September 22, 2007


Dateline, North Hollywood, Ca. ((Yes, that North Hollywood. The place where the infamous “shootout” occurred back in ‘97 between the two kevlar covered bank robbers and the perpetually out-gunned LAPD))

Larry Eugene Phillips and Emil Matasareanu. The infamous North Hollywood Bank Robbers. They should have directed their fire at the mexicans in the area.

Rest easy everyone. Security cameras are going to be deployed in North Hollywood and other areas of the San Fernando Valley. (For those of you who aren’t locals, most of the San Fernando Valley is part of the city of Los Angeles. Some people think areas of the Valley like Van Nuys, Encino, Woodland Hills etc are separate cities. They’re really just different neighborhoods, all part of the crazy-quilt city known as “L.A.”) Why are these cameras being installed in various parts of North Hollywood? The excuse, I mean, the reason given is that they are being put in place to stop graffiti or at least curb it. Hold on, I have to stop and laugh. Huge chunks of LA County are buried under several coats of graffiti. Stopping it is going to involve a lot more than shooting pictures of latino vandals. The term shooting does come to mind when thinking of possible solutions I have to admit. (Original Daily News Story - )

The cameras are solar powered of course. Environmentally friendly. Officials have to show that they’re “thinking green” even while chasing criminals. Green is the word, that’s for sure. I guess they’ll go after these guys for the excess fluorocarbons they release into the air while tagging.

The cameras shine a light and blast a recorded warning at the offender. I heard the warning on the radio. It’s funnier to hear it than just read what the message is. The message is in English. Hilarious. It should be in Spanish or at least Spanglish. That way the perps can have even more of a laugh as they mark their territory like the dogs they are. You can go to the manufacturer’s website if you’d like to hear the Robocop camera’s voice:

I’ve run in to people who have tried to tell me that graffiti, this primitive vandalism, is actually art. I hope that none of you are one of these folks. You aren’t one of those people who believe that graffiti isn't created by gangbangers? You aren't one of those people who believe most of the graffiti around us actually comes from harmless taggers who are only trying to express themselves artistically, are you? Do you feel that graffiti is the equivalent of any Renoir? That it’s simply Western snobbery keeping us from recognizing the greatness of graffiti and giving it the respect it deserves? If you think that way, get some Q-tips and clean the b.s. out of your ears, son. Almost all of the graffiti in Southern California comes from savage animals who should be put down like rabid dogs. In the last two paragraphs I’ve referred to the taco benders as dogs. I apologize to all dog-lovers out there.

All they need to do to get rid of 99.999% of graffiti in North Hollywood and in most of the US is to move the latrino and other third world populations back where they belong, outside the US. Go to the “graffiti” page at the camera manufacturer’s site: They show a couple of pictures taken by this intimidating piece of technology. I’ve taken the liberty of placing their pics here in this blog. Look at the first one. Mexicans spray painting walls in L.A.. OK. Normal occurrence. Their daddies teach them as children to steal and vandalize wherever they go - that is when they’re not drunk busy sexually assaulting them instead. Then there’s the other picture. More mexicans spray painting walls in North Hollywood? No. They’re ruining property in Nebraska! No place is safe from these dirty, kiddy rapist morons. Nebraska! WTF are mexicans doing in Nebraska? Go ahead and visit the manufacturer's site and go to their link titled “Theft”: ( ) More mexicans, stealing from a construction site in Texas. Beaner crime is so rampant the company doesn’t bother in trying to cover it up. I’ll give them that much credit. What they should do is create a camera that shoots .45 caliber ammo at these pricks while they ply their trade. That would be something worthy of high accolades.

Mexican cultural icons at work in LA.

Nebraska! Bean Doggers smelling up the Heartland.

Nebraska. Texas. North Hollywood. Mexico. These animals are the same everywhere. They are following their instincts when they write on walls. Their neighborhoods are dirty because they lack the instinct, the internal drive, to keep things clean and orderly. They never had to develop certain higher instincts and traits. There was no selection pressure to develop beyond simple tribal/jungle behavior. That’s why wherever they go in the US, once their population tops 20%, the entire area becomes wild, chaotic, dirty. The jungle. These people are more at home in a tropical rain forest or living in caves on the side of a cliff than in a modern orderly society. The closest they come to cliff dwelling in the US is the public housing projects so many of them live in courtesy of the money extracted each week from your wallet by Uncle Sam and referred to as taxes. The government takes our money and uses it to replace us. Think about that. YOU ARE PAYING THE THIRD WORLDERS TO REPLACE YOU.

Busy doing the work White Americans don't want to do.

Nobody remembers the Alamo anymore. No White Americans that is. These guys are busy making sure they get it right next time.

While most of the invaders are latrinos, other non-whites received favored treatment while they are used as weapons against us. After they’ve established a toehold in the US, Taiwanese programmers and engineers are notorious for moving their aged parents to the US and dumping them on social security among other handouts easily available to non-whites. How in the Hell does some prune faced 65 year old crabby fish and garlic smelling bastard from Taiwan, who’s never worked a day in the US, qualify for Social Security and other social programs? Somalians are being brought in by the truckload to some of the Whitest areas of the US. We have Christian churches enthusiastically backing these types of programs. Especially if they want to keep their tax-exempt status.

“Problem. Reaction. Solution.” (If you haven’t heard that term before, look it up) The same game over and over. So the solution the to the problem they’ve created this time, the problem the White population is bitching about, is a camera. The camera takes a picture and then blasts its audible warning telling the budding Picasso that he will be prosecuted. Oooh, very scary! Good luck. Maybe one in ten Julios who get a free portrait photo will end up being arrested for their vandalism. But putting the cameras in place makes it LOOK like something is being done. Perception is the key. It’s like the traitorous lackeys in DC voting to put up a wall where the US - Mexico border used to be. Nothing. There’s no wall. That’s because there’s no teeth in anything. But they did get a couple of minutes of good soundbites on TV, letting them play earnest politicians fighting for American sovereignty and the safety of the citizenry. Everything is a show in an attempt to lull the White population even deeper into complacency or into a deeper stupor depending on who you are. It’s the same thing locally, in LA. More and more rhetoric is tossed our way by the city council while less and less gets done.

The fact is that less and less gets done at all levels of govt. when it comes to what Whites want, need and deserve. Less and less is accomplished EXCEPT when it comes to taking away the rights of Whites. Then the politicians get to work serving their real masters, hitting the bricks with the same fervor shown as when they cobble together new legislation that makes sure the beandogs (there I go again) and other non-whites are taken care of in every way imaginable. The DREAM Act, insurance legislation for illegals, lower school tuition for illegals, mexican trucks getting ready to roll across our borders, unencumbered by silly things like maintenance, drivers who can read or a good set of brakes. Like I said it’s not just for mexicans, it’s for all non-whites. Hate Crime legislation, easy access to SBA (Small Business Administration) loans for any and all non-whites, tax breaks and set asides for minority business or businesses that make sure they hire minorities (like where I work). H1B visas to KO Whites from the IT industry - with the intent of killing White interest in that line of work. They don’t want innovation. They just want to maintain the status quo in some areas. But there’s no conspiracy, right? It’s all just a natural occurrence as things decay. Who says things have to decay? Why are they decaying? Anyone out there ever ask themselves why? Anyone out there ever try to look at things and try to see who is benefitting from all the chaos? What are the different benefits from the chaos, from the dispossession of Whites?

Look at who/what spends the most time and money lobbying DC regarding immigration, legal and illegal. It isn’t only Tyson Chicken trying to bring in more hepatitis infected chicken pluckers from Mexico. It isn’t only Microsoft and Oracle who are busy working to haul in more and more vastly overrated, under-skilled marble mouthed programmers from India, Sri Lanka, Taiwan and elsewhere - you guys who’ve worked as programmers know that I am correct on this one. About 1 out of every 500 of these computer braceros is worth a damn. But boy are they arrogant, they all think they’re geniuses. No, it isn’t only Tyson Foods, Microsoft, Oracle and the rest of the IT industry. It isn’t only meat packing plants in the heartland. It gets curiouser and curiouser. Why the Hell does AIPAC, the single largest and most powerful lobby in the US (backed 100% by the media - we’ll get into that in another post) spend so much time and money to keep the borders open and make sure immigration stays 90 - 95% non-white? With their own people allowed preference of course, as “refugees”, etc. Go ahead, look it up. Oh, I’m going to far, into the area of conspiracy and lunacy, right? Wrong. Hit the web and do a little research on the “Immigration Act of 1965”. Look at who WROTE the legislation. Look at the history of the legislation, the history behind the legislation. Ignore the “sponsors” of the bill like fat ol’ Ted “Chappaquiddick” Kennedy or Daniel “The Claw” Inouye. Look at the guys who introduced and pushed for this legislation that was created with the full intent of getting rid of the White population in the US, the “plan to tan America” as jewish pubs referred it to it back then. The main “elected” culprits were Emanuel Cellar and Jacob Javits, two perfect examples of traitors to the United States. The American public wasn’t even made aware that this legislation was winding its way through the house and senate. Media blackout. No chance for the public to vote on it. Take some time and read Professor Kevin MacDonald’s paper on the subject, filled with footnotes, put together through exhaustive research; No wonder they’re attacking him and trying to get him fired from his job. If he were just a “nut”, if there were no truth to his work, they’d leave him alone. Who are the real haters? Who’s really interested in perpetrating genocide and why?

LA does suck, just like the rest of country but even more so. This is ground zero. The heart of the experiment. If you don’t think the country is intentionally being taken apart then take another look at the silly “solution” to the graffiti problem in North Hollywood. Instead of cracking open some turd brown melon-heads and then deporting latinos back to all points South of the border, the govt is going to take pictures. Be sure to dress neatly! Taking pictures means that way they don’t really have to do anything. North Hollywood is flooded with illegals. From one end to the other. That’s why it’s covered in graffiti, that’s why crime is out of control in the area. It used to be almost all White. Up until the 1980’s when the stinky savages started arriving en masse. The illegals trudged in, bringing their crime, dirt, noise and other primitive habits. The men make trouble, while each mezzoid female farts out anchor baby after anchor baby like clockwork every 11 months. A never ending supply of future gardeners, gangbangers and graffiti “artists”. Keep in mind that mexico is our largest “source” of legal immigrants, never mind illegal aliens.

Ok. I’ve gotten a bit off track. Lets get back to North Hollywood, so I can start wandering all over the map again. Did you ever see the Clint Eastwood movies where he played a bare-knuckle brawler with a pet orangutan (Every Which Way But Loose and Any Which Way You Can)? The bar used in some scenes in those films was “The Palomino”. The Palomino was in North Hollywood. The neighborhoods shown in the films, the area where Eastwood’s character was living was North Hollywood. The first of those movies was released in 1978, the second in 1980. White North Hollywood is now a memory. It’s now Norte Hah-leewood, ay. Hell. It’s plain old Guadalajara. If they wanted to make a film about the area today, a realistic, slice of life movie, Clint, his cousin, his ape and his mother would be busy fighting gangbangers who’d be trying to steal their cars and attempting to get to the orangutan to use him as taco filling. It would be similar to the battle at Little Big Horn in terms of the Whites being surrounded by savages.

Philo squares off against the burrito rollers.

There’s a little strip on Lankershim blvd. in North Hollywood that’s been undergoing (a bit of) gentrification by the artsy-fartsy crowd. These people will only refer to the area as “No-Ho”. This is being done by artsy folks who put up galleries filled with work from untalented artists and little theaters with crappy, pretentious, “socially conscious” plays distinguished by their poor writing, praise of homosexuality and blacks, and attacks on normal White behavior among other subjects that are staples of Modern American Theatre. These people, these “artists” are hilarious in that they are so naive and in many cases flat out stupid when it comes to the current situation in NoHo and the rest of the city. They move into refurbished buildings, pooling their money to live in condos (converted from shitty apartments) or just spending their parent's money if they come from money. Lots of wealthy people seem to have fun playing poor, "roughing it" while getting two to four grand a month from dear old dad. They move into condos and apartments that are surrounded by an area that resembles a mexican slum because it IS a mexican slum. Yet these “artistes” all go on like intellectuals who can barely stand being in the presence of White proles like you or I. They walk around stating that people who complain about the sell-out of Whites and America are racists, full of hot air and worse. Then they pat themselves on the back for being courageous when in fact all they’re doing is toeing the party line. They think their sunny-good cheer, showing the mexicans they mean no harm, showing the mexicans tolerance and a friendly smile makes them better than all those neanderthals like me who think the border should be closed and all the Julios sent packing. These people are in fact the vast majority of those who become crime victims in NoHo. Victims of the predatory savages from South of the former border. That’s because mexicans and other non-whites see ass-kissing and deference from Whites as weakness, as cowardice mixed with stupidity, and their instincts are right. The instincts of the ignorant White “artists” have been blunted by a non-stop life long campaign of brainwashing via the schools and media, just like most other Whites. The “artistic” crowd seems more susceptible to brainwashing than other groups of Whites. They tend to follow the PC dogma hook, line and sinker because the people they seek as their benefactors are many times the people who are pulling the strings in the US. The own the media, and they own the “big galleries”.

So the brainwashing and other tactics used against Whites has placed the art crowd square in the middle of those groups that are among the least perceptive and/or resistant when it comes to being able to recognize certain dangers that exist around them. Dangers that exist because of “multiculturalism”. Because of the presence of mexicans. These naive clowns walk wide-eyed into ass-kickings, robberies, rapes, murders. Every day. It’s sad because their perceptions, their views, really aren’t their own “fault”. Unfortunately, most of them still don’t wake up even after they’ve been raped, robbed, beaten or worse. The brainwashing is that strong. The ones that do wake up are usually so afraid of becoming an “outcast” that even if they have been awakened after their face kicked in by a pack of mexicans, they won’t say so, they won’t admit it. Hey, admit the obvious and you’ll feel better; the majority of latinos are predatory, violent animals. Keep that in mind and you’ll have a better chance of not getting your skull caved in by some guys who’ve just had their picture taken by a robot-cam.

During the radio report on the installation of the cameras, one Valley resident complained that her neighborhood “…changed almost overnight.” She said she’s tried to sell her house three times in the last couple of years but the graffiti scares potential customers away. Lady, it’s the presence of the mexicans scaring real buyers away. Even if there isn’t any graffiti no sane person wants to move to a street filled with shaven headed, low IQ smelly savages who are eye-balling your 7 year old daughter like she’s a stripper on the runway at the Spearmint Rhino “Gentlemen’s Club”.

So North Hollywood, the quiet little neighborhood in the East Valley has become not so quiet. Thanks to DIVERSITY. Thanks to MULTICULTURALISM. Thanks to hundreds of thousands of illegals from mexico who were encouraged to move to NoHo by the US Govt. What have the guardians of the American public decided to do to combat this illegal alien fueled crime wave? Nothing. Nothing at all. Putting up cameras is doing nothing. Putting up a reward for each scalp cut from an illegal’s head would be doing something. It would at least be a start. Considering all that’s happening around us, if you think a guy like Michael Chertoff (the head of “Homeland Security”) or his “boss” (hah!) are serious about protecting the US, serious about securing the borders, then you haven’t been doing your homework.

Bush (left) and Chertoff (right) meet to discuss new methods to more quickly fill the US with third world animals.

A few quick questions:

How long do you think it will be before the bean-doggers vandalize the cameras? Will they destroy them? Will they mark their names on the camera housings?

How many of you think the cameras are being put in place in more and more areas of SoCal and the rest of the country to get Whites used to seeing them? To get us used to the idea that we’re being watched? Because we are the ones who will be watched.

Things are closing in. London is already arse-deep in security cameras. We’re headed that way. In the long run, they aren’t a weapon against crime, not in the traditional sense. They’re going to be a weapon against Whites who don’t toe the line. Weapons to go after “haters”. You’ll walking down the street, talking with a friend about black crime or how sick queers are and BAM! Your picture has been taken, they’ve got video and audio of you spouting hate speech. Off to the re-education center for you. Laugh now funny boy. Hermano Grande is watching you.