April 14, 2008

I'll Be Back

I've received a ton of comments since my last post - not a few of them wondering where the Hell I've been. Just after my last post I was asked to help out on a project that I felt would help "us" out in getting the truth to a wide audience. I won't get into what the project was, as now it's possible it was derailed, at least for the time being. Nothing nefarious, just very bad illness walloping one of the main people at the helm. However, my time was at a premium, and between work and helping out with this endeavor I had very little energy or time to put into the blog.

Now I have some time. I'll be back at it, although I may take a different tack and go after the main culprits etc. Wider readership is needed, and something must be done to get more people to realize what's really going on.

Some of the comments posted the last several months during my "hiatus" were really something. The usual name calling, the usual "...you white supremacists are," followed by all kinds of amateurish epithets.

I should begin regular posts by next Monday, along with some other side projects I think will be good ways to get info to the younger folks. What those projects are will be discussed all in good time.

For those of you firing off the insults; I don't give a damn what you attempt to think. Never did, never will. When you go under, I still won't care. I might laugh at you, but I won't care.


Joy said...

Welcome back!!!!!!!!!

Happy Talk said...

Big Effer,

Great news that you are coming back to blogging. Hope all is well now and in the future!

Anonymous said...

Whew! I'm so glad the Big Effer is back as I was wondering just what the hell happened. His posts were the highlight of my week and his descriptions of blacks and browns always had me in side splitting laughter.

I'm looking forward to the post week of 4/21!

Richard said...

i'm glad to see you on the net again,i was worried something happened to you keep up the good
work, looking forward to your next post richard

Anonymous said...

Big Effer, what happened to you? I just stumbled on your blog, and think it's priceless! We need more voices like yours. I hope you've not been somehow rendered lifeless by the scum you're surrounded with! I hope your dead blog is simply a sign that you did move out of Mexifornica into parts more suitable for human habitation.


Old Contrarian

Anonymous said...

La sucks because of poor city planning, hundreds of pedophiles and rapist living on every single block, dummies that will do anything for plastic surgey change...and such. Not because of mexicans and blacks. Only 6% percent of the population here is black. I can see you dgaf, but i wanted to let people who may unfortunalely read your page to know the facts. La is not a beautiful beach town. Its a corporate concrete hell ran by jewish people.

Anonymous said...

Come back!!!

Sam said...

Just to let you know I really enjoy your writing. Tragic but I also get some good laughs. Your skill in documenting our slide into catastrophe is entertaining.

Big Effer said...

"Anonymous" - Sept. 3rd, 2012 - oh, I'm aware the black population is 6% - but they commit a tremendous amount of crime. And the "latinos", well, you know how they are. They commit most of the rest, the majority of the rest, of the street crimes etc. in what used to be a great city. LA is definitely not a beautiful beach town. I've never claimed that either. Yes, the town is run by Jewish people for the most part, and they become apoplectic if you point this out. Some appear to almost deceiving themselves into believing they're just fighting for elbow room at the table where decisions are made, but most realize they run the show, run the entire country for the most part. They are in full control of our immigration "system", have been for almost 50 years. Hell, they WROTE The Immigration Act of 1965. With the full intent of displacing Whites. While a small percentage have realized this was a collosal mistake, and it's going to backfire, most don't see it yet. And while that small percentage who see the looming problems are getting anxious. they don't really speak up, too loudly, because they benefit in too many ways from The Tribe's old boy network. Whether it's getting their kids into the best schools without having the top grades and test scores - which they used to be known for but now no longer need so much in control are they - or getting a job, loan, deal, you name it, ahead of the "other guy", especially those hated Whites, who created the civilization they so much enjoy yet seek to destroy. Don't expect a sizable percentage of them to wake up until the battle lines have been drawn for real. And by then they'll be looking to book the first flight out to Patagonia.