August 28, 2007

A Picture is Worth a Thousand Illegals

Yeah, I haven’t posted in several days. Been busy as hell. Turns out a horde of people I work with took this week off to “add” to the three day Labor Day weekend. So I've been putting in some very long days at work. I have been working on a few pieces for this blog, but none of them are quite ready to go up. I guess I should concentrate on one “story” at a time, but my mind needs variety.

What I do have is a ton of pictures I need to post. I’ve decided to put up a few tonight, I don’t think I’ll be using them for any of the other posts I have in mind at the moment. I hope these shots help give people an idea as to what’s really going on, not only in LA, but all over the country. I’ve seen tourist guides and pamphlets for Southern California attractions and cities and they are all misleading, to say the least.

If you get a chance to drive around town, you’ll notice the buses in LA are plastered with advertising. Advertising geared toward latinos. Imagine a bus with blatantly pro-White language all over it. Imagine a radio station openly courting whites with race based advertising. That's all you can do is imagine it, because it won't be happening.

The bus stops of course keep it going. Advertising aimed at latinos. Much of it in Spanish.

The DJ is called “Cucuy” (Koo-Kooey). That means “boogey-man” in Spanish. At least in “mexican” Spanish. Notice the name of his station; “97.9 La Raza” La Raza means “The Race” in Spanish. Which race are they catering to? Would such a thing be allowed for Whites? Oh, we live in a free society. Sure. 97.9 is the sister station to “96.3 latino” that is so proudly displayed on the bus above.

I guess everyone but plain old ordinary Whites are allowed to have race based advertising.

What? You think the ad is for a religious based dating service? That’s funny. Go take a look at the website.

I was at Venice Beach a week and a half ago. Here’s people waiting in line for some freebies being handed out by the WWE (a Professional Wrestling organization run by Vince McMahon). Notice anything about the people in the lines? Where are all the beach-going white people? Where's Frankie Avalon when you need him?

I moved down the line a little bit and found a White Guy patiently waiting his turn. I’d say Whitey is getting outnumbered, wouldn't you? Not only here in Southern California, but everywhere in the former US of A. There are only so many cops in LA. After the “Rodney King” riot in ‘92, it turned out over half the robbers, looters and worse that were arrested were latino. Their population has increased markedly. What will happen in the next riot, and who do you think they’ll be directed to go after? Did you ever consider that maybe, just maybe, the people behind all of this don’t have our - meaning White people - our best interests in mind? Sounds superficial but it isn’t. Look at what’s going on.

Yeah, stepped into the crowd. There were a few die-hard White fans. A few. The police were carting a decent number of people away that day. What kind of people? None of it made the news that I saw. Figure it out. I think that’s going to be the topic of another post in the coming weeks.

Here’s a nice shot of the people who managed to get “ringside” seats. I’ll be damned if they don’t look like a bunch of inmates sitting in the bleachers at Folsom. Tell me I’m wrong.

Oh well, whites do have their Tattoo parlors. That’s about all they have. I don’t see anything wrong with a tattoo here or there, but the media and academia have really brainwashed a large contingent of Whites into thinking that “going native” is cool, “more in touch”, will make the third worlders "like you" - meaning "be your friends" and other lies. Did you ever notice that most of the people promoting this type of thinking don’t have tattoos or horseshoes hanging from their earlobes?

Look at this guy. If you wonder what I meant by horseshoes hanging from earlobes, here it is. Yeah, lookin’ good man, lookin’ good. You think guys like this are going to be worth two cents when the big one hits?

Did our guys fight WWII for this? Actually, they did. They just didn’t know it. The American public didn’t know it. Most still don’t.

I’ll have posts that are more in depth as soon as this work-week from Hell is over. Until then, stay strong and do your best to wake others up. Start your own blog if you can or you can send me your stories (just post them in the comments area). If you want them added to the blog as an “entry” - if it they’re good - I’ll post them.


iranianforaryans said...

Good post. The WW2 generation did fight for this as you put it bluntly.

BTW, pls link up to my new blog: ""



Tim said...

Hey nice blog brother. Things aren't much different here in the Northern half of the state. I'd like to add to the 'link me' chorus and maybe get a link going to my blog.

I live in Santa Cruz. Stay white!

M said...

Tattooes and piercings--ink stains and puncture wounds--are for degenerates. This so-called country gets uglier, dirtier and weirder by the day.

Anonymous said...

The WWII Generation were suckered into fighting a bullshit war for, well, shit. When they went to war, the US was a White, segregated, nation and Hilton Hotels wouldn't even let Jews rent a room, much less Niggers. Now, the Jews and Nigger and "La Raza's" rule. My beef with the WWII crowd is they they never woke up and admitted they were wrong and took action to correct a clearly deteriorating situation. Now, in my part of this shithole called "jUSA" I see a lot of these WWII goobs walking their Nigger grandchildren !! To be sure, the "60's " generation was rock bottom, the deepest part of the political outhouse - and they are still screwing things up. It will take an exceptional generation to set things aright, are they out there ???

Big Effer said...

Overall, White people are still too comfortable. Enough of them start having their kids raped by these smiling, simian blacks and browns who are disingenuously exalted by the media, politicians and academics and things will start to turn. When enough Whites are murdered by these savages things will start to turn. When enough Whites are forced to stand and watch as the government feeds the stupid, feral children of mexicans and blacks during a severe economic downturn, while Whites are left to fend for themselves, then you'll see some action.

Everything I've mentioned above is going to happen. Guaranteed.

Peterbill said...

Yes, it's going to happen.

I've come to the conclusion that out of the white race, only a small remnant will survive and that that's the way it's supposed to work. The rest will die childfree or mix and the mixed ones will outcompete the pure nogs, but the pure remnant will rule.

The mass of whites will not "wake up". If what has happened in this country in the last fifty years will not make them into reality acknowledging race conscious people, nothing will. Oh, a few more will go our way-our ranks will probably triple or quadruple after all is said and done-but most whites are a writeoff.

One thing that's going to change is that the last of the WWII guys will be effectively gone in a decade. Most of the Korean War guys too. At the end of the next president's two terms, if he/she/it goes the distance, the WWII and Korean War vets will be all either dead or senile and bedridden, and the Vietnam guys will be the old graybeards starting the dieoff. Without that overhead we will be able to tell the truth about Hitler a bit better, without the emotional howling for the guys that fought him.

The United States ass one nation is doomed, but out of that a white homeland can and must arise. That should be our focus: laying down the groundwork.