to TV (or maybe newspapers) for the answers. Ask the LAPD Hollywood Division how many tourists each day report a robbery that’s sometimes topped off with an ass kicking or worse. A lot goes unreported.

The complainer ducked in this store. Besides not really owning a store, I'll bet he doesn't even know the owner of this vibrant example of latino commerce.

Look at these pictures. Do you think these “people” would be rolling so easily across our border if a conscious decision hadn’t been made allow them to do so? Do you really think the US couldn’t shut down the border in a matter of hours if it had to? Look at your representatives in DC. The overwhelming majority of the voters, meaning White People, want the borders closed down NOW. The voters want legal and illegal immigration stopped NOW! So what are they doing in DC? Figuring out how to grant amnesty and more special rights to these savages and fighting to get more and more of them in here. Quick! They aren’t breeding fast enough! Get more of them here before something happens! Before there’s a revolt!

Happy go lucky Sun People! You can feel the warmth even in pictures!

The folks in charge aren’t worried about latinos or blacks having a revolt. They know these two groups can loot, burn things down, kill people. Create a lot of chaos. But they can’t take over or run things these days. Not on their own. It’s the thought of Whites waking up and engaging in revolt here and there across the country that’s chilling to the shitheeled politicians and their string-pullers. Personally, I don’t think they have much to worry about from Whites right now. Whites need their collective ass kicked along with a severe economic downturn to knock them out of their stupor. I can only hope this kick in the teeth happens sooner than later. My advice is to make sure you always have some food and water stockpiled. I also think you should forget about Gold and Silver and invest in lead.

How many homeys do you think these guys have stuffed in their stolen luggage?

These pictures are indicative of much of Los Angeles AND Los Angeles County, along with a huge chunk of Orange County. This is how run down, seedy and "non-white" things have become in these areas, not just in some isolated neighborhood. This particular area isn’t anywhere near as bad as other parts of the city or areas that I have mentioned. It’s one of the “quieter” latino infested areas. At least on the main drag. You don’t stand a good chance of getting killed until the sun goes down. Then go and wander the side streets if you’re looking for action. I chose this particular neighborhood because I used to live here. Two blocks from this intersection. Back in the day, it looked like the neighborhood in “Leave it to Beaver”. I kid you not. When I was three and four years old I’d walk over to the intersection of Western and Santa Monica with my grandmother. She’d go in and out of the various stores with me in tow. I was happy to go along because I’d always get a hamburger for lunch and a comic book to take home with me. My mother would get a break at home.

Oye! Dees place is better than pinche iTunes. Si mon ese vato!

Now the neighborhood is filthy and dangerous. I don’t see any 60 year old White grandmothers taking 4 year old boys out for a hamburger and milkshake. Not around here. Not anywhere in Los Angeles. Not anymore. I do see a lot of fat-assed mestizas pushing baby carriages with their older cubs next to them helping out by pushing stolen shopping carts. The city schools are about 80% latino which is why they are doing so poorly. Don’t try and message me with the old “poverty is the problem” routine either. These people create poverty. This intersection is cluttered, dirty and rundown because of them. It wasn’t left this way for them. Most of them can’t get out of poverty because they simply aren’t smart enough. Look at the Mayor, Tony Villaraigosa (real last name; Villar). He’s considered one of their bright lights and he’s failed the State Bar Exam FOUR TIMES. Think any white politician could avoid being skewered by the press if he were so cognitively challenged? Of course not. Only so many of these people can become boxers or soccer stars. The rest can dig ditches and continue with their digging of White America’s grave through social service dependence, rape, robbery and murder. Too many Whites look at these people with pity. Too many brainwashed Whites want to “help”. Too many Whites are worried about being “liked” by these people. Being liked by everyone. Hey, let me tell you something: it doesn’t matter what you do, what you give them. They DON’T like you. Never will. They have scorn and disrespect for Whites because they are so easily able to walk in here and take and take and take from Whites who offer no resistance. Their presence here is them spitting in your face. What are you going to do about it?

Cheap flowers for White America's Funeral.

I'll post more pictures over the coming days and weeks. The material is endless out here. The time we have to take care of the problems facing our people is not.

*I never capitalize the first letter in the names of latin American countries - or other races. When "they" start capitalizing the "W" in White when describing the White Race (as they do for every other group) then maybe I'll change my mind. But I doubt it.

August 18, 2007

Red Light, Green Light!

Slow. S-l-o-w. S…l…o…w. I’m not talking about traffic. I’m talking about the non-white shuffle. You guys out there in the various parts of the former US that suffer the scourge of “multiculuralism”, you guys know what I mean. The shuffle. To be more precise, the black and brown shuffle. Never is it more proudly demonstrated than when these jagoffs walk across the street. Whoa, I mean shuffle across the street. Maybe if I said the way they drag themselves across the street might it be a better description. Most people in large and midsize cities in the US have seen this phenomena in action in crosswalks and on not too few an occasion, jaywalkers of color treat people to this demonstration of power and control. No need for lights or a crosswalk. When I say power and control, I mean power and control in whatever passes for a mind in these people.

Say you're out for a drive, and the light turns red at an intersection. You pull to a stop. The pedestrians walk across the street in normal fashion when they see the "walk" sign flash. White pedestrians that is. Then the “don’t walk” signs start flashing. “Don’t Walk” is apparently the cue for a mexican or black to show you who’s boss. The “don’t walk” signal means the flag is up, and they can now begin what at first might appear to be a laborious trek across the street. The pace is excruciatingly slow in order to guarantee that traffic will be held up until the esteemed-up mini-minds make it to the other side. The pace is also slow to show all those fuckers - meaning you white people in your goddamn cars - who’s boss. Slow. Very s-l-o-w. All the better for everyone in their cars to actually see knuckles dragging across asphalt. Yep, they sure show us. Show us that at least some of the material in the “Bell Curve” is correct.

I wasn’t going to post anything today, but things changed after a Saturday expedition to Venice Beach to take some pictures. Pictures that I will post to this blog at some point this week. Driving to and from Venice I managed to see the non-white shuffle demonstrated at least 15 times. On a couple of occasions I had a front row seat. The urge to hit the gas and make the evening news was extremely strong. But I need to hold out and be ready for the Big One. I’m not talking about an earthquake, I’m talking about the inevitable collapse and chaos that are going to hit. A good chunk of the people I know, the white people, roll their eyes, deny it, tell me I’m wrong. Tell me things will get worse, but it’s just the way things are. They’re the folks who will be taken out right away. Ever see the original feature film version of “The War of the Worlds”? Remember the three guys who put a white flag on a stick and march toward the Martian ship and get flash fried? That’s what will happen to the folks in denial. Now, the folks who do think the turds are going to hit the climate control, they are getting ready, little by little. I was a sheeple too, but at some point you have to face reality. However, as usual, I digress. More on the Second Civil War to come in another post. Honestly, there’s so much info to get out there I hope other people put up some blogs on L.A. and this other crap going on. We are at war people! Not all wars are on battlefields. But like I said, that’s for another post, another day.

Back to the non-white shuffle. Yeah, I know some of it is due to so many blacks and browns having asses that would put hippos to shame, and that makes it hard for them to move at all unless there’s a free handout in sight. That aside, a huge percentage of these animals in pants delight in screwing things up just to screw things up. In their minds, they’re stars, grabbing the same kind of attention their favorite rap stars are able to capture. On some levels, they just might be right. Like I said, I wasn’t going to post anything today, but observing this ritual that is such a constant among the darker people in Los Angeles (and Oakland, Detroit, NY and other places I’ve been) got me going. I’ve had some occasions where I knew there were no cops around and I buzzed some of these self absorbed manimals. Their reactions are usually hilarious. A few even think that they can run and keep up with a car. If you have any stories to share about this type of thing, post them in the comments and I’ll make sure everyone can read them. Not much of a post for the day, but like I said, it was unplanned. Like everything else, the blacks and browns screw up the simple act of crossing the street. No order. No order in africa (not capitalized, I know) or mexico (yep, not capitalized). There's no order because of the peoples that live in these places. Now we have no order in L.A. Take a look at who and what lives here. I rest my case for today.

August 17, 2007

Bon Apetit!

The whole multi-cult mess affects the health of the real citizens of the United States in so many ways I don’t know where to start. It’s fairly obvious that the people in charge are using germ warfare against white people in the US via the importation of disease ridden creatures from South of the border and other horrid areas of the third world. You’re definitely not going to see much about the rise in third world diseases from the MSM. What is the MSM? Main Stream Media. Television and newspapers. The mainstream media in general seeks to hide and misrepresent info in order to avoid what they consider controversial material. In other words, they avoid facts. Among the methods they use are avoiding questions that should be asked, thus they avoid answers that need to be spoken. That’s the rule on tv, that’s the rule in newspapers.

Newspapers. Pure crap. In L.A. we have the Daily News, a small paper that at one point was what some might consider a fairly right wing publication geared toward the San Fernando Valley section of the city. It’s been co-opted, and is now another ass-wipe rag dedicated to cheerleading the destruction of America and white people via the importation of immigrants who have no allegiance to their new place of residence. It does this by constantly running stories about immigrants who are patriotic, working their way up, better than any of the people that used to comprise the “old America”. Same crap we see in every paper and news magazine in the US. The “big gun” newspaper here in town is the LA(tino) Times, which has been battling the NY Times for a couple of decades to see which paper can be the most anti-white bird-cage liner in the former United States. Basically, the paper fawns over blacks, hispanics, all non-whites in fact, homosexuals and seemingly can’t cram enough adoring stories about jews into its pages. These people are all so vibrant, hard working and productive I’m surprised the Times hasn't flat out asked all the straight white males out there to commit suicide - right now - just to get it over with. The paper's hatred of ordinary whites is so obvious it’s scary. A couple of weeks ago, the Times ran a gem of a story about the plight of an element of the government’s new favorite “minority”. It was a story about poor, discriminated against mexican taco vendors in New Orleans. Written by affirmative action hiree Miguel Bustillo, it was a sob-story that blamed racism for officials in the Big Easy attempting to shut down unlicensed taco carts. Among the long litany of complaints voiced by illegal alien, social program abusing mexicans are rules set up to help ensure the health of New Orleans’ residents. According to komrade Bustillo:

“The vendors were given only 10 days before they’d be cited for breaking the new law. It requires any mobile vendor selling cooked food to offer customers restrooms and washing stations—things a taco truck clearly cannot…”

I have to agree that the rules are discriminatory in that they expect mexicans to wash their hands or even bother to find a restroom to relieve themselves. Soap? Toilets? We don’t need no stinking toilets! Anyone who has been around these people, works with them as I do, can tell you that like a lot of blacks, a huge percentage of them consider hand washing a bizarre custom that is only to be practiced amongst the more advanced peoples of the planet, but certainly not among their own. The white guys at my place of employment dread entering the toilet facilities if a few of the ‘mexicans’ or ‘brothers’ have gotten to them first. Those of you who have already felt the kiss of diversity at work or school know why. I learned all about the paleolithic toilet habits of blacks and hispanics by the time I’d finished first grade at one of the center city gulags in Los Angeles called a public elementary school. For those of you who still work amongst bonafide human beings, maybe the feelings of misgiving among the lighter employees here are a mystery…

In a nutshell, most latinos (and blacks) seem to have an innate urge to befoul, to destroy any restroom, any toilet facility. They manage to “miss” while standing at urinals. They will miss the bowl at a commode while urinating. They won’t miss anything else however. They’ll forget to raise the seat, all the better to give it a full coat of urine. Toilet paper, used and unused will be all over the floors, stopping up toilets, draped over the stalls, plugging up the sinks. On occasion feces will be resting on toilet seats or fermenting in a toilet jammed with newspaper, wrappers, coffee cups, topped off with cigarette butts. Of course there will be no paper towels left in the dispenser. There will be plenty of soap, as the mexicans avoid it like the plague. Soap’s for whitey. As an added bonus it appears that every trip to the restroom for a mexican is an excuse to add more graffiti to the walls. By this point, I’m sure you can see where the nickname “latrino” came from. Keep in mind I’m writing about mexicans and other latinos born and raised in the US. The recent arrivals are even worse in some ways. Which brings me back to the story about the taco carts.

If you ever get the chance to visit L.A., head downtown (during daylight hours only) or go have a look around MacArthur Park - again, daylight only and only in a group of five or more. Five or more men. Once you’re in the heart of the capital of Latin America, watch the taco cart vendors (in fact any of the food vendors) in action. If it’s time to “go”, they’ll give hygeine a nod by turning away from the cart toward the gutter. All the better to face traffic while unzipping and letting go with a torrent carrying God-knows-what illnesses from the third world hell-holes of Latin America. Then they’ll zip up, wipe their hands on their shirt or pants, reach into the cart, grab some tortillas and start whipping up shrimp tacos a la carte for one and all. Bare-handed. Bon apetit.

Komrade Bustillo is aware of this. Considering latino hygiene it’s a good bet he probably has one of the scariest keyboards in all of “journalism”. His hands are probably as germ encrusted as those of the mexicans and other latinos who now man all stations at fast food establishments in Los Angeles. Hopefully the poor whites who have to rewrite his stories do so on their own computers and don’t have to lay a hand on his.

Now all of this has me thinking of what’s happened to fast food establishments in Los Angeles. Where do I start? In L.A. today, no teenage white youngster has much of a chance of getting a job at one of these places during the summer or for after school employment. Most of the managers are latino and will OPENLY state that they hire only their own. I’ll get into the “El Jefe” mentality of these simple minded surly dumbfucks from South of the former border in another post. They are comically authoritarian when put in charge of anything, including work crews at Jack-In-The-Box. Not that their authoritarianism gets very much get done correctly. It’s all about posturing and preening, showing machismo while yelling at some moronic Guatemalan about how much catsup to spray on a hamburger bun. But I digress. I rarely eat at fast food establishments these days because of several episodes of lower GI problems that occurred after having lunch at Del Taco or Mickey D’s. Problems no doubt caused by Maria and Mario adding bacteria from the old country along with crotch and crack flakes to my Burrito or Big Mac.

There was one time I ended up so sick I had to go to the hospital. A doctor there told me that it was “out of control” in Los Angeles in terms of food poisoning as a result of latino workers not washing their hands or wearing gloves. He said the parasite that gave me that particular case of dysentery came from “Mexicans not washing their hands after defecating.” He said the parasite was “native” to lovely May-hee-co. Earlier that day I had been enjoying a Burrito Supreme from Taco Bell. A few hours later I was trapped in rush hour traffic while trying to get home and the internal alarm bells for my bowels began to go off. I could tell I had less than four minutes before massive system failure. I pulled onto the shoulder of the freeway, zipped past the unmoving traffic and careened down the off-ramp and into Griffith Park. Flying down the road, I desperately looked for a public restroom or some tall bushes when I saw an Andy Gump (portable toilet) in a small parking lot to my left. The lot had about a dozen cars in it. All with men sitting in them or standing around, staring at each other and the passing traffic the way a cat stares out the window when sitting in a house. When you see this in certain parks in L.A., you are witnessing a gathering of queers. Faggots love to hang out in various places and look for anonymous sex. I guess it’s their way of sharing the love. And AIDS, herpes, syphilis, gonorrhea, crabs and god knows what else these bizarre creatures carry. (That anyone can say that homos are normal with a straight face is hilarious in and of itself) Back to the story: I whipped a U-turn that looked like it belonged in a Die-Hard movie and bounced into the parking lot. The faggots all jumped. I grabbed some napkins from the door pocket while screeching to a stop. Always keep napkins in your car - public restrooms in LA are notoriously short on toilet paper. I leapt from the car, sprinted to the Andy Gump and ripped the door open. If it had been occupied I would have torn the door open and yanked whoever was inside out of the cubicle and face-first into the lot.

Inside the cramped, smelly port-a-potty was Los Angeles in a nutshell. First off, you had to stand/squat to use the toilet. There’s no way you could sit down as the seat had already received the same “treatment” as the facilities at work. I won’t describe the effects of the tainted Burrito, but suffice it to say it took me several minutes to recover from an explosion that rivaled the Challenger Space Shuttle disaster. While catching my breath, I took a look around the cubicle and could see it was covered with mexican hieroglyphics, more commonly referred to as graffiti. From floor to ceiling, on the ceiling, you name it. Everywhere: 18th Street. Frogtown. WhiteFence. La Raza. Por vida…Gang names, slogans, cholos professing love to their whore girlfriends. You name it, it was on every surface. It’s ironic that the scrawls adorned a toilet facility that is cleaner than any of the homes these savages come from, never mind being far nicer and cleaner than the entire country of mexico. ((I never capitalize the “m” in mexico. It doesn’t deserve it))

While recovering from the horrendous evacuation, I heard footsteps approach. Someone tugged gently on the door. I shouted “Occupied!” to send them elsewhere. Then they tapped on the door! Yep. Fag. “Go away you cocksucker or I’ll break your fucking neck!” I could hear the homo wander away while muttering “asshole”. I’m a big lug (6’3” 235, not fat) so I’m not ever worried about fighting with some homo. Yeah, there’s the stories out there about tough fags etc. They’re all urban legends.

Once I felt all the danger had passed, I took care of business and stepped outside. Several fruits were leaning on a fence about 40 feet away. They looked at me. I stopped, stared at them, they turned away. I went to my car, hopped in and roared off. Little did I know that by the time I got home my guts would again be out of control. They were under siege by an invader from mexico but I didn’t know it at the time. Kind of the same way White Americans are the targets of a war against them by their rulers but don’t realize it. Yet. Later that night I was in the hospital, horribly ill. The next day is when the doctor told me my guts had been housing a visitor from mexico and that the problem was absolutely dire in L.A. and in fact in throughout all of Southern California. Not only food borne problems but TB, Chagas, and so on. But no one will admit or talk about it. Can’t offend the replacement population America’s rulers are putting in place. Low IQ’s, uneducated and for the most part ineducable, placated with low level work and government handouts, carrying diseases eliminated in white nations. That’s why they’re filling the US with these people. They could never topple any real power. Look at Mexico or anywhere in Latin America for that matter. These “natives” talk a lot about machismo, fighting, revolution and they are violent, but they aren’t crap when it comes to revolution for real. They’re only good when someone puts a ring through their nose and leads them along. Perfect slaves for the new millennium. Their toughness is only evident when they are in a group that far outnumbers their target(s).

So much of the endless stream of negative stories and facts about these vibrant people are hidden, never make the mainstream media, that it's clear that there is an agenda at work. Anyway, using the floor for a toilet is but one of the vibrant traditions and innovations these people bring to America. Don’t forget, the people running the media and the government want you to look at these folks as your betters. Look at how they treat their savage offspring in the schools and compare how they’re treated as opposed to how your children are treated in school. But that’s another rant for another day. Keep all this in mind next time you pull into Jack in the Box and order a big juicy Ultimate Cheeseburger from a worker with an accent that makes the old Jose Jimenez character sound like Laurence Olivier.

August 16, 2007

Here we go!

The company I work for is owned by a middle aged white guy who thinks he has all the angles covered when it comes to the PC (Politically Correct) constraints small companies are saddled with in California. White-owned companies that is. Sure this guy has his wife (she's white) listed as the majority shareholder/owner, so he's got the 51% minority and/or female ownership/management requirement covered for certain city and state jobs, but the more frightening part of the company structure is the management,  which in fact is mostly minority. It's majority minority because it helps ensure special tax breaks and an even better chance at those certain city and state jobs. Specifically, the management is hispanic, black and homo, three of the favorite "aggrieved" groups here in what used to be known as the USA. You can't imagine the outrage, misery and unintentional comedy that occurs with this mix of surly self-centered creatures. 

As if the management situation isn’t enough, there’s the mix of employees. It’s no exaggeration to say it’s a small core of White male employees holding the whole mess together. One big problem - for the people destroying the US - is that some of us white guys have woken up to the problems, and have been able to identify the people responsible this dire situation. While some people are born to question everything, others have been hit over the head hard enough by reality to wake up, which also means that somewhere there has been a breakdown in the brainwashing. As awareness grows, so does resentment. It doesn’t help the situation at work right now (or in this once great city). One guy sees the signs of the company eventually hitting the iceberg so he goes on the job hunt and bails as soon as something turns up. Another sees the entire state is going under and he packs the trailer and gets the family out of the third world enclave that Southern California has become. Our humble little company actually mimics the state in terms of “population” and “government”.

Diversity along with the immigration mess makes everything harder. These two problems add levels of difficulty to all areas of living that would not be present if racists and traitors in the US Govt. hadn’t been able to pass the Immigration Act of 1965. Believe me, that bill has had deadly effects on all aspects of life in the US and helped set up our problems with illegal immigration to boot. Since then, everything has become more difficult. To kick things off, I'll start out slow with a minor incident courtesy of multiculturalism. One recent morning I needed to call a courier service to pick up some documents and a product sample to take to a firm in Century City. From the accent coming over the phone, it’s obvious the person on the other end of the line is “hispanic”. I tell her who I am and where I am calling from. I tell her what I need picked up and where it’s going. I tell her it’s a rush. For those of you who live or work in Los Angeles, the following will come as no surprise. “Wha’s jor name again?” I tell her. “Ho-kay. We’re pickin’ up from Culver City and going to ju.” No, you’re picking up from me and going to Century City. “Awright. Now whad are we picking up, a packashe, right?” Yes. “Ok. Wha’s jor name again?” I tell her. Again. “Is dees rush or reg-uh-lar?” While I feel like asking her what the Hell was she doing when I was giving her all the info the first time - while she was saying “yeah” and “uh-huh” - I let it go. Why drag things out? It’s a rush and I have to get things moving, now! As time goes by, you’ll soon see enough examples that will prove the terms “rush” and “now” don’t exist in the vocabularies of most blacks and hispanics, they don’t even exist as ideas unless they are committing a robbery, murder or engaging in sex or a rape. In those situations, they quickly develop their own concept of “now” and “rush”.

Anyhow, my problem with the hispanic dispatcher is minor compared to more pressing problems I’ll have at work that day, never mind in the other aspects of my life in this nightmarish city. Those of you not in the mecca of multi-cult probably don’t see things like an inattentive, barely speaks English dispatcher as much of a problem. But you will. Because you will have to go through it. More and more often, until you’re dealing with this type of thing no matter what you do or wherever you go throughout your day. This is the way the country is headed. For now, anyway. Things must get worse before they get better. When the mutli-cult diversity mess hits your town and workplace, the irritating incidents will occur at an ever increasing rate. It starts to happen to you 10, then 20, then 30 times a day during various transactions. You will become at the very least a little unsettled, I guarantee it.

35 minutes later the driver from the courier service shows up. I was alerted to his presence because I could hear someone in the front office speaking with him. That someone is our receptionist, Shanaenae, an overweight starch addicted angry black woman who is perpetually bored with work and irritated with anything that doesn’t involve her being able to get away from her desk to find something to eat. Shanaenae is able to answer the phone in perfect English and transfer calls. Any other words out of her mouth besides “hello” when answering the phone are uttered in ebonics. She also does some filing. It’s always mixed up and wrong, but hey, she’s a two-fer; black and female. The driver is a 35 year old, squat mexican. He's barely 5 ft tall and looks as if he were cut out of sun-baked mud. This "courier" literally speaks no English. The mexican emits some sort of stuttering noise, directing it at Shanaenae who sits behind the counter; “K-k-kcchwaan”. Shanaenae tilts her buffalo head lower and stares daggers at the sputtering mestizo. “Wachoo want?” He’s grinning, but his eyes show is he half embarrassed, half angry that he has to deal with a mayate. Even worse, a female mayate. “Mayate” is a term used by mexicans as a slur against blacks. The mexicans here at work have informed me that “mayate” is more insulting than the dreaded “n-word”, that it’s “…even better to use than nigger!”

Back to the standoff. The mexican holds up a piece of paper with chicken scratches. “Yo... me… go seh… seh…”. Shanaenae is losing what little patience she has for non-food related business. No doubt she was just about to waddle to the kitchen for another free bagel, motherfucker! The whole scene is made funnier because the hapless taco-bender’s shirt has a name patch that says “William”. William? This motherfucker might be named “Guillermo”, which is William in Spanish. But I doubt it. He probably murdered the real William a few nights ago when he and his buddies were knocking over a 7-11 to supplement their salaries and social services handouts. Shanaenae wants some answers. “Wachoo want? I ain’ got all day” The mexican considers the question for a few seconds. He understands! “K-k-kcchwaan!” Having dealt with non English speaking savages for years, at this point, I know what he’s trying to say. That’s when I, Bwana Devil, step forward. “You looking for John?” “Si!” Christ. He can’t even say “yes”. However, I can understand that “K-k-kchwaan” means “John” - or more likely “Juan” to this dunderhead. I look at Shanaenae, she’s shaking her head as she turns away, exposing the mexican and I to a massive, steatopygian ass that threatens to burst through a far too tight skirt.

I tell the little indio I’m John. I go to my desk, grab the packages and take them to the shining representative of the vibrant “New America” being created by the monsters that hate White people.”Here you go, Billy.” He’s really confused. Billy? What the fuck does that mean? Hurry up? Date prisa? Date prisa (dah-tay pree-sah) means hurry up in Spanish. The packages have printed labels. He looks at them. Then looks at his piece of paper with the chicken scratches. Then back at the labels. Then back at his note. Then he looks up at me, as if waiting for the Shaman to wave his mighty magic stick and make the whole thing easier. I’ve been through these bizarre situations so many times I don’t care what happens. If the courier company calls later to tell me “William” is lost, I’ll tell them to get one of their snazzy “bi-lingual representatives” to help William find his way around. I take a look back as I leave the front office. Shanaenae has left her desk and William is staring at me, the same way a dog abandoned on a street corner might do as he watches his owner drive away. Yep. The new slave class for the racist hypocrites that have destroyed America. What a way to kick off the first 45 minutes of the workday.

I understand that this is a long rambling set-up, and I haven’t even gotten started. I should mention that the people I’ve described so far in this long post are among the most competent, the cream of the crop of the “vibrant” peoples that are flooding America by legal and illegal immigration or in the case of most blacks, their high birthrate alone. The US “government” does its part and subsidizes black and latino mothers, whether dad is around or not, whether he works or not. The latinos especially play the game of “not being married” even if they are, to further enlarge their monthly bag of loot from Uncle Sam. Loot paid for by white taxpayers. Throughout “black” and “brown” America, we now have huge areas of public housing, Section 8 housing or Voucher housing. Truth be told, any and all of these types of housing are federally funded incubators.

The posts here will hopefully improve as I gain some experience. I know the situation here in L.A. and throughout most of America will only get worse. For now, anyway. The whole mess is eventually going to grind to a halt and collapse. For those of you in the same boat as those of us here in L.A., I hope this blog helps you blow off some steam. If you have some good stories, go ahead and put them in the comments. Anything good will be posted for all to read.