November 10, 2007


One of the 6,329,418 reasons LA sucks is the fact that there's a tremendous amount of queers in this town.

The story run by so-called conservative Michelle Malkin a few days ago dovetailed nicely with my experience on Halloween. You can go to the following link and read about ABC News hiring homo actors to go out and publicly get intimate with each other:

The fine folks at ABC News wanted the "actors" to get intimate in front of straight people in order to "provoke reaction". Why? Why to show all of us who aren’t toeing the PC line when it comes to our views on homos how intolerant, stupid and wrongheaded those rednecks hicks are down South. More correctly, to show us that anyone who isn’t “accepting” of homos is not with it, wrong, a hater. You don’t want to be like them, do you? You aren’t hiding your ill-informed views by keeping your disgust of fags to yourself, are you? You don’t want to be “wrong”, do you? You do want to be like everyone else, and enthuse how much you like buttfuckers, right? You do realize that anyone who thinks rump-raiders are strange and sick is on par with racists, right? The people behind this mess know exactly what’s going on and are doing their level best to try and come up with new ways to indoctrinate the masses while having a good laugh at how they’re pissing on traditional, Western White Culture. In fact, Malkin herself is just cover, just a diversion. Something to be used to continue the brainwashing. More on that below.

Faggots in the former U.S. have managed to attain a status close to or equal to that of blacks, latinos, jews, and other groups who have been deemed sacrosanct, above criticism in today’s Brave New World. The average brainwashed White lemming goes right along with PC policy designed to destroy White culture and identity, at least publicly. You mention someone’s a filthy, perverted bone smoking homo and you hear things like:

“What does it matter?”

“Who cares what they do at home?”

“As long as they keep it to themselves I don’t care.”

“I have gay friends.”

These days you can of course substitute blacks, spicks, jews, indians, asians, sadists, just about anything but straight White male for "homo" and you’ll get similar answers. The brainwashed Whites are Pavlovian in their responses. I guess we see other examples of similar reactions in complaints posted on many sites throughout the web that attempt to point out certain inconvenient facts. Once in a while some sane person will manage to have a letter printed in a newspaper or magazine or post some sensible comments on a “mainstream” news site that point out what twisted, sick, perverse monsters most queers are and just like any missive that points out faults, problems, and uncomfortable truths about an anointed group, the brave soul’s message will be framed in a way that makes their thoughts appear to be outside the norm, the rantings of some lunatic or a person bordering on the primitive who’d be better off in the distant, ignorant past rather than in today’s enlightened times.

This brings me to Halloween. A day that has become one of the most sacred on the faggot calendar.

Remember when Halloween was merely a fun day for kids, especially small children? They could dress up and go trick or treating, parents could take pictures, everyone would have a fun time, maybe a party here or there. It seems like those days are long gone in large sections of what is still called America.

A day that used to be fun for the kids has turned into some kind of festival celebrating the bizarre, the sick, superstitions and the profane, with most of it wrapped up in juvenile self-absorption. Nowhere is it more concentrated than in Southern California’s own West Hollywood, better known as “Boy’s Town” to the locals, and we’re not talking about any place that has to do with Father Flannigan. We’re talking about the city of West Hollywood, a faggot filled “village” surrounded by LA and squeezed up next to Beverly Hills. The place is crawling with AIDS riddled queers. Its Halloween party is supposedly the largest in the former US of A. Crowd estimates for this year’s fest ranged from 350,000 to 500,000. I don’t know how many actual humans were part of the huge crowd of freaks in SoCal’s version of Sodom & Gomorrah, but there was at least one there. That would be me, Big Effer, on hand as your intrepid reporter for an evening of horrors.

Halloween has somehow morphed into a day in which we’re supposed to step back and marvel at the wonderful “creativity” and “personality” of homosexuals and other sexual perverts who define the new era, a new era of acceptance. Supposedly gone are the ignorant days of yore when people who believed that men buggering and sodomizing each other wasn’t quite what nature intended.

The city of West Hollywood decided to block off a long stretch of Santa Monica Blvd, from La Cienega to Almont Dr. Several local radio stations set up tents and dance areas. There were food stands left and right, and dozens and dozens of portable toilets lining both sides of the street on one long stretch, meaning there were plenty of places for the queers to hook up in semi-privacy if they wanted to. Most didn’t bother. They could do that publicly. After all, it’s Halloween. It’s West Hollywood. It’s the sunset of Western Civilization. May as well party like there’s no tomorrow…

Queers are another of the many “outlier” groups that are feeling their collective oats these days, much in the same way that blacks, latinos and other non-whites are in the current situation in America. The butt-pirates are entrenched in the media, even appearing to enjoy some measure of media control, not a small part of that owed to the fact that the group that basically owns most of the media sees bone-smokers as another group of useful idiots, effective tools that can be used to aid in the breakdown of orderly White Western societies along with hordes of non-white invaders and a calculated dumbing down and trashing of our culture. It’s doubtful that some hate-filled, self deceptive hypocrite like Sumner Redstone (real name: Murray Rothstein), head of Viacom, “owner” of MTV, etc. actually has any respect for some guy who bends over and takes another man’s pole up his rear, but he does see the “value” in using such a sick individual to destroy the society that plays host to him and his ilk. That’s how Whites are being repaid for giving up their lives in WWII and other bullshit wars presented to the public with cover stories that are so far from reality as to border on science fiction. But the big lie has worked for decades, as long as you control the media. Our enemies control most of the media. One of their pet big lies is that queers are normal. They say queers are normal to imply that you, a normal White person, are abnormal in some fashion.

Fudge-packers are normal? On what planet? They’re sick, twisted, abnormal, self-absorbed creatures whose every thought apparently centers on sexual perversion. Keeping this in mind can’t help but make me wonder how evil and twisted those are who try to present these creatures as normal to us, to try to make normal people’s children look up to these things, to be influenced by them, to follow them.

With camera in hand I decided to wade in and record some of what was going on at this year’s West Hollywood Halloween Festival. I apologize now for the picture quality. I didn’t find out until I had arrived at the horrific spectacle that the flash was not operative on the camera. I believe I still managed to get some shots that I think convey the spirit of the evening. Pictures that show just how normal and mainstream the poofters are. Keep in mind that these pictures I have posted are a small example of what you could see strutting their stuff in Fagville. Thousands of these monsters were strolling the boulevard making their “statements” with “costumes” or barely wearing anything at all. Normal all the way. Hey, if they say it on TV it must be true!

Look at this guy. Yes, he’s dressed up like some kind of fat woman who's supposed to be exposing “herself”. He’s letting his very real manboobs hang out in the Halloween air. From the waist down, he’s wearing a prosthetic to make it appear as if he has dangling pudenda that are supposed to titillate bystanders. Yeah, he’s normal. Do you want him working around or with your children? Handling your food? Maybe he’s a male nurse at a local hospital. If he contracted AIDS, you think he’d make sure he took precautions to ensure he didn’t “accidentally” infect patients? I got a kick out of some White teens who walked by, called this guy a “fag” and threw a Slurpee at him before ducking into the crowd. Gives me hope that at least a few kids are able to overcome some of the brainwashing.

Then we’ve got this piece of work. For a few seconds I thought it was steroid queen Marion Jones, then I thought that maybe it was Serena Williams, but I realized that it was too small. When I got closer, I was able to see that it was just another, normal, 6’3” black fag in go-go boots and a mini-skirt. Normal. You go…er, girl. I guess.

Don’t think I’m going to leave the latinos out of this. No sir. You can see in the images above how happy the two macho mexicans were to have their picture taken by Big Effer. Lord knows what they do with burritos, never mind each other. Normal as can be, you betcha. Don’t you dare think these lisping cross-dressers are strange. Bad thoughts like that mean you aren’t like everyone else, they mean you’re bad. You don’t want to be called a hater, do you?

It was amazing to see how enamored with themselves these fags were. Wigs, high heels, fluffy mini-skirts. Without the heels, three of the four were my height. Yes indeed, nothing more than a few normal, manly men out for a stroll. The guy closest to me gave me a dirty look because he could tell I was laughing at them instead of with them. But he didn’t have the nerve to actually say anything. I wondered why the Hell the old guy wanted to take a picture with them, but then I saw the huge scar on the side of his head and figured he’d had part of his brain removed and didn’t really know what was going on. He probably thought he was at his high school prom. Normal guys. Right? Fun loving drag queens. You should have seen them whistling at the straight 11 and 12 year old boys walking by. I am not kidding.

Then there was this slice of Americana. Literally starkers. A nice jewish boy with a skull covering his pathetic pecker, claws, a footlong rubber tongue and bizarre fangs. Normal as could be. If you think strutting around with a Daniel Boone coonskin cap pasted to your ass and an animal skull glued to your crotch is normal. How creative! How cute! How wonderful! How normal!

Skull Dick also had a friend with him. This guy jammed an ice-cream cone or something over his prick and preened and pranced with his buddy. The brainwashed sheeple couldn’t wait for their turn to take pictures with these guys. Poster boys for tolerance I reckon.

Look at the face on the baby at the left. His mother deserves a kick in the teeth for bringing a child to this "festival". Seeing little children like this in this atmosphere was the most disturbing thing about the evening.

There's no shortage of stupid people and certainly no shortage of sick perverts in the former U.S. of A.

This guy gave me a dirty look. Why? As I was taking the picture I told him I could tell he absolutely believed in the statement printed on his shirt.

These old queens were being interviewed for something called “On The Box”. I elbowed my way in, right next to the TV Cameraman, and got to hear these flits say that they were “…living their fantasy,” wearing police hats etc, fireman's coats, women’s wigs, heels. All of you out there have fantasies like this, right? If you don’t, you’re not normal. You don’t want to be left out do you? C’mon guys, go out and get yourself a pair of pumps ASAP.

Another display of normalcy. This guy was dressed like some kind of fuzzy Bee from a kid’s TV show, except that he made sure his bare ass was hanging in the breeze for all to see. I thought this type of thing was illegal, but not one of the many deputy sheriffs on duty nabbed the guy for exposing himself. In my mind, his mincing and prancing combined with the outfit warranted the death penalty.

TV programs were being taped all over the place. Wonder how she got her job? I don’t know who she is, but her profile does make it appear as if some type of ethnic cronyism might be in play. I could be wrong, and it might just be another case of a star-stuck woman in Hollywood who banged the right person.

I said it earlier and I’ll say it again. These pictures are a small example of the sickness that was on display. I’ll bet a fag pride parade is worse. Maybe I’ll have to get a few shots from one of those fests and post them in order to try and wake up a few people.

Face it; everything that’s abnormal is being called normal, ordinary. Everything ordinary, orderly, normal, is being called abnormal. If it’s part of everyday, traditional White culture that is. The Boy Scouts are damn right to not want these freaks in charge of a bunch of kids. Never mind the real reasons the scurvy peter-puffers want to get cozy with young boys. Make yourself wonder about what kind of person would be working hard to force faggots on Scouts, on our culture. Fags, rappers, black and brown gang bangers, crosses dropped in buckets of urine, everything strange, filthy, primitive and disgusting is being rubbed in our faces. The people doing it to us don’t think that any of this crap is normal; they just enjoy destroying our culture and our people. Take a look around. They’re busy ruining everything you see, even Halloween.

Oh yeah, I mentioned Michelle Malkin being cover. She’s being used to throw the sheeple off the trail. I’d bet a lot of you know this already. You can go here to read about here some of her background;
How quaint. Her husband is “Russian Jewish”. We all know what happened over there in Russia with those folks in charge, and what they’re doing here now. Using fags and using people like Malkin. Think she’d have gotten her plum gigs without the aid of her hubby’s “extended family”? She goes on about her mom and aunt in the link listed directly above and all I can think about is our screwed up “legal” immigration policies. All I can think of is the fact she shouldn’t even be in this country, wouldn’t even be in this country if it weren’t for the Immigration Act of 1965, courtesy of Emanuel Cellar and Jacob Javits. Don’t bring up Ted Kennedy, he was merely a ‘sponsor’ of the bill, a paid shill. A paid shill or they took him to a screening room, ran the Zapruder film and said, “go along” or you’ll end up like Johnny. In the end, we’re being buried under a flood of “legal” non-white immigrants, giving us people like Malkin, illegal immigrants, giving us mexicans, africans, haitians, you name it, and queers strutting their sick stuff all over the country and telling us we’re sick if we’re offended by grown men wearing children’s animal costumes with the ass cut out of them.

With Malkin and other phony non-whites like her out front, pretending to be outraged about fags, illegal aliens, affirmative action and every other weapon being used against Whites, a lot of Whites are supposed to feel better; “See? She’s not White, but she’s on our side. I’ll bet a lot of the smart people who aren’t White are on our side. They have some common sense! She’s just like us! We don’t have to put ourselves out there, we can let our non-white heroes go out there and do it for us because they don’t catch the flack we wimpy White folks are hit with.”

Malkin and her ilk are doing nothing for us. They’re merely used as an outlet for angry Whites. Their statements and stances are supposed to soothe us. We see a non-White on “our side”, out there acting like they’re getting it done and our masters figure it will keep us from actually doing things, getting things done, biting the bullet and doing it for real. It’s also supposed to put a non-threatening face on the coloreds. This works on a lot of people, but not everyone.

Malkin and the rest like her in the mainstream media, White or non-white, are all frauds. It’s all a charade, scripted and directed like an episode of “I Love Lucy” except the actors and directors are laughing at the audience, 24/7.

Thanks for reading. I apologize for not being able to insert actual links for the Malkin stuff. For some reason, Blogger was not allowing me to enter those. Maybe I can correct it tomorrow along with fixing any of the usual typos from banging it out so quickly.

Big Effer


Sudaev said...

Michelle Malkin should be working in a massage parlor.

A lot of people don't know this, but the West Hollywood Sheriff's patrol cars had the "gay" flag or whatever it's called, on the rear doors. I saw this with my own eyes--it was that fag spectrum design, in the shape of the city (as seen on a map). I don't know if they're still doing it.

Anonymous said...

Great article! I am so sick of homos being promoted as hip and cool. Look at all the programs geared towards females and all you see are fags! Woman today are programmed to love homos and actually value a fag's opinion over anyone else. Why on earth would a woman want a faggot "male" telling her how to dress or decorate. I am so sick of fags. Thank you for trying to wake up the lemmings!

Anonymous said...

I don't see how you managed to "be tolerant" and take pictures of that shit, especially the part with the faggot Jew monster and the abusive mother destroying her child while the brown mongrel bastards and White traitors look on, take pictures on their cell phones, and giggle, ad nauseum...

Also, I have a bad feeling that BLOGGER/GOOGLE is going to "memory-hole" your blog pretty soon. I've saved all of the blog entries and comment sections for posterity, as we should all do with enlightening things we find on the internet. I hope I am wrong, but I don't think Jewoogle has much more tolerance for your intolerance, especially after those photos you took of the child molesters.

brian boru said...

A couple of generations ago all medical societies in, what were then, civilized white countries considered homosexuality a mental illness. In addition, such behaviour was illegal.
Of course, it is just another weapon in the kikes' arsenal, along with feminism, multiculturism, drugs and so on, being used to destroy us.
It's a hard sell getting ordinary whites to accept that those vermin you have portrayed are normal. However, hymie has very effective resources at his command to brainwash our people. After all they managed to get them to accept niggers and other subhumans as their equals and to believe that women are just the same as men in all significant ways.
A search of the internet will quickly show the overwhelming preponderance of kikes in the 'gay' movement and we know that they control the media.
This sort of corruption of white civilization cannot continue for much longer without serious conseaquences. I think the economic catastrophe around the corner will be the catalyst for violent upheaval and the sweeping away of this dross.

Anonymous said...

I have to admit that this post made me laugh--but I have to say that as a gay man these clowns in the photos are the absolute freaks amongst gay people. These people are like a freak show that only comes out during "gay pride"--which is a complete waste of time anyway--and most gay people have never even gone to a gay pride parade.

90% of us--you'd never know in a million years. I have no control over the fact that I'm not attracted to women. Chill out, man, we are not part of the problem.

Big Effer said...

I have to disagree. In point of fact radical homosexuals are a huge part of the problem. Shoving "Heather Has Two Mommies" or "How-To" material on gay sex into the hands of schoolkids aged 5 - 8 years old is despicable predatory behavior intentionally designed to attack and provoke. I'm sure there are people who are gay because of some type of genetic foul-up. But the reasons why they're homo aren't the problem. No one mentions that gays in the mainstream media always talk about what they are but never about what they do.

If the blog gets torpedoed I'll put it right back up on the web. I've also considered "mirroring" the blog under several different services.

It was very hard to keep from punting a few of these kooks to the curb when they'd do their thing in front of kids. What's worse though is the fact that the parents brought the children to the "party". I remember the gay rainbow on the Sheriff's vehicles, I believe it was actually one of the city's official symbols for awhile. I don't think I've seen it on the cars for quite awhile.

epidemic said...

Good post. I've never been to West Hollywood, but I noticed the fag banner all over street signs and poles in Pennsylvania. Big cities seem to love marketing themselves as pro-fag so they can profit from the new fag tourism business, apparently.

Now everyone remember to brag about having gay friends so you can prove you're more tolerant and diversity-loving than everyone else!

Anonymous said...

I use Firefox browser, only the last few photographs appeared, all the rest were blanks, not even an empty frame ?

Anonymous said...

I know it's genetic--I knew I was gay in the 4th grade.

You are right that there are "gay activists" who push this multicultural crap in the media but all of that is dying out. The mainstream media is dying and it is because people, including gay people, are tired of the PC bullshit. I swear to God a friend of mine in San Francisco told me three years ago that the "liberals had ruined San Francisco"--which shocked me, being from Texas and fairly conservative.

We are at the end of the sixties generation stranglehold on the media--everybody can feel it. People, particularly straight white males, are tired of it. I hope you guys on this site can see that many of us so-called minorities are not against you. I am ex-military, 6'2" and 230 lbs and am mistaken for a straight white male all the time and I have felt the hostility. It's wrong.

People should love each other.

Anonymous said...

You have crossed the line!

When you expose the "Homojewinous Hollyhomo" to the world thats it!

Hope you have a "Back Up Plan".

In fact, I better post this comment before, your blog on googeley gets short circuited to the "truth_dump.jew" folder.

Oh,I almost forgot, Do you think the Nativity Display in Hollyhomo will have all "bare butted figures"?.

Big Effer said...

By the way, I should mention this particular blog entry has gotten more hits from around the world than any of the others. Talk about networking.

Anonymous said...

Was that you, Big Effer, or your kike boyfriend Weibermann, dressed as a popsicle? The one with the stick up the ass?

Big Effer said...

At 11:36 pm - my time - I finished reposting the 15 (!) pictures that had been killed. Let's see how long they remain up. I won't keep reposting and reposting - then again, maybe if I block out the eyes of the flitters they'll let them stay up. We'll see. Thanks for commenting.

Big Effer said...

I know you guys are notoriously uncreative while asserting otherwise, but please come up with better insults than those from the "...I know you are, but what am I?" variety.

Tim Crowley said...

You bastards are too uptight. Come up here to Washington and we'll loosen you up. You're all probably latent anyway.

Rasputin said...

Tim Crowley - what are you going to do - stick your tongue out. In a healthy society these creeps would be so far back int the closet that the energizer bunny couldn't lead them to the door.

Anonymous said...

You would be surprised at how many gay people agree with a lot of your ideas. The freaks you showed in your story are not the majority but they are the majority at gay pride parades and halloween shows.

brian boru said...

It's significant that bumboys like Crowley have to come on sites like this to criticise our opinions. There are thousands of sites out there catering for every type of pervert imaginable, while the mainstream media is constantly pushing the homo agenda. Yet, Crowley and his ilk 'cruise' the internet looking for anyone who doesn't tow the pro-homo line. How dare we criticise homos or show them in a negative light. The fags are just like the kikes, hyper-sensitive to any criticism, because at heart they know that they are corrupt. It is not unexpected that homos are emotionally disturbed people. Subconsciously they know that their activities are sick. Just as kikes are paranoid and neurotic because they know that their criminal behaviour warrants retaliation.
Whether normal men are latent or not is irrelevant. It is possible that we are all latent criminals or perverts but normal, civilised people resist those tendencies or urges. I might be a latent heroin junkie but if I had the urge or opportunity to shoot up I would resist it so the latency remains just that, latent.
Your criticism of us that we are uptight is typical of those with weak will who can't or won't resist corrupt behaviour.
How many adolescent boys have you loosened up Crowley?

Anonymous said...

This was some pretty sick stuff, but if the sheenies and ACLU have their way we'll have fag parties on this scale in every town. Michelle Malkin is just another israel worshipping phony conservative. I wrote her a few weeks back telling her as much but not surprisingly didn't get a response.

Anonymous said...

I thought bumboy had run off after the verbal lashing we gave him on another thread.

Crowley, seeing how blacks and browns hate homos and there being here increases global warming, are you still gung ho for illegal immigration?

bruce said...

Thank you for sharing your photos from your private files, Big E. They were enlightening to say the least. I also got some ideas on what not to wear next Halloween.

happy talk said...

"Michelle Malkin should be working in a massage parlor."

Too funny! Could you imagine her yakking on inanely while dispensing 35 happy endings a day. The girl in the next room over would probably run in front of a bus after a week of that.

Anonymous said...

Another great unadorned piece of reality reporting. My goodness, that fiendish looking cannibal with a monstrous excrescence is the epitome of an utmost sickness of the 'liberal' society. Repugnant is an understatment, folks. In comparison to an anal cannibal like that -my god, even the TNB at their worst would at times seem to be an acme of civilization. Friggin' scary.

Anonymous said...

you are all jealous assholes

when we oppressed take over we will make you all serve as concubines to powerful men

when your minds come right then you will be allowed to go free

it dosen't matter who you sleep with love is love

you have been brainwahsed by fascists

Anonymous said...

I haven't been brainwashed by Fascist, I AM FASCIST !! If the NS and Fascist had been able to defeat the Commie (Russia) and Reactionary (the United State) powers, Europe would not only exist today but would be a cradle of flowering civilization - and NO KIKES, NO NIGGERS, NO SAND NIGGERS.

Anonymous said...

Finally the "Root of the Black Mentality".


Reference: NYC Court Case.

Maybe "Baby Fingers and Toes also".

Anonymous said...

Big Effer,thanx a lot.I laughed so hard at" Halloween" that I broke a blood vessel in my left eye,and today it's all bloodshot.I'm a 56 yo 6',211lb big effer too.Living in the San Pedro area,I can match every one of your hilariously written stories.My "pipples court" was in Long Beach.My excursions to the 99cent store never fail to amuse.Fast food?you betcha!It's good to be big and stand up to these beasts that are used to YT backing down,disturbing their chi.What gets tough is when you're with PC friends/family who getangry, embarrassed,And "disappointed in me because I'm too smart to be such a racist".

Anonymous said...

I agreed with almost everything you stated on this blog.
It's quite apparent to all but the totally brain dead that War has been declared on White people and it's being waged largely by the Black and Hispanic criminal element.
Bob Grant a well known NY radio talk show host once said "War has been declared on us but we haven't figured it out yet."
As for Michelle Malkin, I've known her and her family since she a HS freshman.
She is as real a person as one can be. TO say that she should not be in this country is an outrage.Her parents did the prescribed wait of several years before becoming citizens. They are a wonderful family and wonderful, loyal Americans. Most of our Filipino Americans are fine people.
Asians are also prime targets for Blacks and Hispanics. They hate Asians because for the most part, they're industrious people whose work ethic far exceeds that of the Blacks and Hispanics.
As for Jew Baiting, it is true that they are in the forefront of the Progressive movement but by the same token many Jews may be included on the Black hit list. They seem to suffer from a sort of denial about how much Blacks despise them despite the manical rantings of Farrakhan, Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, Samir King Shabazz ( who openly called for genocide and infanticide against Whites while Philadelphia PD sat in their vehicles and did nothing. This is a sonafabitch who even has You Tube videos in which he discusses various possible ways to kill White infants in their hospital nurseries.
As for the flamboyant gays, they'll be the first to "go" when the Muslims take over which seems to be the ultimate goal of our so called "government". The Black and the Mexicans and Central Americans are the useful idiots of the regime.

America was lost while we watched NFL, NBA ( Black dominated) unreal reality shows, America has Talent and a host of other mind destroying garbage passing for entertainment.
Our media generally characterize the White male as a bumbling fool who, especially in commercials, provokes disapproving looks or admonishments from Black people who are scandalized by the behavior of the White. WE also have Black actors who are forever saving the world, bringing low life White criminals to justice, rescuing beautiful WHite women who are about to be raped by Whites which BTW is common fare on Law and Order SVU. Here we are in NYC with a unit that deals with sex crimes and yet there is NEVER a Black rapist. In one episode there was a serial rapist who was praying on young coeds. A Black suspect was arrested but in the end, it was discovered that a White guy was the culprit. It show how little regard the media have for our intelligence.

The pairing of White women with Blacks in commercials has gone viral and now we even have mulatto kids in commercials. Another factor is the deifying of monsters like MLK (hypocrite, communist, pervert), Nelson Mandela ( terrorist and murderer)
THe government's total disregard vis a vis the slaughter of Afrikaner farm families is SA is an outrage and we refuse them asylum her in the US.
We've got to keep our eyes on the real enemy; primarily the Black criminal population who have been the running dogs of every Administration since LBJ.
Excuse me if this post seems rambling but I'm really pissed off at what we have allowed to happen.