September 11, 2007


(continued from 9/2/07)

The instructions are more of a lecture that explains to one and all why we have been called to perform our civic duty. The lecture also makes it clear that there will be no easy escape from jury duty. The instructions would have been a bit easier to handle if they hadn’t been delivered with the fake accent. They also would have been easier to handle without the poor attempts at humor. Humor combined with fake accents. Oh Hell, I need to say the truth. It would have been better if the instructions hadn't been given by a cadre of mexicans. Mexicans that resembled a small herd of Water Buffalo. The shorter fat guy informed those that hadn’t been to court before that it “…eezent like TV! It won’ be like the Pipple’s Court.” This garnered a fair number of laughs from the Whites in the captive audience. How many of the laughs were genuine? Not very many. White people are so concerned with looking good or cool to minority folks, so busy trying to get along, they’ll make asses of themselves to show they are down with black and brown. The guy giving us instructions was just plain aggravating. He wasn't funny either. Not intentionally so. Besides his affected mexican accent, he had a distinctly feminine lilt to his voice and tilt in his gait. Being a flaming fag no doubt makes him indispensable as a county employee. Hispanic homo. A two-fer!

While the instructions continue I’m once again struck by how second-rate so many things are in California, now that we are forced to endure black and hispanic “authority”. How Whites have to go on and pretend that things are still efficient. That these people care as much about their work as we do. That they can all do as good a job as Whites. Sure. Take a look around. Reality is kicking all of us in the crotch every day. All day.

I kept taking notes and doodling while the Affirmative Action Hiree droned on. “We must also eenform you dat you can be ordered to go to ay-nuh-der court houthe.” Groans all around. In LA, you can be told to serve jury duty anywhere in the County. Officials claim they try to keep people close to home, but that day I spoke with one White Guy who lived in Lancaster yet was here downtown with the rest of us.

(Lancaster is a Hellish drive to or from downtown LA during the rush hours. It’s a high desert suburb, a place where a large number of Whites made a dash for it years ago to get away from the rising tide of black and brown sludge in LA proper. The govt has now filled parts of Palmdale/Lancaster with blacks and hispanics to make sure that White youngsters growing up in the area aren’t short-changed by missing out on diversity. Now besides shooting at each other, the packs of blacks and browns are busy attacking lone White kids on the streets. Anyone reading this from the Palmdale/Lancaster area, please feel free to send us your stories!)

Going from Lancaster to downtown LA isn’t quite as bad as being a White person from any part of the county and being sent to… Compton. This happens a lot. Compton is thought of as a black city, made famous by countless “songs” from rappers over the last 20 years. Compton these days is mostly latino, the US government having flooded the city with their new slave class, while moving the blacks into outlying areas - like Lancaster - to begin a new round of destruction on White neighborhoods. Compton was all White in the mid 60’s, all black by the early 70’s and majority latino by ‘02 or so. The pool of “eligible” jurors in the city and surrounding areas is small, heh, so a lot of people from “far away” get summoned to do the drive to Compton for jury duty. Last year several White people were beat up on the way back to their cars after jury duty. They didn’t want to put up with the hassle of parking in the Civic Center lots. So they parked on the residential streets next to Courts, etc. That's when they discovered there's still a sizable black population in Compton. “I didn’t think anything would happen during the day!” That's what one of the beating victims said. I have to say I doubt if any black or latino jurors would be so naive. If you get a summons and it says report to Compton, do anything you can to avoid it.

The instructions finally wind down. After 20 minutes of passionless speech overlayed with affected accents from our Masters I was ready for murder or at least a break. We were told to turn in our paperwork, pick up our badge holders and then take a seat. I looked around to see what people were doing. One middle aged White woman two seats away from me had a portable DVD player in her lap. Headphones happily jutting from her ears while she watched some Soap Opera. Ok, at least she’s smart enough to have brought something to occupy herself. I looked at more people. Specifically the White people. About 1/2 of the white people had brought something to read or something else to occupy their minds. The Asians were similar in percentage of those who had brought something to read or watch to pass the time. Only a couple of the hispanics had brought anything. A few were obviously hitting on each other, their instinct for a quick bump and run always going. The ones who weren’t looking for action, at least openly, sat. Staring. A few were watching the TV’s but most sat and looked around. Almost like they were casing the place. Three black males sat in different areas of the large room, watching everyone. Probably hoping to see someone leave a wallet or purse behind when they got up to go to the restroom or whatever. The other six blacks were huddled in a small side room watching a TV while mumbling amongst themselves.

I’m busy writing away when the intercom crackled and squeaked. One of the latinos in charge informed us that we could take a break just like regular city workers. A one hour break. At nine o’clock in the morning! I guess we were being treated like real city employees. This would give me a chance to wander around the building and look at the “line-up” for each of the different courtrooms, if you know what I mean. Just to make sure things were as diverse as they should be in the shining Capital of Multiculturalism.

I manage to avoid the stampede and stroll into the main hallway. Most of the jurors are headed straight toward a small snack shop. The snack shop is located right next to the restrooms. What does that tell you? I take a look inside the little store, all of the prospective black jurors are there. Already. The three fattest latino jurors are in there also. They appear to be protectively clutching the cinnamon rolls and breakfast burritos the same way the cavemen protected a dinosaur sparerib in the old movie “1 Million B.C.” How these two-legged sacks of lard were able to get there so quickly is beyond me. Maybe there’s some type of secret communications network. Similar to the ones non-whites apparently operate on the streets, letting each other know where all the freebies are coming from without alerting Whitey.

I meander down the hall and go to a door that has a sign above it that reads “Division 30”. I take a look at a look at a six or seven page list attached to the door. It’s a list of people who have “activity” pending that day. 80% of the names are ‘spanic. Bermudez. Gutierrez. Melendez. Martinez. Perdomo. Reynoso. Vasquez. Cebada. Cedillo. Medina. Nunez. Castillo. I started to believe that if I had torn a page from the White Pages from certain Southern California neighborhoods and dropped them into the Division 30 paperwork it wouldn’t have made a difference. All the same people would have been listed anyway. Not all of the names were latino. Some were identifiably American. As in “African-American”. Lavertes Washington. Rayfield Dinkins. Thamarcus Cliffs. Traventus Williams. Theotis Lamaar Peete. LeRoi Meekans. Dupree Rimms. It read like the typical felon packed NFL line-up you can see every Sunday on TV. There were a few names in there that could have been White Guys, but I’d bet most of them were black also. All of these oppressed people were no doubt railroaded into having to go to face "the man’s" racist “justice system”. I wandered to a couple of other floors in the building and was treated to the same thing.

Outside one courtroom a couple of seedy looking Armenian guys were collaring every black and latino who walked in or out. They were peddling a bail bonds company. I hope the pair were busy looting as many of these parasites as possible before hightailing back to Armenia.

The hallways were loaded with "fambly" members of the poor crooks who just couldn’t get a break. Depending on what part of the courtroom hallways you were in, it either felt like a war torn alley in Mogadishu or a smelly, fly filled alley in San Salvador. Incredible. The courts would be out of business without these people here. No wonder they’re so busy fighting for their rights instead of ours. Keep the work coming!

Before I knew it, breaktime was over! Time to go back to the holding pen to see if I'd be among those “lucky” enough to be called for a jury. Half of the crowd looked ready to pass out. I’m not tired or bored. I’m too busy laughing to myself over the courtroom line-ups that read like a Guadalajara phone book to be tired. Then the intercom crackled. “We weel be call-hing hout namez! Eef ju hear jour name, say ‘here’ and come to de front of de room.” Considering this guy’s accent, I almost want him to call out my name, just so I can hear it mangled in Spanglish. My name is not called.

I decide to take a break from writing notes, trying to come up with ideas for the blog. I go into the hallway and take a seat on one of the long benches that line both sides of the hallway. I had brought a novel with me. I cracked it open and at that very second a Chinese guy with an almost impenetrable accent sits down next to me and strikes up a conversation. Normally I’d have been irritated but today I’m hoping this guy can be a source of material if not the outright subject of a blog entry. Of all the people…

He’s in his late 30’s / early 40’s and dressed like the stereotypical “white trash” guy the media shoves in our faces all day long on the tube! He’s wearing a “Trak Auto” baseball cap, an old-style Rat Fink t-shirt and Dickie’s work jeans with boots. I immediately surmised this guy was not one of the millions of “study 6 hrs a day after school” Asians the government is flooding the former US with.“You bring-a book to keep from geh-ing bowad?” It took a fraction of a second for me to realize his final word was “bored”. Normally I would have told him I’d brought the book to keep people from sitting down next to me and starting conversations, but like I said, I was looking for material. He went on. “Jury duty no good. I like this country but jury system messed up, you know?”

I know lots of things but I just nod at him.

“I no make-a money while here. No pay. How ‘bout you?”

I nod “no” and can see this guy is wound up, looking to talk to anyone. At the same time, he’s looking at my face, then the book I’m reading, then the notebook. He’s curious but can’t bring himself to ask about the book or notebook. Is round-eye studying? Something must be wrong!

“But I still like it here in America. I go to Trade Tech when I get here. You know Trade Tech?” he asks me.

Trade Tech. Everyone in town “knows Trade Tech”. It’s a large trade school in downtown LA that’s across the street from the bldg that houses Traffic Court. It’s just a couple of miles from where he and I were sitting at that moment. Even in today’s dark times, the school still manages to keep going, teaching a variety of trades to students looking to go that route in life. The only problem I can see with Trade Tech is that it went the way of every other damn school in the US, favoring non-Whites over Whites when it comes to admissions. Courtesy of government enticements and official orders straight out of DC. On the other hand, it’s also true that American culture has been purposely twisted so that a huge percentage of Americans look down on people who work in certain trades. These nouveau snobs look at most trades as being dirty or only worthy of being “performed” by some type of lower caste human. These people picked up their snobby attitude from the friendly white-hating folks behind the media who detest manual labor and in fact hate almost all real work that doesn’t involve manipulating people out of their money through some type of deception. So they make light of honest labor even though everything in the country would fall apart without tradesmen doing their thing. The fact is some of these trades pay better than a lot of boring jobs that involve sitting at a desk and shuffling paper. At least they used to pay well until the floodgates were opened and guys like Kwai Chang Caine sitting next to me started taking all of the jobs.

“I learn auto mechanichhhs at Trade Tech. I fix da car. Fix it good.”

I want to ask him if he can “…drive the car,” but I refrain.

He asks me what I do. Apparently my profession doesn’t match the way I look. But I am "dressed to impress" as pointed out in Part 1. The tank top is really throwing people off. I’m intentionally dressed like a bum in the hopes that I will get kicked off a jury if called. This never should have been in the US auto-mechanic is a bit dressed down also. I doubt he dressed down on purpose. “Always work to do when you fix da cars. I gled to be here an’ working. That’s why I here, to work. Of course da people come here for da freedom but dere is lots of work!”

Lots of work depending on who and what you are. As long as you’re not White, the skids are greased and into the US you go to hasten the theft of land, jobs and money from the people who built America; Whites. Oh, is that a shocking statement? You were taught in school that black slaves, chinese coolies and “latino” fieldworkers built the US? If so, you need to be properly educated in terms of historical facts, not in lies created to destroy White self esteem while increasing the self esteem and feelings of self importance and superiority of non-Whites.

“You like’a jury duty?” I smirk and shake my head “no”. He’s not the most perceptive person I’ve met.

He keeps going, “I want to get out of here and go back to work.”

Don’t we all?

I'm thinking about the insanity of it all. A White scientist from Europe has little chance of getting into the US as an immigrant, because BY LAW 90% of immigrants to the US must be non-White. I'm talking legal immigrants. That's been the law of the land in the US since 1965. I'm sitting here with relatives who can't move to the US, some of them highly skilled scientists and technical people while next to me sits a guy from China who came here with no skills, who learned to be a mechanic at Trade Tech. Probably on our dime. Displacing a White American in the process. Every non-White who comes in is displacing a White. Displacing a relative of yours. Displacing YOU.

Just then another Chinese guy walks up. He’s overweight and looks like he can’t wait to sit down, which he does, right next to Kwai Chang. “Waste of a day,” the new arrival states. Kwai Chang nods, then says something in Chinese. The other guy sits up straight, thrilled to meet another Chinese speaker. Both of them start jabbering a mile a minute in Chinese. It sounded like a cockfight they were going at it so fast and loud. I got up, they looked at me like they had done something wrong! They sure had, but I don’t think their idea matched what I was thinking, ha! I pointed toward the restroom and made my exit.

I should have known better. Since I had been sitting on one of the benches in the hallway, I got up and went straight to the nearest restroom. It was one of the restrooms used by the “general public”. In other words, the restroom used by all the “pipples” who show up to see their homeys and cuz’s take a stand against the man in court. It wasn’t the worst restroom I’d seen in terms of degradation, but if the custodians didn’t get there soon it would shortly start tipping toward conditions seen in the Superdome post Katrina. No paper towels in the dispensers. I exited and went down the hallway back into the holding area for jurors and went to that restroom. Despite the high minority count, it was fairly clean and was stocked with paper towels.

A couple of minutes later, I was back in the holding room adding notes to my journal. The intercom crackled again. We were informed that “…ju can go to lunsh. Be back by one-turty.” It was 11:45 am. We really were being treated like city workers. I marched with the other jurors into the hallway and then went for the stairs. Two other people had the same idea as me. Everyone else went to the too-small elevators to wait and then fight their way on board for a short but very cramped ride.
Lunch? It was time to go to the L.A. Mall! Another educational experience. This little field trip really drove home the fact that the majority of city workers in LA are not White. Lots of hispanics. Fat hispanics. They must be the ethnic group with the highest percentage of lard lads and lasses in the US.

The L.A. Mall was a sight to see. It’s below street level and has a food court filled with fast food joints, a sandwich shop and a place serving Asian food. The food establishments were stacked with hispanic workers behind the counters. This set off the alarm bells in my head. I’ve explained before the aversion most hispanic workers have towards washing their hands. I’m wondering whether or not to seek out something that’s totally deep fried as it might be my best bet. Then I spy the Asian “restaurant”. At least the employees are all out in the open where I can see how they handle things. They’re also all Asians so maybe, just maybe, they’ll at least make an effort to wash their hands just because Whitey is watching.

I get my food and fight through the massive crowd for an indoor seat. Most of the seating at the mall is open air. No good. There’s homeless idiots wandering around the open-air dining area hassling everyone. I’m congratulating myself on avoiding them when all of a sudden to my right I hear someone talking to me. “Scuse me mistah! Would you be willing to help a young man who requires some cash in order to gets some lunch?” The ‘bro asking me for change is a sight. He’s at least 45 but presenting himself to me as a “young man.” He’s completely bald on top of his head, but has weird black curly cue hair snaking around each side of his head and sticking out in a fashion that makes him look like a black version of “Bozo the Clown”. He grins at me. I hate panhandlers. Never, ever give them change or respect.

“Go bug someone else.”

That stops him in his tracks. He blinks. He looks pissed but then nods his head and starts walking away. Then he slows down, turning back to look at me. Great. I’m going to have to fight Chicken George before I can finish my broccoli beef. I act like I’m furious, slowly getting up. Maybe I can bluff him. Like I’ve said before, I’m lucky I’m a fairly big guy. He turns away, nods to himself again and keeps walking. I start to sit back down, he looks back again, starts mouthing “motherfucker” and he turns away, disappearing into the mass of noon time lunch goers starting to flood the mall. Ok. I figure that bit of trouble is over for the day. I start to eat. And I start to carefully observe all the people entering the food court for their noon lunch break.

There’s a lot of middle aged White guys strolling in. They’re wearing suits. What are they doing here? They work in LA? I listen to them. They’re lawyers. Then a bunch of jewish looking guys in suits come in. They’re talking their asses off, loudly. They’re lawyers. All of a sudden I’m aware of someone standing to my left. Staring at me.

Long, isn’t it? That’s why there’s going to be a Part III, where I can get into the adventures of jury selection in Multicultural LA. If you made it this far, thanks for reading. If you’re in LA or any other area infected by multiculturalism, be careful out there. White people are targets, and our own governments have declared Open Season on us. Don’t forget it!


Anonymous said...

When I had jury duty in Detroit, they would not allow you to bring in anything that could be used as a weapon: chains, headphones, ipods, etc. You also couldn't bring in bags, lighters, etc.

I didn't bring a book because I didn't want to lose it. I could have used some James Ellroy that day. What a nightmare, having to watch some Sandra Bullock movie they had on tape.

The defendant in the trial was some goofy looking white kid dressed in a white zoot suit. He later pleaded guilty after showing up to court late. We were then sent home early.

Bixbite said...

A Cliffhanger! Looking forward to part tree!

You have a great writing style, really like your sense of humor.

iranianforaryans said...

Sounds worse than my jury duty experience in, CA.

BTW, I enjoyed the final suspense.

And, as bad as the non-Whites are, it's the White Man's fault for allowing them into the country, Jewish brainwashing notwithstanding.

I Love L.A. said...

Stop encouraging this liar. Mexicans are not the cause of trouble in L.A. or anywhere else. Without Mexicans the economy would collapse. They are hardworking and peaceful unless someone attacks them. This guy is a bad writer and you people praise him because you are racist.

nick said...

Great job. I felt like I was there!

Anonymous said...

Great article! Can't wait for the next installment!

Anonymous said...

I moved (for a reason) to LA in 1999. As a tradesman in the mfg. industry the work available was for designers,estimators, purchasing and any work that requires the ability to read and write.

What an "Arm Pit" to end up in at an age that I expected some respect.

Spent five years nauseating daily at my predicament and finally retiring.

I am trying to convince my son to find some place to move too rather than experience this shithole called Southern California.

This toilet is full and there is no water to flush it down the drain.

Big Effer said...

Glad to have some comments here. "Iranian for Aryans" is right to a certain point, but I think it's more a case of Whites having their hands tied at the moment more so than brainwashing - or in some cases, believing their hands are tied. Further deterioration of the situation(s) will lead to a breakdown in media and governmental control in many ways and will also lead to less fear in expressing opinion or taking action. When you have nothing to lose...

We'll get into all of that in a future posting. I didn't intend to make this a "cliffhanger", but I feel like getting it all off my chest. That means a long "story".

Hey, "i love l.a." - it might not be saying much, but I think I'm a better writer than Leonard Pitts and no doubt more capable than Antonio Villaraigosa.

Anonymous said...

Your prose are as good, or better than LA author Mike Davis.

If Mike Davis were to have an epiphany, he would be telling it the way your are telling it.

You arn't Mike Davis, are you?

Hesiod said...

"Mexicans are not the cause of trouble in L.A. or anywhere else. Without Mexicans the economy would collapse"

The economy would in fact grow by leaps and bounds without Mexicans, and every citizen would regain the following: Lower taxes, more efficient schools, better health care for every citizen at a lower price, full employment, rising wages for the working and middle classes, less crime, disease, and higher quality of life for the citizens of the United States, to whom all of these things should belong and have been stolen by invading Mexicans.

We could easily replicate the "Mexican contribution" to the US economy by conducting public school classes in pig-latin, packing 30 people into one-bedroom apartments, blowing up random hospitals so that health care resources become more scarce, infecting people with 3rd world diseases that were long ago eradicated by our white scientists, and straining public services to the breaking point, but I think we've had enough of that kind of contribution eh, Cesar?

Anonymous said...

Not all of the names were latino. Some were identifiably American. As in “African-American”. Lavertes Washington. Rayfield Dinkins. Thamarcus Cliffs. Traventus Williams. Theotis Lamaar Peete. LeRoi Meekans. Dupree Rimms. It read like the typical felon packed NFL line-up you can see every Sunday on TV.
Fantastic, you are very observant and funny; if it wasn't for being such serious and tragic times we are all forced to live through, it would reald like some of the best pages out of Mark Twain.
Keep the good pages coming.

Bixbite said...

Hey I love LA

Please go back to mexico and take all the illegal criminal aliens with you.

Otherwise STFU!

Bixbite said...

By the way, you sick f*ck I love LA

You criminal illegals are bankrupting America, not to mention, you criminal aliens murder and average of 12 Americans a day and you drunk driving
criminal illegals murder another 13 a day.

Go back to Mexico, we don't want or need your filth.

Bixbite said...

Heh, speaking of jury duty, last time I got called during the questioning, voi deare?, whatever, a latrino had home invaded and stabbed someone, I said I could not be fair because I had been the victim of a similar latrino crime, and as far as I was concerned he should get the death penalty.

I was dismissed, several white people chimed in about latrino crime and similarly got dismissed,
but I did not hang around to see how many people followed my example.

Anonymous said...

@ I Love L.A. said...

You must also like the "little il-legal boys", there is always a reason to encourage il-legals.

The Catholic Church is a good example,they love the un-educated il-legals for there own gain.

ex catholic

Big Effer said...

anonymous said...

...You arn't Mike Davis, are you?

You've made me curious. I'm going to get hold of some of his work and have a good read.

la raza pura said...

Mexicans are saving this country. Without us lot's of work would not get done. There are Mexican criminals only because they are poor. We are a great people. The Aztecs built pyramids while europes were in caves.

Anonymous said...

Still anxiously awaiting part three of pipples court. You certainly have a very ironic dead on take of the state of america. The war on Whites
is world wide. Look at Africa!

Thanks joos

Anonymous said...

Don't bother with Mike Davis. He's a glib Marxist who routinely embroiders reality - he really feels no compunction at all about just making up facts.

He can get away with this because he's part of the machine. But you can't, because you're not.

Try Bertrand de Jouvenel's On Power instead. That'll give you a handle on what's going on.

Big Effer said...

Ok - I'll, take a look at Bertrand de Jouvenel instead - but I'll probably take a peak at Davis' work anyway. Most people who get legit book contracts these days have their faces buried in the sacks of our current masters, even when they know what's going on.

"La Raza Pura" did awaken me to the fact that there were several "Europes". And here I thought there was only one. I should point out that I believe in certain ideas postulated in "alternate" history theories, one of those being that Whites actually built or directed the building of the pyramids in Mexico and Central America. That's why Aztec legends and others described "White Gods" with beards etc coming from the East. Take a look at the Mestizos and Indios coming from Mexico and Central America today. They can't even build sand castles.

Anonymous is right that the war on Whites is worldwide, and he thanks the responsible party. The same bunch our Prez, Governors, Senators et al bow down and give a deep tongue probe daily just to enjoy being political puppets with airtime on TV. I still run into idiots who think our politicians actually decide what's going on in the US, or in Iraq or wherever. Rampant stupidity. I wouldn't "anxiously" await "The Pipple's Court Part III". I'm actually shortening it - shortening my notes from jury duty or it would be seven parts long. I'll finish it up and then get to posting more "normal" rants like before, along with new pictures.

Thanks again for the comments.

Anonymous said...

Here is another good writer, totally different style, blogger shut him down by denying access to his blog by anyone but the writer.

Anonymous said...

Ok, I wasn't really anxious, I just admire the honesty and humor in your writing style. Joe six pack could immediately relate to your blog, because what you write is true and jsp has experienced this.

In the mean time remember the browning of america is merely a symptom of the disease, and the disease is joo. Joo hate you!

Anonymous said...

kids, while this guy confuses the symptoms with the disease, his site is worth checking out.

remember joo hate you

Anonymous said...

Check out, "City of Quartz" by Mike Davis.

Some of the right wing/blight wing types forget that Jack London was a socialist too, and one of the last American authors to understand the place of race & nation! Matter of fact all of the old time socialists were racists---Tom Watson, E.V. Debs etc. Of course they were White men and not jews.

Big Effer said...

I was kidding when I wrote about not "anxiously awaiting Part III" because I figured the person who wrote it was kidding me - in a good natured way.

It is true that guys like London et al were socialists, but they had a different view of what socialism should be in comparison to the, lets be honest now, judeo-socialism that ruled the old USSR and Eastern Europe. There are different types of socialism, different theories I should say, and I'm sure a fair percentage of "aware" folks out there can point to a "version" or two that worked.

I'll have more entries up shortly. That bug kicked my tail and now I'm playing catch-up in several areas where I got left behind after not doing much but trying to recover.

Again, thanks for the comments. I'm surprised that I really haven't received more in terms of negative feedback, although someone did forward a site to me so I could read their "review" of "A Picture is Worth a Thousand Illegals". I believe they said my blog is the "most amateurish piece of shit" they'd ever seen. I should mention they then said that we need to concentrate on real problems, like "global warming" etc. It was good for a belly laugh.

ScrewMexico said...

I enjoy the blog, your commentary on the plight of a LA drenched in diversity madness is right on target.

I got a kick out of "La Raza Pura"s comments. Boy those pyramids didn't help the Aztecs much when us European cavemen decided to pay a visit, did they? That's because to your heathen scumbag ancestors those pyramids were nothing but a big pile of rocks to stack human heads and hearts on while engaging in barbarity and cruelty on a gargantuan scale. Should have built more schools and fewer pyramids, huh?

In the meantime, enjoy the White technology that makes your life possible. Everytime you use something that came from our genius, remember all that "work" that wouldn't get done without you losers. We could replace all of you with a bunch of trained chimps and draft horses. They don't call it "Manual" labor for nothing!

Anonymous said...

The notice system is a joke. I've been told you can just ignore the mailed notice and claim you never got it since it's not certified mail. The notice says you have to respond in a certain number of days but there's no date on the notice!

An easy way to get out is use some racial slurs or indicate your WN status on the query form.

Anonymous said...

You must be invisible to the joo radar. Plenty of brain washed Whites too, but not many illegal criminal aliens can read and write much less speak English.

Anonymous said...

Please keep up the great writing. I am from Atlanta, Ga. and it is interesting to see that L.A. and Atlanta have so much in common. It is really unfortunate, but we have had a HUGE influx of Latrinos and they have pushed the blacks out of certain areas around the Atlanta Suburbs. Same Shit different town I guess.

I can't believe you are staying in that shithole....I plan on moving out of Atlanta as soon as possible. Good Luck and you are doing a GREAT job with your writings...I think it is VERY professional and written in a prose that is highly entertaining and the blacks say "Dunt lizen to dem hatez...

Anonymous said...

Where the f is part tres? The pipples totally delusional toxic kill whitey court?

They did not poison you with mexcrement?

Please say no, plus, I'm totally guessing but are you in your 20's

You already assumed I was a guy, but that is ok.

Big Effer said...

I'll post part III Tuesday evening. I've been playing catch-up on work and my personal life after two weeks of being ill. I wouldn't doubt the bug had something to do with mexcrement. Who the hell gets a bad flu bug this time of year? I have some other ideas I'll post to the blog later this week. Thanks for your patience. For those sending hate mail (which are really just comments), thanks for stopping by and reading. If you hate this site so much, I'm glad I was able to make you waste a chunk of your day and piss you off greatly. I'd write a message to the irritated "hispanics", but since they can't read English, at least not very well, why bother?

To the anonymous poster from GA; I'm here in L.A. because of my job. Just like most of the Whites still stuck here in Multiculturalism's Ground Zero. The work I do isn't exactly something that's done all over the country. You'd never know it from the way I run the blog, but I actually have a technical background. Most of the work I cut my teeth on has been overrun with foreigners, H1B's, etc. It takes 3 of them plus White supervision to do what I used to do. No exaggeration.


your all racists

we will bury you when the war comes

all the people of the world will unite to kill you white devils

the time of the white man is over

our brown pride will see victory

our brothers in china, india, and africa will also triumph and you will be extinct

you do not have the heart to fight whites are cowards we will kill you and take your women as our slaves and prizes

Intelligent Modern Man said...

I agree that this blog is the most amateurish piece of shit on the web. It's filled with lies and exaggerations. You are trying to blame all of societies problems on minorities. These people succeed and do very well despite having to fight racism from people like you every step of the way. The government makes things harder for them not easier. The immigrants bring enthusiasm that is not found anymore in whites. Whites have an old culture. It is stale. These people are vibrant and add to the great quilt that is America. It is true that our greatest strength is our diversity. You and the other racist idiots here should keep that in mind.

Iranian For Aryans said...

Big Effer,

I've taken you up on your word. I've started my new blog:
Pls "share" the love.


Anonymous said...

I particularly liked your description of the stacatto jibber-jabbering between two Chinese as 'cockfight' - a most poetic and eloquent evocation of the uninteligible random squawks, barks and crows that one imagines such a 'conversation' to consist of.

Hesiod said...

"Whites have an old culture. It is stale. These people are vibrant and add to the great quilt that is America. It is true that our greatest strength is our diversity"

Look, intelligent modern man (snicker), you've probably been suckered into believeing this nonsense, but try to examine it rationally. White culture is the only thing that keeps the lights on, and everyone knows it. Some of us pretend we don't know, but I can point to hundreds of places, pipple, and situations that back up my assertions. I'll go out on a limb and bet that you can't name one factual scenario where adding africans or mestizos to a White society has improved anything. I can name hundreds of instances of destruction, death, crime, disease, and failure, though.

If mestizo culture is so vibrant, what is it achieving on its home front? What facets of Mexico, Guatamala, and El Salvador would you wish to "strengthen" our culture with? Death squads? Poverty? Illiteracy? Corruption?

When it comes down to it, IMM, you are thinking of tequila and tacos and the rich pageantry of Mariachi music on a sun-drenched patio. The reality is quite a dismal mess, but you have things confused in your mind.

There is no masquerade of assimilation now. It is a simple expression of demographic power. In other words, the people from those cultures are not striving to become fully American, they are simply bringing Mexico, Guatemala, and El Salvador to America, with the demand that we accept that portions of our society simply turn into those dysfunctional places. Please tell us how this sort of diversity is improving our schools, public health, economy and quality of life?

Joe B said...

Hey stone shitcano, you may think again about the Indians and Chinese. They identify more closely with White man than with brown shit due to their Higher I.Q. levels (I.Q. is intelligence quotient shitcano)
And your bravado only seems to come with their help and the sub-apes from africa. You will be crushed like the fleas you are.
I wonder why the Spaniards did not finish off these little brown munchkins?

Yaditegomna said...

Keep the sharp witted analysis coming. If you think it's bad in LA you should visit Detroit. Detroit is one big ghetto. Believe it or not the enitire city (not just parts of it, like LA) is tantamount to a cess pool. Blacks are the cause of all that ails that ghetto. They've had the power since the late 60's and have succeeded in ethnically cleansing a once vibrant city of all productive Whites. Look forward to reading and sharing your BLOG. 'Wake up White America!"