August 18, 2007

Red Light, Green Light!

Slow. S-l-o-w. S…l…o…w. I’m not talking about traffic. I’m talking about the non-white shuffle. You guys out there in the various parts of the former US that suffer the scourge of “multiculuralism”, you guys know what I mean. The shuffle. To be more precise, the black and brown shuffle. Never is it more proudly demonstrated than when these jagoffs walk across the street. Whoa, I mean shuffle across the street. Maybe if I said the way they drag themselves across the street might it be a better description. Most people in large and midsize cities in the US have seen this phenomena in action in crosswalks and on not too few an occasion, jaywalkers of color treat people to this demonstration of power and control. No need for lights or a crosswalk. When I say power and control, I mean power and control in whatever passes for a mind in these people.

Say you're out for a drive, and the light turns red at an intersection. You pull to a stop. The pedestrians walk across the street in normal fashion when they see the "walk" sign flash. White pedestrians that is. Then the “don’t walk” signs start flashing. “Don’t Walk” is apparently the cue for a mexican or black to show you who’s boss. The “don’t walk” signal means the flag is up, and they can now begin what at first might appear to be a laborious trek across the street. The pace is excruciatingly slow in order to guarantee that traffic will be held up until the esteemed-up mini-minds make it to the other side. The pace is also slow to show all those fuckers - meaning you white people in your goddamn cars - who’s boss. Slow. Very s-l-o-w. All the better for everyone in their cars to actually see knuckles dragging across asphalt. Yep, they sure show us. Show us that at least some of the material in the “Bell Curve” is correct.

I wasn’t going to post anything today, but things changed after a Saturday expedition to Venice Beach to take some pictures. Pictures that I will post to this blog at some point this week. Driving to and from Venice I managed to see the non-white shuffle demonstrated at least 15 times. On a couple of occasions I had a front row seat. The urge to hit the gas and make the evening news was extremely strong. But I need to hold out and be ready for the Big One. I’m not talking about an earthquake, I’m talking about the inevitable collapse and chaos that are going to hit. A good chunk of the people I know, the white people, roll their eyes, deny it, tell me I’m wrong. Tell me things will get worse, but it’s just the way things are. They’re the folks who will be taken out right away. Ever see the original feature film version of “The War of the Worlds”? Remember the three guys who put a white flag on a stick and march toward the Martian ship and get flash fried? That’s what will happen to the folks in denial. Now, the folks who do think the turds are going to hit the climate control, they are getting ready, little by little. I was a sheeple too, but at some point you have to face reality. However, as usual, I digress. More on the Second Civil War to come in another post. Honestly, there’s so much info to get out there I hope other people put up some blogs on L.A. and this other crap going on. We are at war people! Not all wars are on battlefields. But like I said, that’s for another post, another day.

Back to the non-white shuffle. Yeah, I know some of it is due to so many blacks and browns having asses that would put hippos to shame, and that makes it hard for them to move at all unless there’s a free handout in sight. That aside, a huge percentage of these animals in pants delight in screwing things up just to screw things up. In their minds, they’re stars, grabbing the same kind of attention their favorite rap stars are able to capture. On some levels, they just might be right. Like I said, I wasn’t going to post anything today, but observing this ritual that is such a constant among the darker people in Los Angeles (and Oakland, Detroit, NY and other places I’ve been) got me going. I’ve had some occasions where I knew there were no cops around and I buzzed some of these self absorbed manimals. Their reactions are usually hilarious. A few even think that they can run and keep up with a car. If you have any stories to share about this type of thing, post them in the comments and I’ll make sure everyone can read them. Not much of a post for the day, but like I said, it was unplanned. Like everything else, the blacks and browns screw up the simple act of crossing the street. No order. No order in africa (not capitalized, I know) or mexico (yep, not capitalized). There's no order because of the peoples that live in these places. Now we have no order in L.A. Take a look at who and what lives here. I rest my case for today.


Dystopian Observer said...

An unabashed expose on the sewer that is L.A., Mexico's second largest metropolis. Your writing is gritty and blunt, but far from untruthful. You call it just like it is. I look forward to your future postings on what we see happening around each and every day here.

Steiner88 said...

Well put. The White sheeple will die like flies, however. They've seen too
many movies and TV series glamorizing
Negroes and non Whites to want to defend themselves. Look at the English - now government agencies openly admit that it is government policy to discriminate against White English - and the stupid Limey's love it !! Can't say the spawn of Churchill don't deserve it.

Peterbill said...

Years ago I had a problem with immigrants who insisted on tailgating. They were from somewhere where this is considered OK, and it bothers me when anyone tailgates me. I rigged up a line to spray transmission fluid in the exhaust of my truck, and when they'd get behind me i'd give them a little whiff or a monster run-off-the-road cloud as circumstances allowed.

That was fun!

Anonymous said...

New Orleans, LA; corner of Canal and Loyola...

The behavior described in your blog post can be observed in full bloom*. They walk purposely slow and glare through your windshield daring you to honk the horn or inch forward.

*This was all observed when I lived in New Orleans over a decade ago. Katrina may have cleaned it up…I don’t know since I haven’t been back.

NW Fortress said...

I was born and raised in that cesspit that is So. Cal!! Thankfully we bugged out and only have a few family members left there. When we drive down for a visit, we notice how it starts to get darker and darker as we descend into mud valley. The last time we were down there, I wanted to drive back home on the first day!! It's become so dark, I feel like I'm in peru or some other shit hole. I would never move back there, I say leave north mexico and ready your selves for the onslaught, it is coming!! I love your blog by the way, I feel your pain!! Excellent use of adjectives!! Remember the ecoli outbreak with spinach? It's common knowledge that the short brown ones lay the shit right there in the field, on produce, rather than walk to the port-o-potty! Savages indeed!

JMnyu said...

There is no such thing as jaywalking in New York City. Everybody crosses when they can, no matter the color.
I grew up in LA and I do understand what you mean. Nice posts.

Sam said...

I like reading your blog. This is the second time I've read back to this post. I noticed you talk about a civil war in America. Maybe you've heard of this guy, Thomas W. Chittum. You'd probably like his book,"Civil War Two: The Coming Breakup of America". Light entertainment reading for a fellow that lives where you do. Here's some info on him and his web page if you're interested.

This ought to also make some jolly fun reading,"LA RIOTS from the eyes of 'texas arcane' ". He left the USA maybe 20 years ago. Claims we're doomed.

Here's his website. Heavily based on Neanderthals, Magnetic reversal, mass destruction and oh so interesting.