October 21, 2007


Palmdale is a suburb North of Los Angeles. It used to be a nice place. It was a place many Whites moved to escape the rising tide of brown and black sludge in Los Angeles. With the US Govt’s population replacement plans moving full steam ahead, Palmdale is no longer such a nice place. The govt and even housing developers have worked together to make the American Nightmare a reality for those Whites who had the gall to try and get away. The saying, "Let them eat cake," has taken on a whole new meaning in Palmdale.

Housing developers working with the US govt to do this? Sure. Before I can get to the cake story, a little background is necessary. The background I'm referring to is just one element of many that synergistically worked together to wreck a once nice community. But one that I think needs some mention. So back to Southern California housing developers. One of those developers is Eli Broad of Kaufman-Broad (these days called “KB Homes”), he's the head of one of the biggest housing development companies in the world. He's not the only developer up to what I'm going to describe, but he's probably one of the biggest, if not the biggest and best example to use to get things cooking. Broad and others built large developments in Palmdale - Lancaster and other suburbs that Whites originally flocked to in droves. Broad was also the largest contributor to LA Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa’s election campaign. Why would KB Homes do such a thing? Why would someone building houses, someone who would apparently depending on working people, meaning White people, to make money, back an anti-white, no brains mexican politician? (Villagraigosa has failed the CA State Bar Exam 4 times) Doesn’t having more mexicans or blacks in an area drive property prices down? Sure. But that doesn’t bother criminal racists like Eli and certain other housing developers. Once the houses have first sold, KB Homes has made their money. Eli doesn’t care what’s happens after that. Actually he does. But not in the way most people would think he and others in his position would care. He’s made his money and now it’s time to play some games to make more money. Play games that destroy the lives of regular White people. But who cares about them, right? Certainly not any of the governments in the West today, least of all the US government.

To make more money, KB Homes needs to create new developments. To fill the new developments, they need White people to move in. To make the White people pack up and move, KB needs to roll the savages into the neighborhoods inhabited by those Whites. That’ll make the Whites pull up the stakes a lot quicker than they had planned, if they had originally planned to move (again) at all. The anti-white US govt. will even sometimes contract with Broad and others like him to build low income / Section 8 / Voucher housing. Which they will place in or next to White communities. In come the restless, dark skinned natives, and off go the Whites to another Kaufman-Broad development. Once it’s filled up, he and his ilk will "allegedly" do the same thing again. Some people say this is “silly, conspiracy talk.” I say look at Kaufman-Broad’s record. Case closed. Of course, the mainstream media presents Broad as some kind of benign philanthropist. He gets White people to buy his houses, and then blacks and browns move in and end up buying or renting them with your tax dollars. Meanwhile, the Whites are farther out in the boonies, when along comes the advance guard, a black or ‘spanic who is somehow able to buy or rent a house in the area or some developer puts in “low income” housing and everything goes to hell in very short order.

The situation mentioned above brings us to Palmdale today. Palmdale is now awash with angry blacks and mexican and central american* savages. Courtesy of developers like Mr. Broad, who enjoy the full backing of the US Government in their activities. The population of Palmdale is about 45% latrino, 17% african and 35% White. High schools that were 100% White in the 80’s are 50% White or less now. Some schools are 20% White or less as we’ll see. With numbers like these, Palmdale is a powder keg. While the fuse burns the Whites in the area have a front row seat when it comes to seeing and experiencing all the same joys of multiculturalism that are found in just about every urban area in the former US. This doesn’t make the Palmdale area unique, but it does show that almost no place is safe from the ceaseless attack on Whites referred to as “multiculturalism”. That’s what multiculturalism is, an attack on Whites. If you haven't noticed that all cultures and races save White Europeans are glorified then you are brainwashed or asleep.

Palmdale made a move to hit the big time recently. The town is even lined up for a scheduled visit next month from two of the biggest tools for the string pullers of the multi-cult attack: The “Reverend” Al Sharpton, complete with his "Planet of the Apes" hairdo (is it a wig?) and the man I refer to as the Grand Garboon, Mr. Marble Mouth, the “Reverend” Jesse Jackson. Why has Palmdale suddenly been so blessed? Cake. A “student” throwing cake. An out of control food fight. Not that the media presented the situation this way. Now that some of the facts about the incident have been able to sneak their way out from under a mountain of lies, the local media here in So Cal has done its best to ignore the story. I should have been covering this one a lot earlier, but unlike the people involved in the story, I have to work for a living.

On Sept. 18th a food fight broke out in the lunch area at Palmdale’s Pete Knight HS. I suppose this type of thing can happen anywhere, there’s always going to be horseplay when there’s a bunch of teens together. When you have black and brown teens, the level of horseplay goes up several notches to say the least. Generally, these types of “kids” get out of control real quick. They don’t give two cents about any repercussions either. Then again, whey should they? How often are they held accountable for any misdeeds? By the time they hit HS, they’ve already been able to get away with everything for 15 - 20 years. They’ve been told that anything they do wrong is Whitey’s fault. In fact, they know that even if they have done something wrong it can be blamed on Whites or “White racism”. Imagine how much stress a person could alleviate if they know they have several safety nets in place when it comes to placing blame. If one doesn’t work, there’s another to bounce to. The wild behavior is part genetics, part knowledge that knowing in the end you’ll probably get away with it. The latter reason stems from the Snivel, excuse me, “Civil” rights battles of the 1960’s. The laws were never created to give blacks equal rights. They were created to give them special rights, to corral Whites, and are now being used to allow non-whites to run roughshod over Whites and White society with the full backing of a government determined to rid the land of Whites so that a core group of “elites” as some call them can rule over a land filled with dark skinned, no brains sub-humans performing menial work and enjoying government assistance. Import some asians to maintain technical infrastructure and they think things will run fine. Asians might not be very inventive and lack creativity but our masters figure they can keep the phone lines running.

But I digress, like always.

So a food fight breaks out in one of the eating areas at the school. The ORIGINAL reports (LA Times, Antelope Valley Press, FOX TV, you name it) presented the incident this way: Pleajhai Mervin, 16, “dropped” a piece of cake on the ground and a horror of horrors a White security guard, Chris Niemeyer, asked her to pick it up. When she didn’t clean up the area to the guard’s liking a scuffle broke out and the guard broke her wrist while slamming her into a picnic table and handcuffing her. A 14-year-old lad, Joshua Lockett, innocent as can be, was recording the incident with a video camera. Niemeyer asked him to turn the camera over - having a video camera at school is against school policy. The 14 year old politely refused and he then had to battle the over-zealous and virulently racist security guards who attempted to confiscate his camera. While the budding cameraman struggled with the guard his sister, Kenngela Lockett, 16, stepped in to help and she too received a broken wrist and a set of handcuffs. All three teens were arrested. But it doesn’t stop there. Pleajhai’s mama, LaTrisha Majors was arrested when she came to the school to discuss matters with the faculty and staff.

To the black "community", animal control is a crime.

How much of this “original” version of the story do you believe? If you don’t believe any of it you are on the right track. The story was completely twisted by the perpetrators and the media. The media knew the full truth early on, but like the much more serious Duke Rape Case they ignored the truth. NOW they are ignoring the truth and the story just like they ignored the Shannon Christian - Chris Newsom murders. Black perps, White victims. Not newsworthy because the media masters consider Whites worthless.

What really happened is that Pleajhai simply started acting rowdy, hollering and tossing cake all over the place. In other words, she was behaving like most blacks do at every other school unlucky enough to be saddled with these creatures. Anyone who’s gone to school with them or with latinos can tell you they’re always throwing things around. Food, fists, knives, bricks, bullets, bananas. The long beleaguered guard walked up, saw what was happening and told Pleajhai to knock off the horseplay and clean up the mess she’d made. It’s worth pointing out that Knight High is 56% latrino, 22% african, 20% White, and about 2% mystery meat. These numbers mean that being a guard at this school is far more dangerous than training Tigers for Barnum and Bailey. The student body is similar to what I experienced going to HS in Los Angeles where every day there were fights, classroom disruptions, constant chaos and the threat of riots. It’s sad how an area that was 100% White not too long ago has been destroyed through official policy.

Mr. Niemeyer tried to stay even-tempered while he rightfully ordered the little bitch to clean up the mess she’d made. He told her about 20 times to clean up the mess. Kind little Pleajhai told the guard to “…fuck off!” and was jamming her finger in his face while calling him “…crackuh” among other things. Pleajhai blasting racial slurs at Niemeyer apparently wasn’t a big deal to the mainstream media. Niemeyer tried to stay calm, which then emboldened the little bitch even more, and she began pushing him. Niemeyer spun her around, pulled her arms behind her back cop-style, bent her over a lunch table and handcuffed her. He should have slammed her pebble-head into the asphalt six times to better get her attention. It wouldn’t hurt her thick skull much, but maybe she’d have paid a bit more attention to him for a minute or two. Lockett got into a brawl with Niemeyer when he refused to hand over his camera. While Niemeyer was wrestling and cuffing Joshua Lockett, his sister Kenngela hit Niemeyer in the back of the head. When momma Majors showed up at the school she shoved the principal, gave the vice-principal a forearm shiv and shoved and hit one of the security guards. They ended up cramming Latrisha’s fat ass in the paddy wagon and off to jail to share a cell with her precious little ticket to a bigger welfare check. Like mother, like daughter.

Let him go! Who cares about laws or rules when you have Snivel Rights?

The eyes have it. Two of the most evil eyed bitches I've seen in a while. Why is momma's last name different from her daughter's? I'll bet it's cuz Poppa was a rollin' stone...

The picture above gives us a good look at the little monster and her big-bitch momma. Look at their eyes. Look at them. The contempt they have for everything, especially Whites, is plain. The eyes really are the window to the soul. The little groid’s eyes have the flat, evil look we’ve all seen in our own incidents on the street or in a million mug shots of black thugs on the web or on TV on the occasions when the picture of a black perp is actually shown on the news. That flat evil look reminiscent of a shark. Not much going on upstairs but instincts that drive the animal to attack. One look at Pleajhai’s mug and you know she’s been a beast since she started walking on her hind legs. Pleajhai’s eyes also give a hint of “Ah knows ah’m lyin’. Ah wonder if any of THEM know?” Mom’s eyes and face say it all. She’s obviously of those lard-assed, angry black bitches who make a scene at stores, restaurants, theatres, you name it, just to make a scene. “Mah food’s too hot!” “Mah fries ain’t crisp!” “I did’n steal this, I’s ree-turnin’ it fo’ a refun’, mothahfuckah!” We all know the drill. Now she sees what she thinks is a chance to cash in Rodney King style because her cub was supposedly manhandled. Two bitches. Hey, blacks call their women bitches so I’ll do the same. Just to show some unity with the bruthas! The behavior of their women makes them deserving of being tagged as female dogs.

The Sheriff’s Dept. had to conduct an investigation into the entire incident. You can bet the guard, Mr. Niemeyer, was sweating it because these days there’s no assurance that the truth will be forwarded to the public after all facts are checked. Officials are under such pressure and others are so bent on licking the feet of our masters that a lot of the time “officials” will sit on facts in an attempt to have things wrapped up in the most PC fashion possible. In other words, with the White Guy on a spit, being slowly roasted over the MSM’s red-hot coals, as commentators season him and the story for mass consumption. The Sheriff had to admit Niemeyer showed great restraint. Officials were also confounded by the fact that the Emergency Room doctor who treated Pleajhai broke protocol (confidentiality) and admitted that she wasn’t injured, her wrist wasn’t broken or even hurt.

Niemeyer, with a Germanic last name was perfect to be cast as the villain. You could see the media salivating. Pleajhai was at first presented as a fun loving teen, a little girl beloved by all, a school favorite. It turns out that in real life, she and the other two teens arrested in the incident had been called on the carpet at Knight High for “disciplinary problems” several times each. But they didn’t stop their bad behavior. Nothing ever makes them stop except lead.

Blacks and other non-whites are emboldened by the media, academia and the government working in concert to convince them they are special, better than Whites, above Whites, yet at the same time victims of Whites. Their natural predatory mind-sets, with so many Whites being cautious and cowardly coupled with laws designed to protect perps makes any area with blacks and browns dangerous. More than dangerous, downright deadly. Better get out of their way, better let them have their way. When they don’t get their way, at anything, they go super-ape.

In the Palmdale incident, videotaping worked against the black perps as there weren’t any good segments to use out of context. That and the fact that the beandogs and blacks at the school are fighting constantly with each other and the horde of mexican witnesses were not going to side with some “mayate”, not even against a White guard. The media was all set, we could see it out here, we could feel it! They were letting out just enough snippets for us to see which way this was going to go if the Sheriffs’ investigation was “inconclusive” or if the guard were liable for anything. Pig face momma Majors’ arrest was at first being floated as a racist driven ordeal, bravely faced by a noble black woman acting a soldier in the continuing battle for “civil rights”. Part of the media is still presenting it this way, the rest it trying to ignore it, hoping that a better story can be concocted to revive the chances of using this incident this as another battering ram against Whites. If for no other reason than to finally finish off Palmdale. We’ll have to wait and see if Jesse and Al show up for the meetin’ next month, fo’ the rally! Then we’ll know if the lies will be proudly maintained as fact by one of government’s chosen populations.

This is what things have come to. If Pleajhai had gotten away with throwing food all over the place and attacking a guard it wouldn’t have made the news. Because it would have been the norm. It’s news because she didn’t get away with it. Think about that. Then think about things presented as “news”. Think about how they’re trying to manipulate your thinking and reasoning. Think about how they already have. Think about what some people have to go through to wake up.

I’d go on but it's late and I have to run! Sorry about any goofs or typos, I'll fix them later. If you’ve gotten this far, thanks for reading!

Big Effer

*I don't capitalize the "m" in "mexico" or the first letter in names of other races because Whites are always referred to as "white" with a lower case "w" and usually all other groups in the US are referred to as "Latino", "African American", "Asian American" etc. Then we have "white". That's bullshit and it's intentional. So my use of lower case letters when naming or describing those masses of asses is intentional.


Anonymous said...

Wow!. You have saved my sanity, thank you!!!!.

Moved from Pittsburg,Ca. where we owned a new KB home. White area when we bought the KB home, trashed rental section 8 when we left. I have often thought exactly what you have described about the agenda that KB has.

As in Pittsburg,Ca. the city tore down the old town which was primarily WW2 black veterans that stayed in Pittsburg,Ca. after war.

These where dignified people who owned the homes but passed away and the area was inhabited by the section 8 trash.

My point: We bought a new KB home 15 years prior to the government funded renovation of the old down town Pittsburg,Ca.. KB wanted the old down town land to develop into housing by the delta waterway.

(1)KB wants the old housing land but needs to move the welfare trash to get the land (which is funded by the state and federal government).

(2)KB builds new homes with federal funds (one of which I bought).

(3)KB gets funding to renovate the old downtown and by then the KB homes where I lived are being rented as section 8 rentals and the Whites are escaping.

I had went to Palmdale and it was a clone of Pittsburg,Ca.. KB and section 8 with tons of federal welfare programs for a small suburban city.

"Where KB goes,the federal money follows"

I am not "paranoid" Thank You!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

It makes sense to me that housing owners benefit from white flight and black racism. Houses are built, bought, and abandoned. The next place is the same thing.

Anonymous said...

The cycle of busted White neighborhoods you mentioned is nationwide and part of the government (HUD, I think) program to inflict Niggers on as many Whites as possible by forcing Sec. 8 housing, or any other subsidy the Gov can create, to get the jiboons into your space. No place is safe, except maybe gated communities for the elite.
The fact is there are no longer any White organizations. They were effectively dismantled beginning in the 60's when that cockbite LBJ took over. The Klan in the South was attacked in every fashion by the FBI - assassination included - it's a sordid and untold story. All you hear about are the Kikes, Queers and Nigs shot by the Klan, not the FBI thugs antics. Today I can't name one White organization. There are several internet sites that purport to represent Whites but most are, in my opinion, COINTLPRO fronts, with the possible exception of Billy Roper's "White Revolution". However, his group, like all the others, is very small and is too weak to attempt political battles or hire attorney's, etc. - all the things the Reds and Kikes do for themselves and the Nigras. But I do sense a lot of discontent amongst Whites's - and thats always the first phase to a big change, don't you think ?

nick said...

Great read as usual. You made my Monday!

Anonymous said...

You can find monkeys like these in every white country now. In a normal healthy world if these pieces of shit had survived at all they would be dressed in skins and rooting in the bushes for grubs because they are only animals in human form.
The jew is directly responsible for the insane situation we find ourselves in now. The jew intends to destroy us and will continue until there are consequences. So far, there have been none. That kike developer should have an axe buried in his skull. Other kikes would then be more cautious about destroying white communities. Other than Bob Matthews no one has lifted a finger against them. Whites need to realise that there are very few places left to run to anymore. It's going to be backs-to-the-wall in the near future. The enemy is never going to back off.

new fan said...

If you're white, why do you post at Amren using the name "joemixedbloodindian"? Or is that some guy who is taking credit for your blog?

Iranian For Aryans said...

Your sardonic interjections and twists are most welcome!


Big Effer said...

Thanks for the comments.

I also want to apologize for the rampant typos, I had a quick look today and cleaned up a bunch. Don't know if it's because I banged this one out fast without really giving it a once over or if it was one too many JD's. ; ) Hopefully it reads a bit better now.

KB Homes is one of the worst offenders, with Eli Broad funding every non-white politician with an anti-white agenda. Strange, huh?

"New fan", I don't post at Amren. If someone there wants to say this is their blog that's their business. I read Amren sometimes but don't post there and never have. I've rarely posted anywhere in fact. Don't have the time. If I'm going to post I want to do it here.

gordon said...

Thanks for continuing to write. I check back at your blog every couple of days, always a pleasure to read a new post.

Anonymous said...

I think you write fairly well. You should consider focusing your talents on something positive. This constant negative rhetoric doesn't do anything good for anyone. I'm not even sure that it's legal to be using the real names and pictures of these people and referring to them in the way you do. You have no disclaimer stating that it is satire. Consider going in a more positive direction and you will have more readers.

Anonymous said...

I check your site every day to see if there is a new entry or even any new comments from readers. You have a real gift of expression and I actually crave MORE from your brilliant mind. Please keep on keeping on...you are so right on the money it is scary. But, what are we to do??????? It all seems so hopeless. However, I will be HAPPY to see the lowlifes try to live the "good life" without us White High IQ-ers to provide them with all the "stuff" they want and are used to having.
They will quickly go down the drain of the Turd World from which they came in the first place. It might actually be worth it if we lose the battle just to let the nigs, spics, etc. try to fend for themselves. They will NEVER be able to sustain the high civilization WE created. All they are capable of doing is tearing it DOWN. Let them drown in their own stupidity and ineptness.

Big Effer said...

Focus on "...something positive." I thought I was doing something positive. I also think that it's perfectly legal for me to lay out my opinions about people and things. Sticks and stones, pal, sticks and stones.

Don't feel hopeless. Look at how things were 40 years ago and then take time to realize how quickly things could change again. The people behind this mess are weaving the rope that will be used to hang themselves or at least the rope that will choke the life out of their plans. The non-whites they are breeding to push us out are actually going to be one tool that ends up backfiring. Something new is going to have to arise though. The old America was destroyed years ago by these bastards.

Anonymous said...

A buddy of mine sent me this snippet of something he found on the Internet. It was a couple weeks old at this point (the e-mail, I mean).

It came from an extinct black "forum." I say extinct because when I followed the link he sent me for the full post, it didn't go anywhere. So maybe there's a little hope about "free speech" after all.

Anyway, here's the part of what he sent me. Apparently there was more, but we'll never know now.

It was kept gramatically intact for your viewing pleasure.

as a black man it is not only my desire but my duty to make the most greif for the whites as i can and it doesnt matter what it is weather its a small discomfert at a store or the geniside of the entire sub race.the white animals are a byproduct of our great ansestry a mistake and they must be dealt with.while we were biulding the world they were hideing in thier caves.i am aiding my pepole in this noble pursut.we must put down the evil white mutent.black is the true color of purity not white.

Apparently, there was more, but we'll never know what was said.

Sad, isn't it, that they've fooled themselves into thinking that they've had any part in shaping the world? And they think WE'RE the problem.

truth said...

The fact is that a white youngster wouldn't have been treated so harshly. Youth of color are automatically judged guilty. The truth will come out.

Anonymous said...

The Sissy's at AmRen wouldn't take Big Effers post anyway - every little comment practically has to be preceded with something like " Only the Nazzziiis would do something like this" or " Adolph Hitler did stuff like this, but I love everybody and just wish the Blacks would love us too"

Anonymous said...

How about this scenario:

The blacks will sue the USA for slavery (Africans are suing in USA court now) and all the mexicans will have to work there tacos off for the next 200 years paying high taxes to the slaves descendants.

The illegals want to be here so what "comes around goes around".

The few Whites that will remain in the USA will probably be inprisoned for race crimes so they also will be supported by the bean eaters.

Viva La Raza!!!(wers my effen shek)

Big Effer said...

Thanks for the comments for this and some previous posts.

I took a look at Amren. No one claimed they wrote this blog. Someone thought one of the people posting at Amren wrote it. Who cares? If it gets people thinking about some things that need action, I don't care. As far as Amren not letting my material through, you're probably right. I might be too on the nose for that site. But it does post some good stats that can be used to make a point, demonstrate some truths.

A White youngster would most definitely be judged more harshly for pulling the crap Pleajhai (what a name!) did. A White kid would have been immediately expelled and spending the next 6 months in a juvenile work camp. These days it seems a black or brown "youth" has to assault someone or commit murder to get more than a year in some kind of holding facility, which they don't mind anyway, animals that they are.

The quote from the angry black is typical of what so many of them think, as they sit their fidgeting with their iPods and other White inventions. Same goes for a lot of latinos.

Funny stuff Weiber Mann.

Reb said...

About a White kid being excused - no way. Look at the AmRen link to the college kids that are being "reeducated" because of a black face skit. On the other hand, Google the "Jena 6" situation down in LA. Note how the Reds always label their defendants by the name of the city/town and the number of defendants. Always a dead giveaway. Anyway, six Niggahs nearly beat a White boy to death. Apparently the situation stemmed from the Niggahs crowding the White students out of an outdoor lunch area at HS - under a big shade tree. Some White kid left a noose dangling from the tree to remind the Darkies that the worm could turn one day. All hell broke loose - the HS burned down and the six Niggah jocks attacked a White boy without provocation. Of course, the Reds, Kikes and PC p*hcks of the media have been playing this up like a Klan lynching. Even that lop jawed bitch from "Democracy Now" went to interrogate the innately evil White members of the system since assault and battery charges were filed against the six Nigs. Bi/Faggot David Bowie (along with others) sent them $10,000 for their "defense" - which isn't costing them anything since the ACLU and ACLU type organizations are providing the poor dears with all the legal counsel needed, gratis. Once of these arrogant apes actually posted a picture of himself on MySpace with a wad of $100 bills hanging from his mouth ! Is there any doubt a race war is needed ? The question is, will Whites do it or just die ? I think White Americans (which is an oxymoron, since only Whites can be Americans) still might have what it takes. Unlike their European counterparts (with the exception of the Germans - love'm), American history is one of violent and independent reaction to intolerable situations. Unlike the English, Irish, Boers, etc. who are programmed to submit meekly to authority and waste away if necessary. Don't get me wrong, there is plenty of dead wood in White's in this territory, but there still good blood too - only history will record what happens.

Anonymous said...

Big Effer - I don't know who you are, but you are without a doubt the best writer/blogger on the Internet with regards to race and ethnicity issues and the complicity of the elites in the downfall of old America. Like another commentator here said, I always look forward to a new entry and am always rewarded with your grounded intelligence.

Your blog is the equivalent of Pepys diary in documenting the brutal and inexorable collapse and surrender of whites to black and brown savages. However, like you, I believe that a new, racially aware white America will rise from the ashes of the old and sweep away all the toxic garbage. Live long and prosper, I salute you, Big Effer.

Big Effer said...

Thanks for the bouquets regarding my writing, but I consider myself an amateur. Look up Luke O' Farrell's columns on the internet (he's in Britain). Very insightful and bitingly funny.

The whole Jena 6 situation is just another reminder of how far Whites have fallen. I admit I laughed my ass off when I saw the picture of the stupid groid with the $100 bills hanging out of his mouth like chicken bones. I wonder what the idiots who donated to him thought of that?

Yeah Reb, I believe in the end Whites will be OK. Like so many others, I'm worried about how tough and costly it's going to be to fix things. I think we're going to see it happen in our lifetimes. It's - the current system - is sinking fast.

I'll have another post/column up in a day or so. Thanks to everyone who stops by to read the blog. Even to those of you that disagree or hate it. Your remarks let me know I'm on the right track.

Anonymous said...

my mammy sayd whan ays leff tha gettoe

boy yous waatch out fur Big Effer

Sudaev said...

Big Effer, in what area did you grow up? We have somewhat of a similar upbringing.

I started kindergarten in a public school situated in a very nice neighborhood on the west side of Pasadena when the lunacy of forced busing was foisted upon us, over 30 years ago. What a disaster! Public school was going downhill even then, but to then make matters worse, overnight the school was infested with violent little animalistic negro beasts.

Imagine that--little grammar school kids beating the living shit out of others on a daily basis. Fortunately my parents noticed this as well as the declining standards and immediately put me in private school.

Fast forward nine years later--I decided to go to public school (Pasadena) and witnessed the same type of behavior, only the kids were older and more dangerous. This was from 1979-83.

I remember overhearing a nigger gang member discussing with his friends how great it was at California Youth Authority, where he raped various kids; at that point he turned his attention in my direction and stated "jack me off, white boy".

A couple assaulted teachers; others were killed or later went to prison...and that was the good high school! We only had fights on maybe a weekly basis instead of every day. Other Pasadena schools were far worse.

Am I a racist? Yeah. I've seen what these people are consistently capable of, how they're wired differently than we, and even the relatively stable niggers often have a different attitude which usually comes across in their tactless demeanor. They have that weird lack of civility, where making thoughtless remarks is considered "keepin' it real".

It astounds me that, to this day, such a disagreeable group of rabble can have so many white sycophants apologizing for them and bending over backwards for them.

Niggers are primitive man. I don't care how certain liberal anthropologists try to explain things away; they are not like us.

Big Effer said...

Sudaev, I didn't grow up all that far from you as the crow flies. More toward center city between the Rampart and Hollywood districts. Bad area, started going black, then went completely third world hispanic. Rampart Division was the LAPD's busiest division for years, it still may be. That's as about as specific as I'll get for now. Lots of fights when I started jr high school. The school was about 70% latrino. They backed off for the most part after it became clear I would always fight back, not that that was smart all the time because generally I would end up getting hit by multiple attackers. It wasn't that the neighborhood was hispanic at the time, it was the school district "adjusting" the area / district the school served. In came all the mexicans on yellow buses or on the RTD with their taxpayer funded bus passes. We used to call the RTD (Rapid Transit District) the "Rough, tough and deadly." Now it's the MTA - mexican transport authority.

I remember a lot of the same bs from elementary school. Even at that age the black and latino kids are starting fights and knocking the crap out of people. I can remember the mexican parents encouraging the kids to fight. If their kid was getting his ass beat the parents would jump in or encourage a group of their kids friends to jump and start a group beat down on the other kid. No exaggeration. They're animals.

Tim Crowley said...

I agree, you are an amateur. This blog is a piece of shit.

I'm gay and I'm smart, I work in the health field in Seattle. These latinos are only looking for better lives. I also happen to think many of them are attractive. What do you think of that you racist hater? Why don't you write about something really threatening, like global warming and leave people who are different alone.

LAnative said...


Your new mexican friends aren't nearly as tolerant as you might think. As their numbers grow, their cultural distaste of "maricons" like yourself will become apparent. There is no room for fags in their Machismo world. Therefore, you obviously aren't as smart as you think. And I for one will not miss another "homosexual race trader" who by virtue of a lifestyle choice has removed himself from the circle of life. Global Warming? What nonsense. If you are so worried about it, put two and two together and realize open borders equals more people living the "American" dream of multiple cars and excessive waste.


Anonymous said...

Tim Crowleystein,

"I'm gay and I'm smart and I work in the health care industry"

Doing what? Spreading your filthy gaids diseases? I'm really tired of queers too!

Anonymous said...

Why don't you go complain about white people? They're the ones who make people of color react the way they do because of their racism. The gay guy from WA is right. You people are all scared of people who are different from you. You are afraid they are better than you because most of them are better than all of you.

Rasputin said...

Tim Crowley: Gay, I believe it. Smart - hardly. Looks like AIDS has gone from his faggot ass to his brain. Too bad Tim.
I don't blame Sudaev for wondering why these animals are coddled and encouraged. There is a reason. Look at the top, our Rulers hate White people and White's no longer have any defensive organizations; political, legal or social. Thanks to the bullshit US Constitution, it is next to impossible to form political parties to effect change. It was designed that way - the "people" never even got to vote on whether or not they wanted that piece of shit. Since the unfortunate outcome of WWII, the wrong people have been in control of television ( German invention, one of the most effective thought control devices since motion pictures), movies and press. Only the internet is unchained for the time being and it is through this medium that maybe much needed organizations will arise.

Anonymous said...

Don't believe that pillow biter for one second, this is a great blog and one is definitely needed for the Third World shithole L.A. has become. This particular article was very helpful as it exposes the lies I've come accustomed to from the MSM coverage (or lack of) of the Knoxville Atrocity, the Duke (non-rape) case and the Aunt Jemima siss bullshit. AFAIK, no one has dug as deeply as you into this story. Your blog also delves into the petty nuisances Third Worlders create which is a unique and important angle to this mess that the people like the homo who posted have brought on us. Speaking of which...

Fudge packer, niggers and spics aren't anywhere near as tolerant of fags as white people. In fact, in Mexico it is so bad that some of the queers there come here wanting refugee status. Guess where we'll be sending you after we send these savages packing?

brian boru said...

Re bumboy Crowley:
How can you be smart bumboy? Because of their psychotic lifestyles queers die on average thirty years earlier than normal men. Homos have a drug abuse, suicide, murder, accident and disease rate off the scale in comparison with heterosexual white men. Most pedophiles are homos. Homos are a lethal danger to any healthy society. They cost society vast amounts in health care because of their disgusting lifestyles. They have a huge array of diseases, not just AIDS and syphillis, but all sorts of horrible cancers and parasitic infestations. You like latrinos? Good. Hopefully they will terminate you soon.
Not that I believe that global warming is caused by human activity, but if it was, the best way to deal with it would be to have a white-run world.

Mr. Funnies said...

"I agree, you are an amateur. This blog is a piece of shit.

I'm gay and I'm smart, I work in the health field in Seattle. These latinos are only looking for better lives. I also happen to think many of them are attractive. What do you think of that you racist hater? Why don't you write about something really threatening, like global warming and leave people who are different alone."

You're obviously not of sound mind. You work in the health field, don't you? Seek help.

Anonymous said...

To Tim Crowley,

You say that "Latinos are only looking for a better life," and by that imply that we should throw open our doors and let them flood in. Sorry, but the fact that they are "looking for a better life" does not give them the right to invade or ruin my country. In fact, I'm looking for a better life for my children, and it does not include living in MEXICO, as southern California is rapidly becoming. There are about 4 billion humans on this planet who are looking for a better life and would immigrate to America if they could. Is it your idea to import them all? I'm sorry that their home countries are shitty hell-holes, but that is their fault, not mine. It is time Mexicans took responsibility for their own country, instead of trying to solve their social and economic pathologies by parasitizing my community and destroying the well-being of my family.

Reb said...

FYI - as it relates to Cal. and White America at large, back in 2000 Commie Jew Tom Hayden authored SB 2199, passed by the California Legislature in 2000, requiring insurance companies doing business in Cal to research their records for "slave era" policies insuring slaves. The bill doesn't require reparations, but did make all of the big insurance companies (AETNA, NY Life, etc) to report. A copy of the report (issued May 2002) by the California Insurance Commissioner can be downloaded at the FindLaw site. A list of slaves and their owners who purchased policies are listed. My family of previous slave owners didn't make that list. Clearly, the Niggahs intend, with the help of their Jew manipulators, to institute a reparations tax on Whites to more formally enslave them. Why not, the Jews have enslaved the Germans with their bogus "Holohoax".
Didn't Hayden used the Shiska Jane Fonda for a blow up doll for a while ?
Didn't the Zebra killings occur in LA back in the 70's.?

Anonymous said...

Anon 8:38am...

Your comment is so stupid I'm not going to waste any more time commenting on it.

As for bumboy Crowley, Ianative made an excellent point.

If you are so concerned about global warming (which is probably bullshit) than the last thing you should want are more "Americans" cranking out record per capita carbon emissions.

Big Effer said...

The Zebra Killings were in Northern California - San Francisco, Oakland, etc.

Tom Hayden is actually an embarrassment to all people of Irish decent who have awakened and know that we Whites are under attack, all of us. But he does perform like a member of the tribe. I think that all kinds of reparations schemes are in the works from just about every group of non-whites in the country. They'll begin to sprout up and become public as conditions worsen. They'll be disguised or named something other than reparations. But these scams will all seek money from Whitey for some kind of past injustice.

Reb said...

You're correct:Hayden is Irish (according to Internet info) - I could have sworn he was part of the Jew/Red anti war movement of the 60's as a Jew. Just goes to show: use the internet first and get your facts straight.

Sudaev said...

Note how the homosexual pervert "Tim Crowley" bases part of his appraisal of mestizos on how "attractive" he thinks many are. LOL typical homosexual.

I'm getting sick of them, too. Every homo I've known had a snide, thinly veiled anger and they all were very malicious people.

As late as 1970, homosexuality was considered a mental disorder. Now it's 2007, homos are front and center in our "tolerant" society, and they STILL cruise public toilets and have freakish "gay pride" parades.

Anonymous said...

Why haven't you posted in a week? Have the fires affected you? I hope so. I hope your trailer has burned to the ground.

Anonymous said...

Another good article about the every day distopia of these sadly jewnited states. Imagine also being a teacher to these violent simians (no offence meant to monkeys)? A trade that really means working the frontlines...So, first and foremost -why do we even send blacks to schools, they really cannot learn anything and they have no practial use of it (there's no pussy in it, no basketball, no crack!) They'll always revert back to do their 'nigga' thing even if we confer all the 'supreme judge', 'secretary of state' and 'presidential candidates' fiction titles imaginable. Dressing up a chimp doesn't make him human. Again, no offence meant for chimps.

Big Effer said...

Actually I have been affected by the fires. I've had several people stay with me. Both families live in Santa Clarita. Their houses ended up OK. It did take up a lot of my time, I couldn't just sit down and start pecking away. They don't need to be in on the blog just yet. But they were a captive audience for some lectures, hah! They went back home a couple of days ago. Glad to have helped them. White people in need of help. Who else would help them? Now that I'm catching up, it will be time to update the blog.

By the way, can you come up with some new cracks beyond the usual allusions to trailer parks and the like?



Anonymous said...

You still around? I just found your blog and I miss you already!

Big Effer said...

Yeah, I'm back. Finally. Very busy. Family, work. You know the deal.

The post from "Badd ASS NIGGA..." is very funny. I get a kick out of White "anti-racists" and Jews (the post is from one or the other) who try to write like a black (or whatever) when they make comments, like the one I'm referring to. Weak. Very weak. But funny.