August 23, 2007

Photographic Evidence

Taxes, teeth and graffiti all in one!

August. It’s hot. The early morning clouds and fog have burned off. But I don't care that I have to stand in melting asphalt and take the pictures you see in this entry. The streets of this mexican town I’m in are covered with trash. I’m talking about the people, two-legged trash, not the garbage that litters the sidewalk. Oops! I forgot to tell you which mexican town I’m in: Los Angeles! Hollywood as a matter of fact. Bet you haven’t seen shots like these in any Hollywood tourist guide. You won’t either. It may as well be mexico or even managua, nicaragua*. Take a good look at these photos, of the people in them. This is what your leaders have in store for all of the US. The old “US” is gone, gone, gone.

Hollywood. Where are all the blonde surfer chicks and hot actresses?

As I get ready to take another priceless picture to chronicle the destruction of a once great city, to my right I hear someone say “Hey, ju!” I pause a second, then take the shot. Never, ever give latinos "respect". They demand it but do not return it. I get ready to take another shot. “Hey, hey!’ I was down on one knee to get the proper angle. I turn my head and see an angry mezzo (short for mestizo) looking at me. I stand up and stare straight down at him. I can see his eyes flutter. He didn’t realize I was so much bigger than him. He’s 5’6”, 145, about 45 years old. I’m 6’3” and a very solid 235 lbs. This comes in handy in LA. Even handier is the fact that carrying a concealed handgun is a misdemeanor in this town. Not that any white man would do such a thing. Moving along, I make sure I sound bothered when I say “What?” to this arrogant parasite. He backs off a bit. “Wha’ you takeeng pitchers of? Tha’s my strore.” Yes, he said “strore”. He points across to the street to a strip mall stuffed with garish junky shops and offices. I can tell he’s lying. He doesn’t own any “strore”. I step toward him just before I answer, “You don’t have my sympathies.” “Wha?” Of course it went right over his head.

You can see that Major League Baseball's campaign to attract latino fans is working!

“Why you take pitchers of my strore?” He’s losing more of his footing by the second. He expected me to back off, apologize, maybe even hand him my camera and beg not be hurt. That’s the image latinos have of whites now that so many have been brainwashed into being cowards. Whites have been brainwashed into being cowards while the egos and confidence of latinos and other non-whites have been inflated, cultivated by the same forces that have worked tirelessly to deflate white confidence. “I’m taking pictures of everything. What do you care?” “Iss my store!” I put the camera in my left hand and move a half step closer. Maybe I want to talk, maybe I want trouble. It’s fun throwing him off. “It’s not your street, is it?” He looks me up and down. It’s plain he’s wondering if he should go get help or just try and keep working it to find out what the hell I’m up to. He opts for the latter. “I jus’ askin’ why you takeeng pitchers?” “I want to show my relatives what it’s like out here.” He relaxes. Then I continue, “They’ve never been to mexico.” Now I’m getting a look. Fuck him. I move right past him to get more shots. The shots you see here. He steps inside a shitty little shop that was right behind us. Maybe something’s up, because the store he said was his is across the street.

Being macho means you always have to appear sullen, ready to lash out. I guess I would too if I looked like some of these parasites.

What is the problem with me taking pictures on the street here in LA? I’m surrounded by illegals, left and right. Short, squat ill-tempered people that shouldn’t be here in the first place. While they’re giving me a look like “What is he doing here?” I give them the same look back. The irony is lost of course. None of the stone-agers seem perturbed enough to complain to me about my taking pictures. No one but the entrepreneur who couldn’t pronounce “store”. I guess he's so used to White People backing off he feels he can dictate what goes on in the surrounding streets. At least if his target is white. He’s a quarter step removed from the gang-bangers and their view of “protecting their streets” and owning their “barrio”. I don't see my people walking around here.

The crabby little mestizo claimed to run one of these "strores". Hey, he calls them "strores", I'll call them "strores". Can't we all just get along?

These interlopers haven’t built anything. They don’t create. They don’t make anything better. They just take. Take and destroy. Then ask for more. Demand more. Gang-banger or store owner, they don’t realize that they only reason they exist at all is because of white “charity”. What I mean by charity is the money stolen from Whites through taxes and handed to these primitive creatures through “foreign aid” to their native lands or through social programs once they drag their stinky asses here to the former United States. Literally billions of people exist on this planet today that shouldn’t. Their existence can be traced back to some type of White charity. Now these hordes are being used to bury White people. Not only in the US either. It’s happening in most of Europe. Europe’s getting swamped with Africans, Arabs, all sorts of people that show up for the goodies and then thank us by destroying everything, raping, murdering and killing the people that they owe their existence to. Who’s behind this? That’s a topic coming up in the next week or so. It’s a long one. One we’ll need you to take notes on and then to forward to your friends. Wake them up too. Other people have pointed out that only sheer hate and evil could lead to what you see in these pictures; an entire population, Whites, replaced, removed from this area because someone despises them.

Don't see any White People yet. How about you?

Back to the situation at hand. These pictures show the area around Western Avenue and Santa Monica boulevard. Can’t mince words. It’s a shit-hole. It’s also part of Hollywood as I mentioned earlier - although the city has dubbed part of the area “Melrose Hill”. Classy, eh? Most of Hollywood itself, East and South, resembles Central America because apparently half the population of Central America has moved here. This isn’t counting the mexicans. They’re all over the place. But if you want to really see something exotic and get a glimpse of the future your rulers have planned for you, then drop in to the area, say between Normandie and Santa Monica blvd and go West to Santa Monica blvd and Vine (Yes, that Vine St. as in Hollywood and Vine). I'm right in the middle of the stretch I just described. Huge chunks of this neighborhood are filled with short, wiry, smelly savages with tattoos advertising their membership in “Mara Salvatrucha”. That’s a gang that has members and affiliates ranging from el salvador and guatemala through mexico up into the US from L.A. to West Virginia, even DC itself. Go ahead and look them up on the net. These filthy monsters have no compunction about walking up and shooting someone, namely you, in the head, never mind robbing or raping a convenient target. They’re coming right your way too. George Bush and his masters want them to. They don’t care if you’re hurt or killed. In fact, in their minds you probably deserve it. Don’t dismiss these remarks as generic “anti-Bush” claptrap. In fact, forget about politics per se. If you have any faith or belief in either party or politicians in DC you are delusional or at the very least naive. With the exception of a couple of individuals, the crowd in DC is worthy only of hatred and scorn.

The FBI classifies these guys as "White" when they commit a crime. Go ahead, look it up. Do they look White to you?

I go back to taking more pictures. The filthy fraud who was so disturbed at my Jimmy Olsen routine is standing in the doorway of the store he retreated to. He has another squat mezzo next to him. They’re looking at me. I turn and look right at them. They both go back inside as I'm set to take their picture. They won’t be calling the LAPD. I haven’t broken any laws. I haven’t broken any White Man’s laws that is. They could decide to call their own version of the “Neighborhood Watch”. The type of Neighborhood Watch that looks for things like cars to break into or to steal, homes and apartments to burglarize, women to attack and rape. Stores to hit up for “protection”. I tell myself to keep my eyes peeled although I doubt anything is going to happen. They probably think I’m a cop. You cannot drop your guard around here. I see tourists wandering around Hollywood blvd. a few blocks to the North, and many of them don’t pay one bit of attention to their surroundings. No attention to the people around them, the “natives”. They’re looking at street signs, tourist attractions, but not looking at feral latinos and blacks who leer at them, sizing them up as targets. I kid you not. Pathetic. The tourists’ blithe ignorance of their surroundings is similar to the blind ignorance so many Whites show to what’s going on around them. They don’t question a damn thing or if they do, they look to TV (or maybe newspapers) for the answers. Ask the LAPD Hollywood Division how many tourists each day report a robbery that’s sometimes topped off with an ass kicking or worse. A lot goes unreported.

The complainer ducked in this store. Besides not really owning a store, I'll bet he doesn't even know the owner of this vibrant example of latino commerce.

Look at these pictures. Do you think these “people” would be rolling so easily across our border if a conscious decision hadn’t been made allow them to do so? Do you really think the US couldn’t shut down the border in a matter of hours if it had to? Look at your representatives in DC. The overwhelming majority of the voters, meaning White People, want the borders closed down NOW. The voters want legal and illegal immigration stopped NOW! So what are they doing in DC? Figuring out how to grant amnesty and more special rights to these savages and fighting to get more and more of them in here. Quick! They aren’t breeding fast enough! Get more of them here before something happens! Before there’s a revolt!

Happy go lucky Sun People! You can feel the warmth even in pictures!

The folks in charge aren’t worried about latinos or blacks having a revolt. They know these two groups can loot, burn things down, kill people. Create a lot of chaos. But they can’t take over or run things these days. Not on their own. It’s the thought of Whites waking up and engaging in revolt here and there across the country that’s chilling to the shitheeled politicians and their string-pullers. Personally, I don’t think they have much to worry about from Whites right now. Whites need their collective ass kicked along with a severe economic downturn to knock them out of their stupor. I can only hope this kick in the teeth happens sooner than later. My advice is to make sure you always have some food and water stockpiled. I also think you should forget about Gold and Silver and invest in lead.

How many homeys do you think these guys have stuffed in their stolen luggage?

These pictures are indicative of much of Los Angeles AND Los Angeles County, along with a huge chunk of Orange County. This is how run down, seedy and "non-white" things have become in these areas, not just in some isolated neighborhood. This particular area isn’t anywhere near as bad as other parts of the city or areas that I have mentioned. It’s one of the “quieter” latino infested areas. At least on the main drag. You don’t stand a good chance of getting killed until the sun goes down. Then go and wander the side streets if you’re looking for action. I chose this particular neighborhood because I used to live here. Two blocks from this intersection. Back in the day, it looked like the neighborhood in “Leave it to Beaver”. I kid you not. When I was three and four years old I’d walk over to the intersection of Western and Santa Monica with my grandmother. She’d go in and out of the various stores with me in tow. I was happy to go along because I’d always get a hamburger for lunch and a comic book to take home with me. My mother would get a break at home.

Oye! Dees place is better than pinche iTunes. Si mon ese vato!

Now the neighborhood is filthy and dangerous. I don’t see any 60 year old White grandmothers taking 4 year old boys out for a hamburger and milkshake. Not around here. Not anywhere in Los Angeles. Not anymore. I do see a lot of fat-assed mestizas pushing baby carriages with their older cubs next to them helping out by pushing stolen shopping carts. The city schools are about 80% latino which is why they are doing so poorly. Don’t try and message me with the old “poverty is the problem” routine either. These people create poverty. This intersection is cluttered, dirty and rundown because of them. It wasn’t left this way for them. Most of them can’t get out of poverty because they simply aren’t smart enough. Look at the Mayor, Tony Villaraigosa (real last name; Villar). He’s considered one of their bright lights and he’s failed the State Bar Exam FOUR TIMES. Think any white politician could avoid being skewered by the press if he were so cognitively challenged? Of course not. Only so many of these people can become boxers or soccer stars. The rest can dig ditches and continue with their digging of White America’s grave through social service dependence, rape, robbery and murder. Too many Whites look at these people with pity. Too many brainwashed Whites want to “help”. Too many Whites are worried about being “liked” by these people. Being liked by everyone. Hey, let me tell you something: it doesn’t matter what you do, what you give them. They DON’T like you. Never will. They have scorn and disrespect for Whites because they are so easily able to walk in here and take and take and take from Whites who offer no resistance. Their presence here is them spitting in your face. What are you going to do about it?

Cheap flowers for White America's Funeral.

I'll post more pictures over the coming days and weeks. The material is endless out here. The time we have to take care of the problems facing our people is not.

*I never capitalize the first letter in the names of latin American countries - or other races. When "they" start capitalizing the "W" in White when describing the White Race (as they do for every other group) then maybe I'll change my mind. But I doubt it.


Joy said...

Wow! I am so glad I found your blog. I lived in LA and Orange counties for twenty five years. I now live in Texas. I am soooo glad I am out of LA. I fortunately live in small town, without a large amount of spics and darkies, though truthfully, any amount is too much.
I look forward to reading more from you, and thank you for starting this blog.

LAnative said...

Great Blog.

Most Whites I know haven't a clue how much hatred these "mezzos" have for them. The only thing holding these modern day apaches back is the latent fear they have of White skin. An ancestral memory of the beatings they received from their Spanish overlords. Yep, it isn't our laws and police they fear, it's the primal memory of generations of ass kickings. They are literally the off-spring of White men and indian women. Their warrior class was completely wiped out.
If more White men would only act like men, these fearful creatures would flee for the hills. Their mere presence is a testament to our cowardice.

For the record, I am only 5'7" and 200# but no one bothers me when I am out and about (Must be my beard;) Of course, being streetwise, I avoid the no go areas as much as I can.

LA Native.

Big Effer said...

Thanks "joy" and "lanative". Good points from lanative. Very good points. Yeah, it's best to avoid certain areas, but I find myself among the animals gathering material to document this whole sad situation. 5'7" 200 is good size to scare off most of the indians, although you probably know as well as I that when they get in a group size isn't going to help you out much. Yes, whites are completely ignorant of the hate the brown stubbies AND black folk have for them. The whites think that by being nice and showing they aren't racist, these people will sit down and sing "Kumbaya" with them. More likely they'll slit Whitey's throat, rape his wife and daughters and burn the house down. Then go out for a big bash at the park complete with bongo drums, kegs of beer and mariachis.

Sudaev said...

I had jury duty at the criminal court building in downtown L.A. yesterday, and have a few observations to share.

I immediately began noting the ethnicities of the jurors, and was surprised to see so many whites and especially asians. There was a moderate number of Americanized "latinos" or whatever the hell they're called, but there were, of course, no third-world-mutant mestizos.

Within minutes of my arrival, a young, dumb, Americanized mexican female sat next to me (you know, the kind who always look like they have wet hair) and I wondered how long it would take a male counterpart to "hook up". Sure enough, some greaseball sat next to her and immediately started the usual mating ritual. Fortunately they moved elsewhere.

Guess who was very notably underrepresented? Blacks. Yes, though the juror pool was a good 175-200 people, only about eight or ten were black! Why? It's impossible to serve on a jury when you're incarcerated, or a felon.

None of the officers of the court were white. The people picked for the jury were almost all white with one or two asiatics. The defendant was some predatory spade who was stupid enough to represent himself.

By the way, the only yarmulke-wearing orthodox jew juror spoke with the judge and immediately was excused. I'm not sayin', I'm just sayin'.

What's my point? My point is that non-citizens and those who can't se habla Ingles will not be called to serve on juries; neither will felons. As the English-speaking population dwindles, and the immigrant termite population increases, white Americans are going to be called to jury duty over and over again. No big deal you say? You try going through this bullshit once a year, especially if the trial drags on for days/weeks/months.

Big Effer said...

Sudaev, I had jury duty at the Criminal Courts Bldg last month (210 W. Temple!). The entire process was a joke. The people running the show for the jurors, handing the paperwork, getting us badges, explaining everything, calling roll, etc were all latinos on the city dole. In fact they were three hugely fat latinos. Two men and a woman. The woman was the smallest at 250 lbs. The two men were tipping the scales at well over 300 lbs. One of these guys, even though he looked like a gigantic overstuffed burrito, had a sickly, very gay speaking voice. I felt like taking him out at the knees when he was giving instructions. His faggy voice and "walk" were that irritating. I also noticed how few blacks were in the pool. A large chunk of Asians was present. A fair portion of "Americanized" latinos, all from city or county jobs you can bet, but not as as you'd expect seeing that this was in LA County. However, it's no secret that blacks and latinos tend to throw their Jury Summons in the trash when it arrives in the mail. Judges can issue orders to go after people, which they have, but for some reason they tend to only go after whites who appear to be scofflaws, who don't answer the Summons.

Regarding your remark about the "yarmulke-wearing orthodox jew juror", I have seen that happen several times - TWICE in one day three years ago. Not that every jew did this, but every jew who I've seen ask for a "private talk" was sent packing. Apparently for some, the judicial system runs on the same principles as show business.

The folks in charge will figure out how to get more and more dark people on juries. When whites are on trial that is. They actually have several pools of jurors going at any given time, so they can work things to get what they need. The city and county workers, most of whom are black and latino, are paid for any time for jury duty, so they can get them locked in. They can stack juries against whites this way.

I did take a look at the lists and calendars for the various cases being tried and hearings going on. HIlarious. Funny but not funny. Even more amusing was having a look at the various defendants. 99% were latino or black. The names put me in stitches. I took a lot of notes while making my observations and I was going to put in an entry on this. Maybe I'll do it sooner rather than later. It was also funny that while I was taking notes, I saw two other white guys in the pool writing in notebooks, taking a lot of notes. Hopefully they were doing the same thing as myself.

Thanks for stopping in.

Theseus said...

Great post. This type of stuff I would never see in the lamestream press.

Also, thanks for the link. The url needs a look tho (it's got one too many http://s).

Anonymous said...

I've lost touch with my relatives out in California. The last thing I heard back in the early 1990's was that they were really worried about the impact of NAFTA on California.

NAFTA has proved to be both a bad trade treaty and an immigration disaster.

If I were to give my relatives some advice now, I would tell them not to look to Irish Roman Catholic politicans like young Bob Casey of Pennsylvania for help.

In the not do distant future the question is going to be, who lost California?

iranianforaryans said...

I don't miss L.A. one bit!

Anonymous said...

This is good stuff! Keep up the good work!

Big Effer said...

theseus said

... Also, thanks for the link. The url needs a look tho (it's got one too many http://s).

Fixed! I'll get my bearings as time rolls by!

frank said...




Sudaev said...
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Anonymous said...

The pictures are eye opening and scary at the same time. If those people all of a sudden riot you know who they're going after. The TV and the schools are busy telling them who to go after every day.

Peterbill said...

"Literally billions of people exist on this planet today that shouldn’t. Their existence can be traced back to some type of White charity."

My mother grew up in Los Angeles. It was the White Los Angeles we saw in reruns of "Dragnet" on TV. She met Frank and Dean and MM and every other sleb of the day. She married my dad in 1961 and moved to stinky old Chicago.

Five years ago they went back for waht was planned to be a two week visit. The second night they took the red-eye back. What LA had become was so painful for her to see she wishes she'd died and never saw it again to ruin her memories of what a paradise it had been.

Forty years ago, fifty even, there were men who warned us this would happen. Men like Carleton Putnam, Revilo Oliver, George Lincoln Rockwell, and others. But they were ignored and ridiculed. Dr. Oliver especially warned against "do-gooding", and was regarded as a hater, a Nazi.

He was as absolutely right ans anyone has ever been about the future.