August 17, 2007

Bon Apetit!

The whole multi-cult mess affects the health of the real citizens of the United States in so many ways I don’t know where to start. It’s fairly obvious that the people in charge are using germ warfare against white people in the US via the importation of disease ridden creatures from South of the border and other horrid areas of the third world. You’re definitely not going to see much about the rise in third world diseases from the MSM. What is the MSM? Main Stream Media. Television and newspapers. The mainstream media in general seeks to hide and misrepresent info in order to avoid what they consider controversial material. In other words, they avoid facts. Among the methods they use are avoiding questions that should be asked, thus they avoid answers that need to be spoken. That’s the rule on tv, that’s the rule in newspapers.

Newspapers. Pure crap. In L.A. we have the Daily News, a small paper that at one point was what some might consider a fairly right wing publication geared toward the San Fernando Valley section of the city. It’s been co-opted, and is now another ass-wipe rag dedicated to cheerleading the destruction of America and white people via the importation of immigrants who have no allegiance to their new place of residence. It does this by constantly running stories about immigrants who are patriotic, working their way up, better than any of the people that used to comprise the “old America”. Same crap we see in every paper and news magazine in the US. The “big gun” newspaper here in town is the LA(tino) Times, which has been battling the NY Times for a couple of decades to see which paper can be the most anti-white bird-cage liner in the former United States. Basically, the paper fawns over blacks, hispanics, all non-whites in fact, homosexuals and seemingly can’t cram enough adoring stories about jews into its pages. These people are all so vibrant, hard working and productive I’m surprised the Times hasn't flat out asked all the straight white males out there to commit suicide - right now - just to get it over with. The paper's hatred of ordinary whites is so obvious it’s scary. A couple of weeks ago, the Times ran a gem of a story about the plight of an element of the government’s new favorite “minority”. It was a story about poor, discriminated against mexican taco vendors in New Orleans. Written by affirmative action hiree Miguel Bustillo, it was a sob-story that blamed racism for officials in the Big Easy attempting to shut down unlicensed taco carts. Among the long litany of complaints voiced by illegal alien, social program abusing mexicans are rules set up to help ensure the health of New Orleans’ residents. According to komrade Bustillo:

“The vendors were given only 10 days before they’d be cited for breaking the new law. It requires any mobile vendor selling cooked food to offer customers restrooms and washing stations—things a taco truck clearly cannot…”

I have to agree that the rules are discriminatory in that they expect mexicans to wash their hands or even bother to find a restroom to relieve themselves. Soap? Toilets? We don’t need no stinking toilets! Anyone who has been around these people, works with them as I do, can tell you that like a lot of blacks, a huge percentage of them consider hand washing a bizarre custom that is only to be practiced amongst the more advanced peoples of the planet, but certainly not among their own. The white guys at my place of employment dread entering the toilet facilities if a few of the ‘mexicans’ or ‘brothers’ have gotten to them first. Those of you who have already felt the kiss of diversity at work or school know why. I learned all about the paleolithic toilet habits of blacks and hispanics by the time I’d finished first grade at one of the center city gulags in Los Angeles called a public elementary school. For those of you who still work amongst bonafide human beings, maybe the feelings of misgiving among the lighter employees here are a mystery…

In a nutshell, most latinos (and blacks) seem to have an innate urge to befoul, to destroy any restroom, any toilet facility. They manage to “miss” while standing at urinals. They will miss the bowl at a commode while urinating. They won’t miss anything else however. They’ll forget to raise the seat, all the better to give it a full coat of urine. Toilet paper, used and unused will be all over the floors, stopping up toilets, draped over the stalls, plugging up the sinks. On occasion feces will be resting on toilet seats or fermenting in a toilet jammed with newspaper, wrappers, coffee cups, topped off with cigarette butts. Of course there will be no paper towels left in the dispenser. There will be plenty of soap, as the mexicans avoid it like the plague. Soap’s for whitey. As an added bonus it appears that every trip to the restroom for a mexican is an excuse to add more graffiti to the walls. By this point, I’m sure you can see where the nickname “latrino” came from. Keep in mind I’m writing about mexicans and other latinos born and raised in the US. The recent arrivals are even worse in some ways. Which brings me back to the story about the taco carts.

If you ever get the chance to visit L.A., head downtown (during daylight hours only) or go have a look around MacArthur Park - again, daylight only and only in a group of five or more. Five or more men. Once you’re in the heart of the capital of Latin America, watch the taco cart vendors (in fact any of the food vendors) in action. If it’s time to “go”, they’ll give hygeine a nod by turning away from the cart toward the gutter. All the better to face traffic while unzipping and letting go with a torrent carrying God-knows-what illnesses from the third world hell-holes of Latin America. Then they’ll zip up, wipe their hands on their shirt or pants, reach into the cart, grab some tortillas and start whipping up shrimp tacos a la carte for one and all. Bare-handed. Bon apetit.

Komrade Bustillo is aware of this. Considering latino hygiene it’s a good bet he probably has one of the scariest keyboards in all of “journalism”. His hands are probably as germ encrusted as those of the mexicans and other latinos who now man all stations at fast food establishments in Los Angeles. Hopefully the poor whites who have to rewrite his stories do so on their own computers and don’t have to lay a hand on his.

Now all of this has me thinking of what’s happened to fast food establishments in Los Angeles. Where do I start? In L.A. today, no teenage white youngster has much of a chance of getting a job at one of these places during the summer or for after school employment. Most of the managers are latino and will OPENLY state that they hire only their own. I’ll get into the “El Jefe” mentality of these simple minded surly dumbfucks from South of the former border in another post. They are comically authoritarian when put in charge of anything, including work crews at Jack-In-The-Box. Not that their authoritarianism gets very much get done correctly. It’s all about posturing and preening, showing machismo while yelling at some moronic Guatemalan about how much catsup to spray on a hamburger bun. But I digress. I rarely eat at fast food establishments these days because of several episodes of lower GI problems that occurred after having lunch at Del Taco or Mickey D’s. Problems no doubt caused by Maria and Mario adding bacteria from the old country along with crotch and crack flakes to my Burrito or Big Mac.

There was one time I ended up so sick I had to go to the hospital. A doctor there told me that it was “out of control” in Los Angeles in terms of food poisoning as a result of latino workers not washing their hands or wearing gloves. He said the parasite that gave me that particular case of dysentery came from “Mexicans not washing their hands after defecating.” He said the parasite was “native” to lovely May-hee-co. Earlier that day I had been enjoying a Burrito Supreme from Taco Bell. A few hours later I was trapped in rush hour traffic while trying to get home and the internal alarm bells for my bowels began to go off. I could tell I had less than four minutes before massive system failure. I pulled onto the shoulder of the freeway, zipped past the unmoving traffic and careened down the off-ramp and into Griffith Park. Flying down the road, I desperately looked for a public restroom or some tall bushes when I saw an Andy Gump (portable toilet) in a small parking lot to my left. The lot had about a dozen cars in it. All with men sitting in them or standing around, staring at each other and the passing traffic the way a cat stares out the window when sitting in a house. When you see this in certain parks in L.A., you are witnessing a gathering of queers. Faggots love to hang out in various places and look for anonymous sex. I guess it’s their way of sharing the love. And AIDS, herpes, syphilis, gonorrhea, crabs and god knows what else these bizarre creatures carry. (That anyone can say that homos are normal with a straight face is hilarious in and of itself) Back to the story: I whipped a U-turn that looked like it belonged in a Die-Hard movie and bounced into the parking lot. The faggots all jumped. I grabbed some napkins from the door pocket while screeching to a stop. Always keep napkins in your car - public restrooms in LA are notoriously short on toilet paper. I leapt from the car, sprinted to the Andy Gump and ripped the door open. If it had been occupied I would have torn the door open and yanked whoever was inside out of the cubicle and face-first into the lot.

Inside the cramped, smelly port-a-potty was Los Angeles in a nutshell. First off, you had to stand/squat to use the toilet. There’s no way you could sit down as the seat had already received the same “treatment” as the facilities at work. I won’t describe the effects of the tainted Burrito, but suffice it to say it took me several minutes to recover from an explosion that rivaled the Challenger Space Shuttle disaster. While catching my breath, I took a look around the cubicle and could see it was covered with mexican hieroglyphics, more commonly referred to as graffiti. From floor to ceiling, on the ceiling, you name it. Everywhere: 18th Street. Frogtown. WhiteFence. La Raza. Por vida…Gang names, slogans, cholos professing love to their whore girlfriends. You name it, it was on every surface. It’s ironic that the scrawls adorned a toilet facility that is cleaner than any of the homes these savages come from, never mind being far nicer and cleaner than the entire country of mexico. ((I never capitalize the “m” in mexico. It doesn’t deserve it))

While recovering from the horrendous evacuation, I heard footsteps approach. Someone tugged gently on the door. I shouted “Occupied!” to send them elsewhere. Then they tapped on the door! Yep. Fag. “Go away you cocksucker or I’ll break your fucking neck!” I could hear the homo wander away while muttering “asshole”. I’m a big lug (6’3” 235, not fat) so I’m not ever worried about fighting with some homo. Yeah, there’s the stories out there about tough fags etc. They’re all urban legends.

Once I felt all the danger had passed, I took care of business and stepped outside. Several fruits were leaning on a fence about 40 feet away. They looked at me. I stopped, stared at them, they turned away. I went to my car, hopped in and roared off. Little did I know that by the time I got home my guts would again be out of control. They were under siege by an invader from mexico but I didn’t know it at the time. Kind of the same way White Americans are the targets of a war against them by their rulers but don’t realize it. Yet. Later that night I was in the hospital, horribly ill. The next day is when the doctor told me my guts had been housing a visitor from mexico and that the problem was absolutely dire in L.A. and in fact in throughout all of Southern California. Not only food borne problems but TB, Chagas, and so on. But no one will admit or talk about it. Can’t offend the replacement population America’s rulers are putting in place. Low IQ’s, uneducated and for the most part ineducable, placated with low level work and government handouts, carrying diseases eliminated in white nations. That’s why they’re filling the US with these people. They could never topple any real power. Look at Mexico or anywhere in Latin America for that matter. These “natives” talk a lot about machismo, fighting, revolution and they are violent, but they aren’t crap when it comes to revolution for real. They’re only good when someone puts a ring through their nose and leads them along. Perfect slaves for the new millennium. Their toughness is only evident when they are in a group that far outnumbers their target(s).

So much of the endless stream of negative stories and facts about these vibrant people are hidden, never make the mainstream media, that it's clear that there is an agenda at work. Anyway, using the floor for a toilet is but one of the vibrant traditions and innovations these people bring to America. Don’t forget, the people running the media and the government want you to look at these folks as your betters. Look at how they treat their savage offspring in the schools and compare how they’re treated as opposed to how your children are treated in school. But that’s another rant for another day. Keep all this in mind next time you pull into Jack in the Box and order a big juicy Ultimate Cheeseburger from a worker with an accent that makes the old Jose Jimenez character sound like Laurence Olivier.